Monday, August 31, 2009

Make me LOL Monday...

Is there really a better day for making someone laugh than Monday? I think not. The universal dread and despair we all have for the start of the work week is a tragedy. So I can't wait to see what you do today to make the world a happier place!!

Next Monday, of course, is Labor Day! Yipee! A three day art weekend! I'm going to work my tailfeathers off this week so that I can just be creative next weekend. Maybe plan some Christmas camps and get ... AHEAD... *GASP*. (don't hold me to it :))

Anyway, since so many people I know have celebrated birthdays this month, I thought there was no more fitting tribute than to showcase some animals that are so old they're extinct!! Not that you are, or anything, I'm not saying that... Smiley from

What I'm actually saying is, that even though we're old, we're not OUT OF PRINT!!

Even a dinosaur can learn the ways of the interwebz, with its OMGs and LOLs and all, you know.

Stamps: Doodle Factory Prehistoric & Greetings Paper: Noveau Chic, Real Red, Whisper White (Stampin' Up!), Magazine Page
Ink: India Accessories: Stickles, Googlie Eyes

These cool old beasts are Irene's latest - Prehistoric. I glittered their toes and their fierce little back spikes, whatever those are called. And even though they have hilarious eyeballs, when an opportunity for googlie eyes presents itself, ladies and gentlemen - YOU BETTER TAKE IT.

I hope your toes are glittery, your eyes googlie and that you LOL and OMG and :) at least once today!
Smiley from


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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tree-Mendous Caturday!

It's Caturday!! Finally!!

And finally I can show you my very first sample from the new Doodle Factory release - Into the Woods!! I love this set for so many reasons, but today, it's because I love trees almost as much as I love little stampy birds! Wait till you see what's in here that I love even more than that!

To kick off the release, I made a little Tree-mendous gift set - a bag and four cards. Each one has a different doodly "season" of sorts - with different stamps from the set featured on the trees. The greetings are FABBY with this set!!

But before I show you the project, can I just say I'm in love with my Big Shot?? DANG I love it. And today was the first time I stopped hoarding the balsa sheets from Stampin' Up! I LOVE THEM!! They cut so smoothly and perfectly!!

I used our Ovals Big Shot die, and cut ovals to frame my trees. Then I stamped the trees in Basic Black Craft Ink and let them dry. The craft ink stayed right where I put it - so crisp and nice. Then I colored the trees with Copics. They absorb color beautifully, and the more you color, the more of the grain comes through. Looky -

Cool, huh? Well then I ran some retired DSP through the Fancy Favor die to get this bag, which I embellished with a pennant with the Tree-mendous greeting and an EK success tree punch with Basic Grey DSP.

The first tree features apples, stamped on Basic Grey Red dsp, and accented with a green souffle pen and Crystal Effects. I used a Costco gel pen for the dots on the Chocolate Chip Scalloped note. I used Basic Grey DSP inside each of the cards and SU! ribbon on all.

I love the teeny acorns. :)
Then I popped them all in the bag.

I hope you guys are having a GREAT Saturday!!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't Put Poop on Your Cards. You're Welcome.

Before I begin, let me make sure you're awake. Yes, this is real. If you don't see a video player, click here.

Now that you've watched that ten times and shown it to everyone in your house and emailed it to your mom, can we get back to Understand Blue business please? Sheesh.


First up, my lovely and talented friend Dreena Guptil entered the birthday blog hop yesterday with this HYSTERICAL post!! Put down your beverages. I warned you. Thank you Dreena - you made my day. I <3 your squirrel.

Okay, are you back yet?? Can we talk about cards now?

Remember this tutorial I did on Splitcoast for gesso resist?

Well I filmed it this weekend and it will be up on the site soon, along with a little surprise.

But here's the card I made for it.

Stamps: Medallion, Sincere Salutations, Ink: Versamark, Basic Black, Crushed Curry, Dusty Durango, Paper: Kraft, Soft Suede DSP, Magazine Page, Accessories: Clear Embossing Powder, Heat Gun, Crafter's Tool Kit, Brads, Sponges

The Medallion stamp is Purrrfect for this technique!

Now, I did have a side effect from Reanimation, that out of love for you, I will share. You are not allowed to file class action lawsuits over this, however.

I accidentally sent out a Thank You card with poop on it!!!

I'll give you a second.

