Saturday, January 31, 2009

Superbowl Contest, Sneak Peek and Webinar Updates

Lots going on. I am procrastinating, so I thought I'd entertain you.

How would a crafter pick the winner of the Superbowl this year? Hmm... I've got theories. But instead of just telling you that theory - how about a contest?

Here's what we'll do. I want you to come up with a theory of how a crafter would pick the winner of the Superbowl based ONLY on these two logos. Get creative! Whoever makes me laugh the hardest or guesses MY pick for the winner based upon just the logos will win their choice of the memo pad holder, the silk pencil case or a paper sampler from Leadership! As a bonus, if you get my exact theory and not just the winner, you will win TWO of these items. Ooohh - aaaahhh. Deadline - Kickoff!! Leave your answer in a comment.

Okay, on to a sneak peek!

This is a tiny peek at what will be going on in my Cyber Club next weekend. Have you joined yet? You better!!! I will never reveal these projects on my blog, so this is your only chance!! I have opened additional clubs for February. You can read the details here, and see another sneak peek here.

Finally - I don't know why the organizers of the Superbowl do not check my webinar calendar, but obviously tomorrow was a poor choice!

If you want to join the Google Reader Webinar that will now be on Monday, February 2 at 8 PM CST, then see my sidebar to register! In this webinar you will learn to use Google Reader to organize all your fave blogs, get rid of all your email subscriptions and bookmarks and retrieve your favorite posts by keywords you choose - FOREVER. Nothing is stored on your hard drive so you will never lose your card ideas or have to keep them in a word document again.

If you want to attend my webinar on setting up your own blog - see my sidebar to register for that - there are several options. The first person who signs up gets to have me set up their blog for them as the example on the webinar!

I am playing with the Texturz plates today so I will post some of my experiments tomorrow.

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Now I doubt this will make you laugh but not being a football fan AT ALL that Cardinal looks more determined to win Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  2. Duh. The Cardinals. Cuz everyone uses birds in every dang project!

    We put birds in trees, birds in the air, birds on land, birds freakin-everywhere!

    ESPECIALLY Cardinals ...

  3. Well, I've never been a steelers fan, soooo... I think there are some seeds in between the yellow, red and blue parts of the steelers logo and the cardinal is going to eat them. And anything left, he will use the brush on his crest to simply sweep away. GO CARDINALS!

  4. this isnt a funny way I dont think.. and Im not rooting for any one team over the other one here..

    but I think a crafter would pick the Steelers because that logo would be the easiest one to duplicate on the scrapbook pages that you know you have to make if they win to put into your 2009 album. :)

    use a circle cutter for the circle, some alphabet stamps or sizzix or wishbalde, or whichever die cut machine is your drug of choice ;) for the team name, and Im sure theres a punch out there to make the diamond shape things. and it uses more colors- and that means you get to use more cardstock colors!

    thats my theory. :)

  5. Personally, I don't care one way or the other because I'm not into sports. Plus, the Cowboys aren't playing and neither are the 49ers.

    But as a scrapbooker/cardmaker I would have to pick the Cardinals because well there birds and everyone knows that birds are the new cupcakes this year. And the image really stands out. Although the Steelers would be easier to duplicate but it's all about the looks after all. And I prefer the way the Cardinal looks over the Steelers.


  6. I'm going to go with the Steelers, because red, blue, and yellow are the primary colors that everything else is built off of!

  7. OK, well I have to admit I have NO knowledge of football (neither American nor British!)....I would get your adorable cats to decide....Cut 2 circles in the corresponding colours of each team and stick each one to the bottom of a bowl of catfood. Whichever cat finishes first is the decider!

    Have fun!

