Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well I am here at CHA with the rest of the Splitcoast team, trying to take in all the new products we will just HAVE to be buying soon!

I have all the sneak peeks and a few celebrity sightings on our Splitcoast Facebook page and in the CHA gallery on the site. I don't have all my photos uploaded yet, so keep checking back!

Today's tutorial in the Weekly Inkling was my Smooch Spritz tutorial, and I think you will LOVE it. I am really loving adding a nice shimmery finish to all my little projects.

Here's the card I made in the tutorial, using Presto Patterns paper.

And here's the tutorial and video! If you don't see a video, click here.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Need More Reasons to Love Salt Lake?

I don't. I love it. I love the high desert climate. My hair is so fluffy here. I love the restaurants. And I come from an uber foodie town, so that's high praise. The people are nice. We stamp here. The streets are about 1/4 mile across. There are mountains everywhere. If you don't like all that, you're just hard to please.

Dana and I had the most amazing tour of the valley last night, courtesy of our friend Mel, who, in addition to being the nicest woman in the world, KNITTED US SOCKS!! OMG. I love her.

After the longest work day ever, she gave us an incredible tour that included four stunning temples. My pics don't do them justice, but the graceful architecture and incredibly beautiful settings they're in was truly inspiring.

We totally did the complete tourist thing, hopping out of the car to snap pics. :)
The mountains here are absolutely magnetic. I'd love to see mountains every day. Mel's drive home is absolutely stunning.
Aaah - we got to this beautiful temple right at sunset. I'm sorry my picture isn't better. It was heartstopping in real life.

It's going to be harrrrrrrrrdddddddddd to return to humidity!!! :)

This morning, Dale Fillmore, just a beloved, beloved executive, showed us his family picture, and I had to share. Sweet. We feel welcome!
This afternoon, I took my final fave board pics. This little ditty is ingenious. It's a party decoration. The skirt is a napkin!! The top of the dress is with our punches. Creative people!
I apologize if you know the person I almost pushed down to take a pic of this adorable card!!! Look - those dresses are the flowers from Awash with Flowers!! GAH!! CREATIVE!
This just is incredibly gorgeous.
Adorable punch art.
Mmm. me likey owls.
Okay. This was genius. This was from Jill Kocherhans and Bonnie Thurber's presentation. It's a "recycle" card. All but one of the yellow notes in the envelope are blank. So you write a note on one, include blanks, and encourage the person you give it to to give it to someone else! Love it!!
Then there were some cute cards to celebrate the incentive trip to Disney.

And, as is my custom, I must introduce you to this year's goldfish - King Juan Carlos. He's been my companion here at the Monaco, and is very genteel and regal, as you might expect.
Tomorrow, there's supposed to be some big news or giveaways. I'll let you know what it is as soon as I know. :) I'm loving reading about your fave books. Keep em coming.


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

We lived to stamp another day!!!

We did! And we learned some fun stuff! The DBWS E-cards will soon be able to be 100% customized! You can make them look like whatever you'd like! Whee!

There's a hostess special that starts in a week - $25 extra in hostess benefits for a $350 workshop.

And then there was the eye candy!! Oh, and I should probably give something away, eh?

First, the Vintage display board. It was breathtaking. I left this photo a little larger, so click to enlarge.

Screamed and growled when I saw this freaking adorable hand puppet made with the pennant die!! SQUEEEE!
Love, loved, will always love this set. Beautiful card from the boards.
Sigh. This is perfection.
This was an INCREDIBLE mosaic card! How long do you think this took her? It's beautiful.
Then this gorgeous birdhouse. I couldn't tell what the little flowers were made of but they were delicate and beautiful. My photo doesn't do them justice.
ACKKKK - LOVE THIS!!! One of the Artisan Award winners, I believe.
I think this was a winner also. What a gorgeous idea for a lampshade and how simple!!
So what should I give away? A little collapsible trashcan from memento mall? It's adorable!!

Or one of the cute tote bags - I have both the one with the flowers and the one with the owls.

So, I will give one of those away tonight - the winner can pick.

To win, leave a comment on this entry telling me your absolute favorite book you've ever read and why! :) Charm me, surprise me, make me laugh. I need some new books!

See pictures of my make & takes here and here.

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My little monster

For the Simply Adorned contest

Start with a BANG!!

I am stunned at the displays this year. What I saw was amazing and I haven't even seen them all yet!! The theme was food, and there was an area called the Sweet Shop with all sorts of paper confections that looked good enough to eat! The paper chocolates and ribbon truffles blew me away.
So, since it's late, here are some of my faves from today, starting with this simple little card with ribbon roses..SUCH great Halloween treats from the upcoming mini cat goodies!The owls and the pussycat..Some cake for dessert...
And Dana and one of my downline Cheryl playing Twister at our fun Flower Power party this evening. Wish us luck - we had to do some agility tests to try to get on tomorrow's game show! Tune in tomorrow for more updates!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Owl bags

Convention bag

Lydia B. Fiedler

Owl tag

Lydia B. Fiedler


Dress shirt!