You ok? Allrighty - you know this card? Well that was the actual Thank You card I sent to my beloved Dana Keith. Sadly, Dana looked closely enough at the dictionary page to notice that IT IS COVERED WITH POO. SERIOUSLY. Look closely at the words.

Moral: Look at the book pages you use before you put poop on a card to a friend!!


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maddie & Splotchy hit the Big Time!

You knew it was gonna happen. I just can't believe it happened HERE!!

This is Sockington's video - he hit a million followers on Twitter and celebrated with this video, sharing his new little Sockelganger kitten as well as members of the Socks Army, of which Maddie and Splotch are proud members!

Socks Army One Million Strong from Jason Scott on Vimeo.

Look at 2:29 and 2:30 for their adorable little mugs!!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

It's Auntie Princess' Birthday!

Sorry Auntie Princess is so small - that is her avatar, which makes me laugh every time I see it. If you can't laugh at Joan Crawford as a psychopathic mom, well, you're just not funny! heh heh.

I'm going to share with you some quotes from my dear Auntie Princess, some of which are so hilarious that my friend Leslie, of the Crooked Stamper blog, has made them into cards.

"Oh gawd nut bag BIL just gave husbo empty cranberry juice bottles for a birthday gift, BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Aaarg. just found out person who promised 2 make bday cake might have been talking through gin. "

"Is it my imagination or are there more women driving around like they have balls these "days?

"I hate that show Clean House, those people would have a nervous breakdown here."

"Boy, all nut bags were at the grocery store today. I'm renaming it Dangerway, where shopping is an adventure!"

"OK, new plan for party next sat. Tie the 2 irritating women that r coming together and let them duke it out - things are shaping up!"

Everything this woman says is hilarious. She's like a character from Tuna Christmas, for you Texans that have been fortunate enough to see that play. Except Auntie Princess is real. Thank God. And today is her birthday.

Aside from her daily hilarity, she makes beautiful vintage things and sells them on Etsy - lamps, hats, clothing, and ribbony stuff. You can take a peek here.

Instead of a birthday card, I made Auntie Princess a Thank You card. Because I love everyone who makes me laugh. Thanks for making me laugh every day, Auntie Princess.
Stamps: A Little Somethin' Ink: True Thyme Cardstock: Kraft, True Thyme DSP Accessories: Certainly Celery Ribbon,
Petals a Plenty Embossing Folder, White Gel Pen, 1.75" Circle Punch, Sizzix Birds & Branches die. All supplies Stampin' Up!

In honor of your funniness and princessyness you are my Make Me Laugh Monday winner this week, so I will be sending you some little goodies.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, free of nutbags, sisters in laws, and empty cranberry juice bottles.

You are a treasure! :)

Remember, if you want to join Stampin' Up! for just $85 -
the clock is ticking - the special ends on Monday!

Click here to Join - password is understandblue

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It's Make Me..

Laugh, cry and feel warm all over Monday.


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Studio Tour

I had some people over last night and had the funniest experience. Some of them, including lots of boy creatures, came into my tiny studio for a gawk.

This is a hilarious way to see your craft - just listening to the observations of non-stampers.

Yes, there are non stampers. (breathe)

My fave comment was about my shelf with my paints, ribbons, envelopes. They were talking about how many different things there were to use - look, if you need some ribbon, here it is. And then, regarding my big bottle of gesso "AND WHAT IF YOU NEED A BIG JAR OF GOOP?"

We are strange creatures to the outside world. There are places where people don't know what gesso is, everyone. :)

Now, for a reanimation. Click the photo below to find out what I did. :)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Well, there's a cat on my back, for starters.

What is WRONG with these beasts? They are both shoulder sitters. If I even slightly bend over, Splotchy jumps up on my back, and most of the time starts attacking me, gently biting my shoulder or my back and being all fierce. I'm not sure what this is all about. He doesn't even play with his claws out, and neither of them will put their teeth on us, but brush your teeth and this naughty tortie is on you like a mountain lion, biting holes in your shirt. Sometimes he just flops down and gets comfy, like yesterday. I had to take a pic. Maddie just hops up and kind of nurses on my hair. Please let me know if you know of a breed of parrot cats in the wild that my kitties are descended from.

And I have a year's worth of pictures of Maddie in the trashcan. It's her spiritual home.
Rescue cats keep it interesting, that's for sure.

