Monday, July 12, 2010

Like a Chupacabra, for Example...

Some things need to be believed to be seen.

Tinkerbell, also, must be believed to be seen. Leprechauns. Bigfoot.

But lately, it's been all about the Chupacabra. Now, as an avid X-Files devotee, I already believe in the Chupacabra, so seeing them is no problem.

But for my two favorite radio hosts - Todd and Don - the search continues. Todd believes he's seen one of the goat suckers in his neighborhood and has installed a dash cam to try to catch the elusive and mythical creature in action. Don, who sadly was shielded from the knowledge of the dangerous beast, no doubt by overprotective parents, now has a new phobia.

My sister accidentally adopted a Chupacabra from a shelter in Kyle, and it now eats whole grackles, glass jars of peanuts, and loafs around on the ceiling. Its name is Badger. It accepts me only because I'm a blood relative, but I never turn my back on it.

So do you believe? If so, you just never know what you might see...

More new catty faves. :) Gimme your list of what has to be believed to be seen...

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  1. How cute! I would not mind seeing that sweet little blue-green beastie hanging around here.

    We are big on believing in Bigfoot and the tooth fairy around here, but my favorite belief was passed on to me by my sweet friend, Keli. She told me about the "artist in the sky". This is the guy who "erases" your car keys, cell phone, purse, whatever you are looking for, and then "redraws" it somewhere else in the house when you aren't looking. I believe in him as well, and hope to one day catch his big, giant eraser in the act.

  2. *snicker* You are so fun, Lydia. Great card.

  3. calorie-free pastries...
    helpful co-workers...
    delicious Vegan recipes...

  4. That pic of Badger makes me giggle!
    LOOOOVE that Monster set!! Can't wait to play...and love your card!!!!!!!!

  5. I wasn't gonna order that Monster set, or the chair set, but I now need both! GREAT JOB! I laughed out loud when I saw this on SCS - and I told one of my customers all about it. I even emailed her a picture of it....

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him

  6. Lydia,

    You crack me up! Love that cute card with the cute little monster guy on it! Make more with that stamp set!!!!!!! Too cute!


    Lisa Atha

  7. LOVE how you used the DSP! I may have to CASE that ;) TFS.

  8. Your Chupacabra post was perfect with the recent sightings in Texas -- and it absolutely made me chuckle -- shared this post with friends.

    Love your make a monster, and the way you so matter-of-factly placed it on the classic bench -- love it! Great use of DP, too.


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