Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gift Card Embossing Tutorial!

Well - today is the day - I leave for Leadership - yay! Good thing too because it's rainy and cold and miserable here. Hope Florida is sunny!!

For Christmas I got a lot of gift cards to my favorite place - Starbucks - and I learned something really cool from my friend Hugo who always takes my order at the drive through. I have a registered card, which gets me crazy discounts - if you haven't registered your card, you need to. I also do auto reload, so when it gets down to a certain balance, it reloads from my Amex. Awesome. Anyway, Hugo told me that you can take gift cards people give you and transfer those balances to your registered card. So really the gift they give you is bigger than they think, because your registered card gets you tons more stuff!!!

Well anyway, I can't bring myself to throw the cards away, so I've been using them for things lately - some will show up on Project Reanimate. But today, a gift card embossing tutorial to make this simple card with the new punch. I <3 this punch!!

Okay - cut yourself a card base. I chose Whisper White, in the vertical orientation. Using Dotto repositionable adhesive (Stampin' Up!), place your gift card where you'd like your embossed or debossed area. I wanted mine debossed (concave), so I position my gift card on what will be the front of my card.

Next, open up your card, grab your Empressor, and start tracing around the outside of the card, going over and over it until you have a good solid outline of the gift card.

When you go back to the front of your card, remove the gift card and use your handy dandy adhesive eraser to remove any remaining Dotto. This stuff is great because it never damages your cards.

Punch hearts from the gorgeous new paper in the Love You Much bundle, attach them with Dimensionals and stamp the greeting from Absolutely Fabulous in Basic Black just under the debossed rectangle.

Fun, easy, clean looking!! If you'd like to order any of the supplies for this card, click on over to my SU site!

Now, can we talk about advertising for a second? Specifically, drug advertising? IT'S DISGUSTING!!! I know we've chatted about this before, but seriously it's out of hand. I don't need to hear about what is going to leak or smell or itch or burn if you take Emagravilhappyuption or whatever was leaking or smelling or itching or burning before you took it. Can we please reserve those convos for the doctor's office? PLEASE?

My favorite are the menz drugz. I can't type what they really are or I will get spam. But you know - the couple is in some weird gross outside bathtub (who cleans that thing?) and then their family comes over, but it's fine because he's taking this drug and he can wait till his mother in law is done telling the story about the war of 1812.

HOWEVER, then, the happy voice describing the old guy whose stuff is all working now launches into a description of what is going to happen to him after he takes it. His eyes will pop out. His nose hair will grow six feet. He will have uncontrollable peeing, twitching and strokes - he will drool and smell like a wet dog. His toenails will shape themselves into points. His eyelashes will stink and fall out. And he will have to be rushed to the hospital with a mushroom like rash the second he steps into the weird outdoor bathtub.

Given all that, do you think he's really going to need the drug? No one will get within 10 feet of that ticking time bomb, believe me!!!

Just a thought. :)

Thanks to Lynn for the kind words, and hi Penny!! :)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)


  1. I {covet} your DS paper because mine is on backorder along with the stamp set. Grrrr. Cool idea though to use the gift card as an embosser!

    And I am totally with you on the guyz adz. I liked it better when drug (excuse me: medicine) companies could not advertise at all.

    But do you think men feel the same way when womanz product adz come on? Do you think they really want to hear about why we need wings, and rarely wear white during "those times"? Heck, they make ME oogy. I say we go back to cereal commercials and be done with it!!!!! :-)

    Enjoy Leadership! And report back with some good stuff!!!!! I'll be lurking...

  2. I love your card!

    As for the ads, I TOTALLY agree!! I mean, I have 4 and 5-year old girls and I'm constantly trying to flip the channel so that I don't get asked, "mommy, what is erectile disfunction?" Those ads specifically for those drugs are just too much! They talk about all kinds of stuff that little ones don't need to hear - it's bad enough everywhere else, but why do they even need to go into detail in the ads? If they were on after 8:00 pm only, I wouldn't mind AS much, but they're on during the 5 o'clock news and even earlier in the day! I wonder if the ads really work? They must....unfortunately.

  3. Great idea with the gift cards....my friend has lots from SB and I will have to tell her about transferring over! Have fun in FL!

  4. Personally...I'm a fan of the beer ads! :) Not a big fan of any "drug" ad..don't get me standing on my soap box! Anyway, hope FLA was nice....


  5. I just started reading your blog.. and I am literally wiping away tears I am laughing so hard.
    You just got yourself another regular reader!!
    and ... Thanks for all the stampin info for those of us that don't get the chance to go to all the SU events!!
    - Mary Ann


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