Last night I did yard work. For hours. It was 5000 degrees outside, and I weeded and raked leaves and did battle with dewberry vines. I hate you, dewberry vines. I will be victorious. (She says as she nurses her thorn ravaged paws)

Anyway, I rake my leaves and trimmings and put them in bags. I don't use a leaf blower. They are annoying and stinky and loud and I wish no one could use them. And while I was raking and making that soothing little rakey sound, and then the swishy little leafy sounds, I thought that a lot of leaf blowery people miss out on the best part of working in the yard. Hearing the lizards running around under the bushes, dogs barking, birds tweeting, neighbor kids giggling.

That is my favorite part.

That and coming back inside to a 70 degree studio and making this leaf card for you with a cat on my neck.
Stamps: Autumn Splendor (Stampin' Up!), Paper: Ruby Red, Night & Day, Book Pages Accessories: Sizzix Sunset Alphabet Dies (Thanks Kim!)

I hope you have a great weekend planned!



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What Exactly Do You Mean by Strong?

You know how there's a difference between how people see you and how you are in your head? People tell you - "you're strong" and you say "no, I'm not." Or they say "you're very artistic" and you look in your trashcan at some really quite embarrassing attempts at art that you're glad no one can see. I can tell you that one of my very favorite stamping artists does not think of herself as the end all and be all of artists, as I think of her.

I saw a quote yesterday that I just loved.

"when life gives you lemons, MAKE ORANGE JUICE and let people wonder how you did it"

There's always the possibility that it's your friends that make you strong or artistic, and not the inside of your head, you know.

Your fluffy tailed little rabbit friends, perhaps. You know the best view of these little guys is from behind. :)

Stamps: All Night Media Ink:Black Paper: Kraft CS, Old book Page, Basic Black Accessories: Micron Pen, Stampin' Up! Rubon, Prismacolors

Stampendous was asking on Twitter yesterday what was the stamp that you can't live without is. That's a pretty hard question for a girl with, uh, a "few" stamps.

But every time I open my contraband drawer, and I see this little bunny butt stamp from All Night Media, I'm pretty sure I'd grab it first if there was a fire. How can that image not make you smile?

Have a great Thursday!


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is my paper quilt that will be hanging in the airport. It's about 16 x 20. The squares are made from pages from Communication Arts Magazine, and also Inside Santa Fe, an art exhibit magazine I pick up in Santa Fe every year. The birds are cut with my Stampin' Up! exclusive bird die.

The images I chose are meant to evoke feelings of both flight and destinations.

When Navajo weavers make blankets or rugs, they weave a deliberate mistake into them, because only God is perfect. It would offend the gods and give you some seriously bad mojo if you produced a "perfect" weaving. Since this project is emulating a blanket, I included a little Navajo tribute, turning one bird opposite the way he "should" be facing.

I figured if it was going to go in the airport, the last thing I needed was bad mojo! :)

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Make Me Laugh about Lizards Monday!

My GOSH - is it really Make me Laugh Monday again?? This just happened! But you know what? Last MMMLM REALLY made me laugh! So now I will be awarding goodies!

First of all, I narrowed it from 35 to 8. And then I was stuck. From those 8 I could go nowhere. So I separated the group into video and text, and then picked one from each group, but you guys made this HARD!!

So the winners from last week are Stephanie, with her hilarious kitten video - PS, that kitten has HUGE feet - I think he's a bobcat - and Wandabing - with the haircut story!! I bet it got quiet in there after you said THAT!!


You ladies can email me with your addresses and tell me whether you want a punch template or a Ribbon sampler - if you already have those, we'll do something else!

For today, leave me a comment on this post with a PG13 funny in any format and win something fun! Lucky for you guys I need to make some room in the studio, so I've got lots of goods!!

Now Saturday was my open house, as you know, so here is our other quickie project. It's my new IAMSOINLOVEWITHYOU Two Tags Big Shot die. We ran kraft cardstock AND the new Christmas Cocoa DSP from the Holiday Mini that starts in JUST 13 DAYS through at the same time and just stuck em together. Look at the cool tabbed closure. Then the new IAMSOINLOVEWITHYOU ornament punch from the mini punched out our IAMSOINLOVEWITHYOU ornament, stamped in Real Red, from Delightful Decorations.


Next, I was an accidental tourist in my own studio this weekend, trying to do a little rearranging to accomodate my new goodies in a room that's way too small. But I discovered something amazing while rending my garments and gnashing my teeth over my lack of space.

The Sizzlits and the Movers and Shapers dies - ALL OF THEM - fit perfectly into the little drawers in my marker organizer thingy!!

