Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Digital Studio

Watching Brent demo this. Amazing! Add stamps, with special effects like drop shadows, mirror images, punch shapes, and a zillion other things.

You can make greeting cards and calendars as well as scrapbook pages.

They have a contract with a printer that you can use to print your pages, and it will be high res, calibrated to match our colors so if you add embellishments it will be perfectly matched!

OMG it gets bound into a hardback book if you want!!! You have a choice of bindings. The books are BEAUTIFUL!!!

You can adjust your photos inside the program, including effects like sepia, black and white and torn edges as well as adding textures like in Photoshop.

Full 20 percent commission on software and all digital content customers buy..

September will be the month they announce when we can preorder it.

they're giving away free ones now!!! Congrats orange stripes!!! :)

Lydia B. Fiedler


  1. I am not so sure about this Digital thing. Please do NOT sell me on it! NONONO! I cannot heeeeear yoooou ....

  2. Me too Leslie, me too! I guess by now Kydia realizes Twitter is having problems- I hope she continues the running update on her blog while there are Twissues!

    More, Kydia, more, more, more!

  3. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY DIGITAL STUDIO!! Sorry for yelling but I am excited.

  4. Libby- IMO you can yell all you want during convention- even if U R not there!

    ....and with such enthusiasm! (sp?).

    Besides that the Kydia wants us to yell/clap/whatever according to her post a few days ago. I think that maybe she can hear us right now, either that or she wants her ears to burn. ;)

    WV-glylcons- some of kinda alien race OR synonymous with glucogens.

  5. I WON a copy of My Digital Studio here at Convention!!! W00t!!!!


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