Friday, January 9, 2009

Heart Punch answer and Beest story..

Okay - to answer the question about the large heart punch, no there isn't an all heart set in the new catty. There is a hostess set called A Little Somethin' that it goes with (one heart in that set). And I think one other heart but that's it!

Okay, those of you who know Maddie and Splotchy (my kittens) know that they need therapy for being abandoned at four weeks old. Maddie is obsessed with yarn and pom poms - and has been shooting under my stamping desk (which apparently is where I keep yarn) and emerging with various yarn mommies. I don't even knit, but every day - more yarn!! I took the door off my stamp room when I remodeled so there's no way to keep the beests out. I told the DH I had totally catproofed it before the trip and not to worry.

Splotchy, apparently, is descended from wild tortoiseshells who roamed the plains of Africa eating herds of ....Qtips. He's obsessed with them!!!

So check out the email from the DH below - I barked like a seal during a class when I read this!!


So, I'm scooping them and getting their food dish ready so we can go to sleep. They of course are in the stamp room the whole time. I go in there, Splotchy is chewing on a q-tip. There are 3 other pre-chewed q-tips scattered around the room. He has the one he's working on halfway down his throat so I have to yank it out. Maddie has found another ball of yarn behind the desk on the left side. The end is trailing out from where she found it. I have to pry each claw out of it to get it from
her....I put it behind my back, she jumps up on the chair and tries to jump on me to get it back. I told you the door was the answer.

Lydia B. Fiedler


  1. Too funny.....I thought my cats were the only ones that ate Q-tips.

    Today's word....sublex....
    as in...
    I let you sublex my apartment now where's my money?!?!

  2. Your kitties sound like endless entertainment!

  3. I love Maddie and Splotchy antics! My Pezz (feral cat also abandoned at about 3-4 weeks and mean as h*ll) loves Q-tips too. We finally had to just keep them in a closed cabinet. Piper my sweet (shelter) kitty is obsesssed with peacock feathers. I had to move the vace into the closet, but if the door if ever open she will sneak in there and come out triumphantly with a feather to devour.

    I tried getting them a little "Punky" dog like Maddie loves and they won't touch it.

    I'm gld your DH is having a good time with the girls. I'm sure they miss thier mommy.

  4. You and your family are TOO, TOO funny! Thanks for sharing your stories with us. Just love them!

  5. Lydia, you are a total hoot. I am glad I found your blog and plan to follow it! Thanks for all of your wonderful reporting from the front, wish I was there too.

  6. That's too funny!! Sounds like they would like our little kitten Eve (the kids call her "Eve-ah" like Wall-E says it in the movie - that's who they named her after). Kitties are so fun and crazy!! :)

  7. I hate to tell you this but the door wont help. My cat has figured out how to open the door were we keep the food. I still cant figure out how she does it. I love your blog and Im very glad I found it several months ago. Thanks for sharing all the cool goodies from the new catty and Leadership.

  8. i think you need to post a picture of paul, since most of us have never met him. anyone who will brave fangs to retrieve q-tip tops and nails to preserve your non-knitting yarn deserves his 15 min. of blog fame!

  9. Spew Alert on the cat tales... LOL... thanks for the good laff!!


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