Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am scared of Monkeys

I blame it on the Wizard of Oz. Or Jane Goodall.

Somebody traumatized me with a monkey and there's no coming back. Well, except for sock monkeys.

And THESE monkeys!! Look at the little girl monkey!!! If real monkeys looked like this my house would be filled with them!!

These little fellas are from the Doodle Factory Valentine's Remix.

I just colored them with Copics, and paper pieced the foliage. Very simple and quick card. I like the font on these greetings. The typography of the stamping world has improved a lot in a pretty short period of time. I must not be the only person in love with type!!

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  1. ok, i must be monkey anatomy challenged...which one's the girl?!?

  2. I'm thinking the girl is the lighter one without the buttons? I actually really don't like monkeys after being a Biology major and watching some film of them doing some REALLY horrible things. I also REALLY don't like the sock monkey set. Now you know my secret... ;)

  3. LOL! I also think it is the one on the right. I think monkeys are cool, but mostly in the wild.

    Though I do have a stamp that says, "Sometimes I wish I was a monkey so I could throw poop at people and it would be legal." It is a big seller. ;-)

  4. Oh yeah-throwin' poop! Lydia, it looks like that's what the left monkey just did to the right monkey. The right monkey thinks the left monkey is sooooo cute for throwin' poop at her! Now--THAT'S sweet!

    It is a cute card- I just got to use Copics for the very 1st time at the SCS S.A. swap- OMG, where have I been all my life? They are awesome! Gotta go, just thinking about Copics put's me into shudders and convulsions.

  5. Well I gotta say that I'm in the minority, I like monkeys! I volunteer at an exotic animal sanctuary and my most favorite animal there is a capuchin named Theo! As much as I love him and enjoy some of the other primates, they can be very tempermental and make horrible pets!

  6. I think most of my characters tend to be boys - or androgynous enough to work either way. In my head both of the monkeys were boys, but Tracey said the smaller one was a girl, and that's fine with me.

    I think monkeys are hilarious in the zoo and on the nature channel. I don't think I'd ever want to hang out with one or anyhing, unless of course it was Pan Kun! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqHhmqkViEA)

  7. I like real monkeys...sock monkeys not so much! But these ones are just too cute!

    My nephew was really scared of monkeys when he was little...he thought that there were monkeys on top of his cupboard that were going to come eat him while he was asleep!!! Every night we had to spray the room with *Monkey Spray* to keep them away.


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