Don't you just love a good *click*?

Don't forget - 13 days to the minicat also means there's only 13 days left to sign up for the Understand Blue team with Stampin' Up! for $85!! You'd be crazy not to.

  • Instant 20% off all your stuff!
  • You can be a hobby demo - you don't have to ever sell anything to anyone else besides yourself, have workshops or get bookings.
  • You have until the end of December to make your first quarterly minimum!
  • If you want to be a hobby demo, I will buy the business supplies in your kit from you, dropping that $85 even further!
  • If you want to pay an extra bill every month, this is a relaxing and fun way to do it.
  • If you sign up under this promotion, receive your choice of stamp sets from current catalog from me! :)
Visit my Stampin' Up! site by clicking here if you are interested in joining my fun ladies. The password is understandblue (no space).

Now, finally I'm going to make you laugh. This is a true story, alluded to in the comments from the last MMLM, and the "victim" will enjoy anonymity, but I can tell you, I was laughing so hard reading this the day it happened I did not recover for hours!!

The scene - my front porch, home to last month's Hostess Club orders awaiting pickup...

Picking up my order was a great break from the stress of waiting for the UPS man (still not here ARGH!). Anyway, when I got to your house, I was met by a lizard – probably 8” long. I’m from Canada – don’t mind moose, polar bears etc – but lizards freak the crap out of me.

So, the lizard scurries onto your porch and buries himself behind the SU bags. What the?! I’m starting to think that the universe is trying to tell me something about my insane crafting compulsion. Anyway, what’s a girl to do – I threw my new (favorite) flip flop at him. Seriously, I’ve been in Austin too long if a flip flops is a jewel in my shoe collection. Anyway, I digress. Said flip flop did not scare the lizard and I found that now the lizard was between me, the bags and my shoe bringing about a Mexican standoff. Let me tell ya, I was seriously thinking about getting my toddler out of the car to run interference, knowing how noisy she can be.

Anyway, I grabbed the first bag (someone else's) and grabbed the next one praying to god that it was mine. It was. Yipee! I closed my eyes, stretched my arm as long as possible, and grabbed my shoe and got the heck out of there. Not sure of the lizard’s fate.

So, sorry for the long story but I wanted to apologize in case the crazy flip flop throwing lady scared your poor kitties. I also know how techno savvy you are and pray to god that you don’t have any type of surveillance on your porch for fear of seeing my flip flop wielding self on youtube!

Click here for the video!!



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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why I'll Never go Back to VanHorn, TX - An Ode to Bacon

It's Sunday.

And in most places in this great Republic of Texas, Sunday means brunch. And brunch means ... Bacon. Champagne. Eggs Benedict. Bloody Marys. Oh yeah, and Church. But mostly, it means bacon.

This post is part of the first annual Twitter Bacon Blog Hop. There was a bit of a bacon frenzy on Twitter on Friday, to which I contributed in no small part, by posting a photo of bacon in my grocery cart as I prepped for the Sunday bacon ritual.

I suppose by now you are having some synesthesia, smelling and tasting and seeing bacon while you read this. You are welcome.

I have never encountered a word in our language that provokes as strong a joyful response as bacon does. The next closest word may be coffee, but some people hate coffee. I've never met a person that didn't sigh about bacon and imagine eating it on the spot. I remember many years ago hearing Dr. Laura, who converted to Judaism, mourning the bacon prohibition she had agreed to, describing in painful detail a delicious bacon sandwich. She's a Christian again. You can say those things aren't related, to which I say... Hooey. nom nom nom.

Anyway, my bacon story is about Van Horn Texas, a place I have been once and will never be again.

A friend - one of the nicest people I've ever met, was getting married at a family ranch in Van Horn long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. The wedding was going to be photographed by Southern Living magazine. It was an adventure. It was going to be great.

Prior to us consulting an atlas, said friend told us it was about a 3.5 hour trip. "I drive it all the time" he says. No problem! That's like going to Dallas! For a Texan, no biggie. We are one latte away from your wedding, buddy.

Except it was 8 hours +. Through the most God-awful parts of this great state. And it was hot. And when you get to VanHorn - well, you're in Van Horn. At a Best Western that I'm pretty sure they've used in movies where Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino have killed people. Possibly not for a movie. And it was hot. Like Africa hot. We sat on hay bales. We sweated and breathedWest Texas dust.

