Wednesday, January 7, 2009

600 POSTS!! (And Leadership Fever)

I just saw when I fired this up that my last post was #600!! Geez, I talk a lot.

Well I might have started the day topless, but it's been all PG 13 since then. Strangely, the service isn't nearly as good. Hmph!

Okay - I'm done with make & takes, and during the session there were some GREAT product demonstrations.

My favorite was the Manhattan style Watch. Look at the BRONZE cardstock, that has been embossed with the new embossing die, and glittered with some new, very Martha-esque glitter! It's gorgeous!!

Look closely at some of these photos - there are some things you won't want to miss.

Then a few more photos of things I really liked from the boards, as well as some of my make & takes.

One of the demonstrations showed these canvas cuts - which are cream colored canvas pre cut and coordinated with rubons that look great! Look at the little canvas flowers with the brown patterns. One of the photos has a canvas cut with one of the corduroy buttons!!!

If you are a good blog reader you might notice some things - some park avenue patterns, some little martini glasses.. I'm just sayin..

The things with the white backgrounds are the Decor Elements.

Also, a few words - if you're an email subscriber, please hang in there with me for these few days of numerous posts - just hit delete for a few days - don't abandon me! I love you!

And second, a demo told me today at make & takes that she feels bad for subscribing to people's blogs as a demonstrator and not a customer. DO NOT FEEL BAD - I LOVE ALL MY SUBSCRIBERS and most of them are demonstrators - I have very few customers who subscribe! I love to teach and share, and you are welcome here in whatever form you take!

Finally, do not be discouraged if you are a demo but for whatever reason couldn't qualify for leadership this year. This is a cyclical business, and as I keep telling you, 2009 is going to be the year of handmade! Make it a great business, and remember that your enthusiasm for what YOU are doing is your most important asset. Just have fun and the rest will follow. I've had great years and terrible years, but I always loved creating, and so I'm still here. Hang in there.
If worse comes to worst - just take your shirt off and come to Orlando! :)

Love ya.

Oh - and PS - Jenn - I'm sorry you don't like birds - I think birds are the new cupcakes!! I love them! :)

More pics maybe later tonight, but for sure in the morning!!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)


  1. Thanks for the great pictures! I have already told David that his homemade gift certificate that he gave me for "Stamps and Stampin' Accessories" is going to get a workout come January 19th.

    Get some sleep...we're counting on you to deliver the goods again tomorrow!

  2. Lydia-

    Thank you so very much for sharing your experience with us. Now I'm really excited about the new catalog!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Before, when I said I am doomed? Nope. SUNK! OMG, I love this stuff!!!!! I've always said the Owl is the new Pear, but they have Pears, too! LOL! And I am encouraged that the Ribbon Originals have fewer colors, but more of each. Maybe we can acually have ENOUGH to use to DEMO! And that bird WILL be MINE!

  4. Thank you! Thank you! You Rock!! And 600 posts?! Wow! we should send YOU some blog candy ;-)

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! I am going to be SO poor. I think I will have to start selling something else... LOL ;) I LOVE birds, especially owls, and frogs, those are my faves, but really cute little animals and plants are what I love and the little trees in the new catty, the OWLS, the frogs, this cute little birdie with a removable doesn't get any better!! That shimmery bronze CS?!?! Awesome!!! What IS that medallion on the black, white and BLUE card?!?!?! Anyway, these posts are SO awesome!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  6. Thanks for the encouraging words, Lydia!! I always love your blog, and I am grateful for your encouragement to the little people living vicariously at home. I am always quoting to my husband, "That is how a blog gets written, kitten". He thinks I am crazy! Hope you are having loads of fun and keep the excitement coming! I hope to meet you at leadership someday!

  7. Thanks for the encouraging words, Lydia!! I always love your blog, and I am grateful for your encouragement to the little people living vicariously at home. I am always quoting to my husband, "That is how a blog gets written, kitten". He thinks I am crazy! Hope you are having loads of fun and keep the excitement coming! I hope to meet you at leadership someday!

  8. Wow 600! That's amazing! I am a fairly new demo and hope to make it to leadership someday! Thanks for keeping us posted.

  9. Lydia,

    You are amazing!! I can just see you doing your crackberry posts during the presentations. AWESOME.

    All the new stuff looks like so much fun! I am totally in love with that bird.

    Thanks for all the pictures and please keep 'em coming!

    Oh, and how's the sushi there?

    love you,

  10. OMG Kydia! I didn't realize that you were going to Leadership! Now, why didn't you personally come up here to G-town and let me know and ask if I wanted anything from Momento Mall?;) I am sooooo jealous. Have fun and congrats on the # of posts and I'm off to peruse more of your Leadership pics.! Post more when you can (otherwise I'll have to come down there and hurt ya!) "Don't make me come over there!" LOL

  11. Sorry! I mean "Lydia" not "Kydia". I was just so stinkin' excited!

  12. Geez...I'm only at 89 posts...I'm such a Blogger newb....


  13. I like the code name Kydia. That can be your sisterhood name.

    "Kydia the Mad Hatter of SU" :)

  14. Thanks for all the wonderful updates.... Pray tell, is there any news on what's happening in the "punch" department?

  15. Hey you are so awesome, LQQKS like it is going to be a great catty. Can't wait to see it in RL Have fun. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  16. Lydia,

    Wow, great pictures! I have got to get that Bird stamp set, and the new chipboard shapes. Awesome!

    Lisa A.

  17. Lydia, I love your blog - I stalk you regularly, and even though i'm not in the US, your enthusiasm is SO catching!! Reading your comments always makes me giggle.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  18. One word...GOBSMACKED....

    and a question...punch news?

    ok..two questions...what does that circel cutter look/work like?

  19. Lydia, Thanks for all the updates about Leadership! I'm so loving this! OMGosh, the new catalog rocks! I can't wait to get it in my hot little hands...I'm stalking the UPS guy! LOL Oh yeah....the photo!!! What happened in 1985? Did they switch which side of the road that you drive on. You're driving on the wrong side. You whould be driving UP where you are standing!!! :) Did Jose design the parking garage? LOL Many Many Blessings. Tana Conley

  20. i thought i was a careful blog reader, but had to go back to scope out the pics to find the martini glasses. those rubons look cute! i like the smaller birdie; is that a sizzix die? PLEASE don't tell me that i need the sizzix to make that FANTABULOUS copper card with the flowers and the glitter~~! i'm slaphappy glad they're bringing back copper!!

    the digi scrapbooking might finally get me to cross over from cardland into that swallow-me-alive-neverending hobby! i like how it stores!

    the canvas colored chipboard is marvelous--i'll finally use that stuff more!

    looks like it's very good! can't wait to see my catalog IRL! you're a dear for posting all this.

    glad to hear our sushi is still the best...your pictures are making me hungry for it! LOVE the little plates.

    okay, this is too long for a comment, but you posted a lot!


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