Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Stampin' Up! Background Stamp? Get your Special Delivery!

It's true - there's a new SU background stamp that isn't in the new catalog!! But it really is. And it's also in the old catalog.

And lookie - it's like they made it just for me - it's a bunch of little L's!!

Well, wait a second - they didn't make it. I did. And you guys have all the makings of this stamp within arm's reach right this very instant. Leslie asked how I knew you have this new stamp - well... Check out this post at Project Reanimate, and you will find out!

In the meantime, entertain yourself with the construction of this little Valentine's ditty, featuring the world's most adorable Doodle Factory creature from the Valentine's remix set.

What I did here was make a kind of barn door cut. I took a standard card base and cut off a little more than half the front. I wanted little Banjo to be popping out of the envelope, but I didn't want to cover up his cute little butt and legs either. So this was my solution. I stamped the envelope on some Candy Lane DSP and cut it out, carefully cutting off the flap. With the front of the card closed, I adhered just the flap part on the basic black Top Note I cut with my Big Shot. Then I could put the rest of the envelope on the barn door part of the front and have them perfectly lined up. I stamped the little hearts from the same Valentine's Remix set on Whisper White and cut them out. They are popped up with dimensionals.Banjo and all the little hearts have Crystal Effects on them, so they all look like those puffy stickers I had on my notebook in 5th grade!

The heart Banjo is holding has Crystal Effects and Stampin' Up! chunky glitter. Same with the little heart on the envelope.The big heart on the envelope is one of the other hearts from the set, cut out and popped up.

Now - some Maddie glamour pics. She likes to show off her fearsome claws and her silly tongue, which is always sticking out.

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  1. Love that barn door idea! And I have a really cute critter from an acrylic set that may make me steal this card idea. That is if I ever quit with the freakin' birds!

  2. Love your card. And omyyy that background stamp, so smart. Wish I'd kept all that "useless" rubber.


  3. That's SO cute!! It's funny, just the other day I was throwing yet more rubber away after mounting some stamps and thought it would be nice if I needed 4 little "v's" but I didn't. I didn't think of doing something like this!! Great idea Lydia to make it a background instead of a random "v" on a card as was the only possibility I saw for them!

  4. Oh baby, I know a lot about "L's". I have a few of these background stamps my self----- mostly for monogram purposes---- yeah, that's it. That first picture of your cat looks scary! It looks like the cat is saying something and I bet it isn't very nice. You made it eat "sheet fish" didn't you? Very cute card BTW!

  5. LOL..when I read your post I was so relieved...I thought I was the only nutter that saw a stamp in the corner...glad you are also a nutter LOL!
    Sue word is in...
    Birack will be President on Tuesday!!


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