But here comes the happy ending. At the wedding, which was outside, in the hot, some magical bacony goodness was born. Tom Perini, of the Perini Cookbook fame, and his cowboy cooks, catered this affair. This is not a small detail, even if you've never heard of him. This team of cowboy cooks - they transformed our lives with their covered wagons, their chaps, their stories, their smoky BBQ'd prime rib and...

Jessica's Favorite Green Chile Hominy


I didn't even like hominy before this day. But the transformative power of bacon came to life in this amazing creation. Nestled beside my delicious prime rib, it gave me hope that indeed, I would return from the world where random stray dogs approached me at gas pumps, and I would live to see bacon dance in my own pan once again. Transported by the bacon, I was..

I'll make a bacon confession now, that I've bared my VanHorn bacon soul to you. I'll tell you how I like my bacon.

I'd take it 100% white - I love the fat part. I don't like it crunchy - I like it just shy of that. Crisp and still sort of juicy. Not chewy - that's gross. And I cannot combine it with another meat. For example, I would never eat it on a cheeseburger. I'm Irish. My gene pool barely got one sort of meat, certainly not five piled on top of each other like the Germans. I will eat a BLT, but my favorite way to have it is next to a fried egg, cooked in bacon grease, and prepared by my mother in law, who will sit at the right hand of the bacon father in heaven for her contribution to the world via the salted, cured, stripey pieces of joy we know as bacon.

So I prepared an artistic tribute for you this morning, as the Navajo would, honoring the gift by honoring the animal who gave it.
Stamps: Walk this Way (Stampin' Up!) Ink: India Ink, White Craft Ink Paper: Basic Grey, Stampin' Up! Christmas Cocoa, Dictionary Page

I hope you enjoy the brunch I know you will have now.

The next stop on your journey is my dear friend, Monique, who refused to try chocolate covered bacon for me at the California State Fair, but who I love dearly.

If you have happened here out of order, the first stop on the First Annual Twitter Bacon Blog Hop is Leslie, of Crooked Stamper fame.

But next - Enjoy some California bacon on me. :)

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Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Run, Rabbit, Run

I'm running. Like a John Updike rabbit - from one deadline to the next.. All fun deadlines, but deadlines nonetheless!!

I just dropped off a piece of Project Reanimate art that will be exhibited at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport for a while, so I'm breathing a sigh of relief and hoping some of you are flying in the next little while. :) I think it goes up on Monday.

So this morning was a nice little break in the action.

I had my open house at Mandola's Market and it was amazing!! Thank you to all my new guests - I hope you come back next month.I busted out the Mini Catalog goodies, and tortured everyone who came with the fact that none of this stuff can be ordered by customers for an agonizing 16 days yet. :)

Everyone's favorite of course were the sweet treat cups.

I recreated a convention project by Carrie Cudney, who is at the top of my favorites list for people who demo for us. Everything she does is adorable.This one made people shriek and it's sooo simple. The new sweet treat cups, which exactly fit into a hole you punch with the 1.75" circle punch out of the stamped images that were designed to go with them in the Sweet Centers set. We stamped the Halloween image in Lovely Lilac, cut it out and punched the center.

We filled our cups with Juicy Pear Jelly Bellies (which EXACTLY match Old Olive Cardstock, heh heh).

The cups have adhesive on the ring that holds them into the card, so we stuck that to a black piece.

On the back, I used Sticky Strip to hold a lollipop stick onto the black cardstock. I got these in the cake decorating section.

Then we added a piece of Cast-A-Spell DSP to cover that up and finished it with Old Olive Ribbon.The find of the week was these Lollipop bags we put them in.

They come with white satin ribbon already attached - just put your treat in, tie it, shazam - fun gift!

To hold my Blackberry & Orange Sherbet Jelly Bellies for the tables, I made a fortune teller (which one of my guests called a Cootie Catcher - hilarious!) out of 12x12 DSP. Fun and easy candy dish! Plus it folds flat for transport!

How cool is it that there's a black jellybean that is NOT licorice? Pretty darn cool.

Monday, I will announce this week's MMLM winner, AND I will show you the Christmas project we made.

Why not tomorrow?

Because Sunday is a day of BACON!!! I am going to be participating in a BACON BLOG HOP, so be sure and come back here tomorrow for some delicious blog hopping fun!

Have a great Saturday!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Time to Reanimate!

I feel like I've been neglecting Project Reanimate. I have even posted some reanimated projects over here out of.. well, laziness.