  8. I will say the Steelers - the logo has brilliant blue, real red and summer sun SU! colors in it and we learned at convention several years ago to stamp things in odd numbers (this one of course is 3) The logo for the Cardinals is not cutsy enough and most of the projects I have seen are using a very cute looking bird.I think the logo for the Steelers is easy to copy using the Big Shot and some punches and it would make a nice embellishment for a masculine card for a birthday or if they don't win to send a condolence card to say how sorry you are for them having to sit through 4 quarters drinking beer, watching those hilarious commercials and eating buffalo wings and Philly cheese steaks only to be totally disappointed that their team didn't win. So, using my crafting logic I am going to go with the Steelers.
    Diane R. Stevens

  9. I think a crafter would pick the Steelers because the logo is balanced, uses the rule of three and is crisp and eye-catching. But maybe I'm biased by my proximity to Pennsylvania.

  10. OK, I am rooting for the Cardinals tomorrow, but I think a crafter would pick the Steelers because:

    1. You get to use the new Circle Cutter to cut out the Basic Grey outer circle of the logo.

    2. Move right on to the Big shot to cut "Steelers" using the Decorative Billboard die. (I mean, how easy is that...just 3 little runs through the machine to get all the letters.)

    3. The inner "diamonds" are easy to reproduce...just punch 3 circles and then use the same circle punch to cut 4 "sides" out.

    4. If it is me doing this...I'll be adding some stickles or something glittery to those red, yellow, and blue elements to girlie it up a bit.

    5. The cardinal looks too mad. No crafter wants to send out "mad bird" cards. We are like Bob Ross...we want happy little birds in happy little trees.

    Therefore, the good crafter will have to go with the Steelers!

    P.S. Word for the day is "dingedlu". Usage in a sentence: I was trying to toss the punch across the table and dinged Lou in the head with it.

    Happy Weekend!

  11. This is too funny...I don't know anything about American football (cept that they wear sissy padding and helmets...LOL).
    I have to pick the bird it Cardinals????....cause no crafter in their right mind would go for a team named the *Steelers*...seriously it's called CASEing people....LMAO!!!!

  12. Well I would have to go with the Steelers too- the Cardinal looks really pissed! I don't have any funny or brilliant reason for picking the Steelers but I think Kim Williams (the post before mine) should win-she made me laugh so hard!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Based on the logos, it'd have to be the Steelers: uses more products! new Circle Scissors, punches, glitter, more cardstock, Brushed Silver CS, Big Shot for the letters, and the layout is WAY better. The cardinal has no frame!

  14. I'm going with the Steelers. I like the symmetry of the logo. :O)

  15. Oh, is there a game this weekend? Non-sports fan, here. :-)

    On one hand, the cardinal is a BIRD, and well, it's a BIRD. Nuf said.

    But the Steeler's logo has BLUE in it. And it has lots of interest - parts-is-parts and bright colors and different shapes. And it is not frowning.

    Okay, the Steeler's logo wins.

  16. OK. I just decided that I should make another comment. Because DUH! it just hit me but the Steelers have blue and after all your Understand Blue. So of course it should be the Steelers.

    Not really a funny story but just came to me.


  17. I know my personal method involves which logo would require me to use the most gadgets. The Cardinals' logo is a bird, obviously seeing that they are the Cardinals. Honestly, I have no idea exactly what the Steelers' logo is but I know that I'd have more excuses to buy something to replicate the logo than I would with the bird. Square punches, circle punches, sparkly paper, metallic paper (which I already have but perhaps it's not the proper shade of grey and this is important) and while I am awesome with my font collection and laser printer, I am jacked up when it comes to scissor precision. It would be in the best interest of design to use a cutter. Perhaps that Pazzles machine I've heard such wonderful things about. It's an investment really. I would like to invest in "sorry your team lost the Superbowl by getting a dose of karma for that bad call made when your kicker fell on our player two weeks ago" cards. Clearly I like to craft the bitter away.

    So, now the more I look at that bird, I realize just how mad he is. It's quite sad that he is not blue. The Mad Bluebird is obviously very mad but being that he is blue, he just has a certain cuteness to him that this sad, mad cardinal does not. High up with the rule of 3 is the rule that all crafted things need to be cute. At least it's one of my rules.

