Monday, January 5, 2009

The New Catalog is Just Two Sleeps Away!!!

It's true!!

And I'm giggling right now because I'm time traveling (it's Saturday and I'm doing Monday's post because I'll be busy packing and generally being disorganized.)

I sure hope I get to meet some of you this week!

Wait - I forgot about the giggling. I have the news on in the background (I am the president and founder of News Junkies Anonymous. I love the 24 hour news channels.)

Anyway, they're talking about an angry crowd of demonstrators stomping around in New York about some grumble or other. I always think they're talking about Stampin' Up! demonstrators when that catches my ears. Grabbing torches, covering their faces with scarves, and rampaging around with brightly color coordinated posters and signs, twinkling with rhinestones and glitter, and shouting about the retired list, or demanding butterfly punch or a Hello Kitty Big Shot. God, I want one of those so bad. Yes, I know I already have a Big Shot BUT IT'S NOT A HELLO KITTY BIG SHOT. I WANT IT SO BAD. I'M READY TO MARCH AROUND YELLING ABOUT IT!!

Anyway, here's a card for you. I want you to remember to use more black cardstock!! It's so fun to showcase the Bold Brights against stark black. In this case, I stamped the super extra fabby flowers from the sneak peek set - Itty Bitty Buds - from the catalog I will have in just two sleeps - and then colored them with YoYo Yellow, Only Orange, Tempting Turquoise and Green Galore markers.

Do you know that I still have and use my original set of markers I bought in 2001??? These are very very good markers. Totally worth the investment, trust me.


  1. Hmm...I never thought to use black as the actual card base. Hmmm ....

    And I am glad to hear your markers are still alive. I have had mine since 2004 and they are still rockin' along!

  2. Love this card!!! It's making me wish I hadn't bought the set I did because I almost never earn the Level 2 hostess sets!!! This card is so stiking.

  3. Awesome Card! Can't wait to see what you find out about at Leadership!

    Lisa A.

  4. Great card and love the colors. Have a safe trip.


  5. Ohhh...have a blast...make sure to share the joy with your cyber friends!!!
    I also have my original set of markers...some of the SS have been replaced due to the point being beat up by constant customer use, still usable tho. They are simply the very best.
    I did a card like this once is so cool how the flowers jump off the black background.
    Bon Voyage!

  6. Hey, I'm a 24 hour news junkie too!!!Sue


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