So I am happy to bring you a Project Reanimate card today! :)

But first, some housekeeping..

I have some Blogger students lined up for my next Webinar. I will be taking my birthday week off from webinar-ing, so how does September 10th sound?

If you are new here, I teach webinars on a variety of topics and here's how they work:

  • Blogger Webinars ($20) - they start at 6 for beginners, 6:30 for people who have blogged but want to spiff up. They cover step by step from setting up a blog, to analyzing traffic, adding HTML tricks and background images.
  • Google Reader ($5) - I teach you how to set up an "inbox" for all your favorite blogs and websites, where you can read all their content from one place, and have it forever accessible by keywords YOU choose - like stamp sets, topics or colors! This will save you hours each week visiting all the websites you love, and let you get rid of all those pesky email subscriptions.
  • Blog headers - Special pricing on blog headers for people who take my webinars. For a peek at some of the ones I've designed, not to mention the one I did for Martha Stewart Crafts - click here.
  • Anyone who takes my webinars can sit in on the same class forever for FREE - so you don't have to worry about needing a brush up - you are welcome any time!
I will do a blogger one on the 10th, and you can sign up in my sidebar. When people register, I schedule, so register if you'd like to take one and I will contact you with instructions.

Okay - that's enough shameless self promotion. Ready for art??

Click the pic for a reanimation.

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank You For Eating My Tapir & Other Thoughts

Photo Courtesy

Meet my Tapir. His name is Stripey. I love him. In a perfect world I would have a little team of these guys I could pile into the car and run around town with. If I had a million dollars, the first thing I would do would be acquire Stripey. So of course I had to show Stripey to my hilarious Twitter friends. As happens sometimes on Twitter, strange and funny conversations erupted, and began to center around eating my tapir. There was tapir on biscuits, tapir bacon, tapir casserole. They even talked in German about eating my tapir so I wouldn't hear. It was hysterical, and continued well into my trip to Salt Lake.

When I got home I was excited to see two mysterious boxes. One from my friend @crookedstamper and one from @dimbulb52. Inside - these.

That's right - Leslie sent me a Tapir - and Gary sent me the BBQ sauce. I laughed so hard I scared Maddie and Splotchy. I'm so lucky to have friends that make me giggle. Visit their blogs (links above) for more hilarity. Thanks L&G - xoxo. Still giggling. AND NO YOU STILL CAN'T EAT MY TAPIR!

All the tapir eating talk made Maddie decide to start eating my laptop last night. I'm serious. This is a phone pic so it's awful, but just listen and you will hear nom nom nom as she eats my screen.

Finally, a card. Yes, I stamped last night! (waiting for gasps to stop).

I wanted to make some convention Thank You's, so I took my trusty dictionary and got to work with Chic Boutique. I suppose someday I'll get out of my kraft obsession, but not just yet. ;)
stamps: Chic Boutique | accessories: Soft Suede Ribbon, Sticky Strip, White Gel Pen, Dimensionals | cardstock: dictionary, Kraft, Bashful Blue

Hope you guys have a terrific Tuesday!!!

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Monday, August 10, 2009

MAJOR Make Me Laugh Monday

Yep - guess what the prizes are for today's game of Make Me Laugh Monday?? MMM HMMM - Memento Mall stuff!!!

If you're new to MMLM, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post that makes me giggle! Keep it 100% clean, of course!

And if there are enough funny responses there will be many winners, so if you have been saving some funnies for today, lay em on me..

Here are a few pics while you're thinking of a funny. First, when I got home, on the way back from the airport, I see this.

That's right - a Ho Bus. It was driven by a young girl, and also said Ho Bus on the front. I have no way to explain this, but it had to be documented.

Next - under the "Fun things you find in your laptop bag" category - there's this.Yay - I get to wear a bat ring today!

Then, two cuties from the boards. Love the non-traditional Christmas color combo...And this ADORABLE gingerbread house which looks pretty simple to make!So, in my best Clint Eastwood voice ...

"Hey punk - it's Monday - you feel funny today? Go ahead, MAKE ME LAUGH!"

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Art Fair in Salt Lake

WOW - I went to the best art show I think I've ever been to last night. I was really excited because a Twitter friend - Patty - was going to be there, and when we got there, we were floored. The quality of the artists was incredible - I actually think it was better than Pecan Street. I hope Patty comes to Austin! Enjoy some of the fun things I found. I just noticed most of them are blue. Headed home - pray for safe travel! :)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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