Friday, January 9, 2009

Sheet Meat alert!!

I forgot to mention this yesterday (Kydia forgets things when she gets excited!!) BUT SHEET MEAT HAS REARED ITS UGLY HEAD AGAIN!!

Look. Something that was formerly turkey, which you suck the flavor out of, replace the flavor with glycerine, cottonballs, tails and essence of nickels, is not food, despite the fact that you folded it (gross - touched sheetmeat is even worse), arranged it on a plate next to some pasta salad and a flower and "served" it to us.

They will not trick me today into entering the sheetmeat house of horrors. I'm making a break for civilization during our lunch break. Wish me luck.
Lydia B. Fiedler


  1. Lydia,
    This is the first time I've commented on your blog, but I've been reading it for about six months or so. You are hilarious!!! I've called my husband over on more than one occasion to read something that you've posted. Plus I LOVE cats (we have 2 older cats and just got a kitten in December), so I can appreciate the antics of your cats. Thank you for your work, inspiration, and posting. I've been a demo for over ten years, but I wouldn't have the time or patience to have a blog.
    AND THANK YOU for posting pics of what's going on at Leadership. I've been a few times in the past, but alas no $$ to go this year. Of course - it's in Florida. Why would I want to go to Florida when I can be here in Michigan with our lovely weather?????
    So keep up the good work. I have to go find something to eat... your pictures have made me hungry!
    Jayne S.

  2. Sheet meat! How funny! Yeah, the stuff should be banned!

  3. if all else fails, i'm sure there's a starbucks nearby. caffeine tromps sheet meat ANY DAY!

  4. oh come on sheet meat is the bomb!!!!! hehehe evil laugh

  5. ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. but imagine how much worse it would be if it didn't have the flower! I mean come on that's the piece de resistance.

    eagerly awaiting a picture of Shelli's shoes today :)

    thanks for the updates

    ps today's word is khoctize

    hmm wasn't he an Apache leader??

  6. OMG.....I'm right there with you on the nastiness of the sheet meat. But I've gotta say, I've never heard it called that but it's so perfect!!! You crack me up.

  7. Ha-ha, that was funny Suzanne! I actually got it! Yeah, sheet meat is nothing like sweet meat!

    My word today is"undents".

    Had a fender-bender the other day. The body shop called and said that my car was ready to go thru the undents procedure.

    Man, that was really fishing for it.

  8. I'm with you...I hate sheet meat. I love your name for it, BTW...funny!

  9. Oh...I know exactly what you are talking about...GROSS!

    todays word...FARDSTE...I ate the sheet meat..not I am going to FARDSTE


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