    That being said, I realize that your question was to chose the winner based on the logo. I suppose if I didn't have what could only be described as triple defeat syndrome, I'd be ok with the idea of the Steelers winning tomorrow. Seeing that I DO have the t.d.s, I'm not ok with it. I'd prefer to see them have to actually play and strategize as oppose to knocking people out cold.

    I now see that for my creative purposes, the Cardinals will have to win so that I can send out "sympathy" (gloat sounds so mean) cards to all my Steelers' fan friends.

    I think this might be what is known as circular logic, lol...

  18. OK the Steeler Logo can be made using punches. Use the 5 petal flower to make the star thingys, night of navy, summer sun and real red. Its the left overpart and we know we never throw anything away. You need two cirlce punches to make the outline, basic gray or going gray. Steelers is made from Ticker tape I think or one of the older alphas.

    Of course the Cardinals use layering, shadowing and I love using black. I would have to figure out how to make the eyes. Maybe I would look through all my scraps and find a perfect white piece.

    But again I think the Steelers just based on the logo as I could then mount it and throuw darts at it and get it right in the center. But who watches the super bowl for the super bowl I just love the commercials. So go Budwiser, bring it on Go Daddy, let's see what you got Doritos.

  19. I'm afraid I disagree with all the people who think that bird looks mad. He looks "sassy", and Lydia likes sassy animals, so it has to be the bird. And it would look better on a plain white card with just the sassy bird in the corner. That ugly Steelers logo would be lost on a plain white card. Just sayin'...

  20. I'm picking the Steelers .... for two reasons:
    1) MORE IS MORE and they have MORE colors in their logo - AND they are "in colors"! Pacific pointe, Riding Hood Red paired with Summer Sun (although not an "in color"), basic black and basic grey. And to further my "MORE is MORE" hypothesis, this will be the 6th superbowl for the Steelers, unlike the Cardinals, who have never gone this far into post season!

    2) the Steeler's logo is RIDICULOUSLY RETRO! With the "retro" style watch featured in the new Spring/Summer 09 Idea Book and Catalog and RETRO popping up in every major papercrafting company, I am CERTAIN that this is an indicator.

    Although there is a third nagging theory in my head .... the Cardinals are the "CARDS" and as papercrafters, maybe that's a clue. Hmmmmm .....

  21. Oh, that expression on the Cardinal would make a swell card paired with a Viva Las Vegas stamp, "Beauty is in the eye of the Beer Holder."

    Kind of sums up my snarky (oh, really?) attitude toward professional football.

    Your theory ... hmmmm. Well, Pittsburgh is the MODEL re-purposed city. Seriously, there is a shopping mall on the site of the old US Steel factory. Talk about reanimation!

  22. The ability as a stamper to pick the winner of the Super Bowl is simple. You could pick a picture of a meancing Cardinal face for instant, but without the body of the cardinal what use is it. But if you think about the Steelers logo is much more modern, simple and clean. You could dissect their logo and use each part seperately. Plus I have to say, Go Steelers! Although your cats would probably like the cardinal better because they could chase it around and play with it like my cat likes to do. She preys on the birds in my backyard.

  23. well....the steelers are going to win...i live in steeler nation! lol! but if i had to pick with a crafter's eye...i would still say the steelers. first off that cardinal logo is ugly! secondly, we have the tule of thirds - three diamonds at the end of the steelers name using all three of the primary colors - so all team logos could be made with the steeler emblem!
    go steelers!!!!

  24. My lips are thin and my eyelashes hurt.

    Seriously, I already won a paper sampler from a very sweet lady so I don't need one;) But, if I was playing I would choose the Steelers logo simply because you could reproduce it with all SU! stuff.

    I am going to attend one of your Webinars when I can actually be at home and not running the peeps around.

    My word: cocos. That's what I ate this morning for breakfast!


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