Memento mall. Bags!!

Bunny Kisses

Since I have to leave for convention today, I thought I'd blow you some little blue bunneh kisses on my way out.

I screamed when I saw this set in the new catalog. It's so incredibly sweet and cute.

I kept it simple because I love the images so much. I just colored my sweet blue bunneh with a Copic, and added a little ribbon with the greeting. I did this for Ryann's Dare to Get Dirty Challenge. Now, are you ready for some crazy up-to-the-minute reporting from Salt Lake City for Stampin' Up! Convention 2010? I promise there will be sushi, bacon, loud music and celebrity sightings! Stay tuned! Also, check out my Twitter and Facebook feeds for prizes and other info!

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Well, actually, I'm pretty sure they prefer brunettes, but maybe that's just me :)

Anyway, it was a spectacular movie, and I used it as a jumping off point for Suzanne's Dirty Challenge. I used an incredible Marilyn Monroe image from Stampsmith which I LOVE! I love that their images look like photos when they're stamped, not to mention having a photographic stamp is way cheaper than buying ephemera!

Look how pretty she is.
The background is the new Love Note DSP, and I also cut the movie tickets from this paper, with a Tim Holtz tickets Sizzix die. The ribbon is May Arts silk ribbon - my last piece :(. Sniff.

In the closeup, you can see that Miss Marilyn is actually all sparkly with my Gold Glow Smooch Spritz and the new self adhesive rhinestones.
As a brunette, I do have to admit, she's pretty darn sassy.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Comb-overs for Cool People

We're still being Dirty Girls over on Splitcoast, and the challenge cards are AMAZING!!
I got to make a sample for Julie's Dirty Challenge, so I put one of the techniques I learned in Claudine Hellmuth's online class to work!

Her class - At Home with Claudine - is so much fun. We are doing new techniques each week, hanging out with her animals, getting to see her studio, playing with new products. Very nicely done.

Last week we did this combed background technique, where we mixed her Extra Time slow drying medium with acrylic paint, painted it on glossy paper, and then used a comb to make patterns in the paint. I'm thinking that this "comb-over" technique might be something Donald Trump should look into rather than trying to use what's left of his actual hair. You decide - does my card look better than his head?

The stamp is from Technique Tuesday - it's a cool set with a bunch of different petals and centers.

For general info about Dare to Get Dirty 2010, click here. To see the details of Julie's challenge, click here if you're a Fan Club Member. To join the Fan Club so you can play, click here!

Just two more sleeps till I see some of you at convention!!!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good vs. Evil, Chuck Connors Style

I think I got imprinted by the Rifleman.

Before my wicked brother broke our TV, I watched Rifleman reruns, completely riveted by the opening, with exactly 11 gunshots, and this insanely badass good guy who you just KNEW was going to set some things right in a hurry.

It was just one of many black and white shows that I remember not really in black and white. I just remember them in incredible detail, and never felt like there was anything missing.

The Rifleman was larger than life, like Atticus Finch. I loved him dearly.

So I used him for one of the Dare to Get Dirty challenges on Splitcoast this week. If you are a Fan Club member, you can play along here. If you are NOT a Fan Club member - now's the time to sign up and play! DTGD runs from today till the 23rd, and you have till August 1st to upload your cards. I can't tell you the deets of the challenge I played with, but if you are a Fan, you can see this challenge here.

I did the card in black and white of course, with new catalog goodies, all! The stars in the sky are 11 of the new self adhesive pearls - one for each rifle shot in the opening of the show. :)

So who's going to convention? I will have my normal convention coverage, prizes, hilarity... If you're coming maybe we can try another happy hour! If not, be sure and at least come give me a hug! :)

L8R peeps.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Like a Chupacabra, for Example...

Some things need to be believed to be seen.

Tinkerbell, also, must be believed to be seen. Leprechauns. Bigfoot.

But lately, it's been all about the Chupacabra. Now, as an avid X-Files devotee, I already believe in the Chupacabra, so seeing them is no problem.

But for my two favorite radio hosts - Todd and Don - the search continues. Todd believes he's seen one of the goat suckers in his neighborhood and has installed a dash cam to try to catch the elusive and mythical creature in action. Don, who sadly was shielded from the knowledge of the dangerous beast, no doubt by overprotective parents, now has a new phobia.

My sister accidentally adopted a Chupacabra from a shelter in Kyle, and it now eats whole grackles, glass jars of peanuts, and loafs around on the ceiling. Its name is Badger. It accepts me only because I'm a blood relative, but I never turn my back on it.

So do you believe? If so, you just never know what you might see...

More new catty faves. :) Gimme your list of what has to be believed to be seen...

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