Thursday, July 31, 2008


Okay - I'm pooped but they're all here!! Here's what you're gonna see... The most AMAZING cupcakes from Mini's Cupcakes!! INCREDIBLE, especially the peanut butter one. Jenn and I are bonded forever through this peanut butter cream cheese frosting atop the PERFECT cake. The manager of the store was a sweetheart.

You will see the world's strangest hotel room door. Looks like a little engineering got in the way.

Our cool hotel hallway phones at the Monaco.

Did you think I wouldn't get the cupcake called "Blue Hawaii"??? Hey Judie!! The next one is the peanut butter blitz, then the pink one is the Diva. OF COURSE.

Then some main stage photos - this crazy spiraly 3D card that is SO cool and really easy. I'll post instructions when I get home.

Oh PS - sorry for what looks alternately like a large knee or boob in my main stage photos - it's part of the set, but I admit it looks a little sketchy in my photos. All project photos are main stage, images copyright Stampin' Up! etc. Then check that tin - mary polcin stamped on it with White STazon - sassy.

Then Pierre - out and about again, but they will fishnap him tomorrow I predict and substitute an imposter. Au Revoir Pierre - we had some good times. XO

LOVE the set with the chandelier and the Upsy Daisy - want them now!!!!

And look at the freaking Washington Apple DSP - WOWZA. Love it.

The big spider and the Thanksgiving stuff is the Decor - LOVE IT!!!!!

I won't even tell you about the convention special for it - you'll be mad and won't love me anymore.

Then me & Jane - we were separated at birth - getting to march for our $100K in sales - YAY - love that girl!!

Then Jill Kocherhans demoing the new decor stuff for fall _ WOW - look at the colors!!!! Ginormous flowers are adorable!!! She is so charming too.

Random picture of my cute fish teacup at Takashi. I think I convinced Kristina Werner to try it - it's awesome. Then a pic of me, Jenn and Neelam outside, then a pic of NEELAM'S FIRST SWAP!!!

Then more me & Jane and the soooo cute bookmarks from main stage!!!

Mary Polcin made the coolest book with these blank cardboard CD sleeves with a diagonal pocket on the right.

The first person to leave a comment telling me where to get these cheap wins CONVENTION ONLY GOODIES FROM MEMENTO MALL!!

You guys are really sweet.

Thanks for the comments.

No - only demos at convention get spiral bound catties, BTW.

More stuff in the morning!!! Oh and PS - I talked to your husband! He's very sweet! I didn't take a pic though - I will try tomorrow!!

And Ellie - BOTH - we will get our own blogs AND we have permission to link to our blogs on our DBWS.

And :( - I don't think they will sell the leftover convention bags - they never have since I've been a demo. I wish they woul.

Good night!



So much to say, so little time, so many pictures!! Where do I begin?

Okay - for demonstrators and customers - from August 11-Sept 30, there is a HUGE special running with some of the BEST sets in the catalog!! For example, the silhouette set Upsy Daisy and that adorable camping set with a bear and a raccoon and that hilarious mosquito! Brent made the FUNNIEST card this morning with the bear where his arms are waving away the mosquito - hope my pic turns out - you'll see later. Anyway, its a big bunch of sets for 15% off - we couldn't see all the names on the screen

Then there's a bunch of amazing stuff from demonstrator theater - dang it part of my post got deleted!!

Anyway, take a fine point sharpie and color the recessed area of your silver hodgepodge hardware - YOU CAN THANK ME

Okay I'm at awards night but as SOON as I get back - pics galore of the amazing projects!!!

The pics will all be lumped together, but feel free to ask me any questions and I will answer them all.

And from earlier, yes, I will do a tutorial on the pencil blending technique! Thank you for asking!!!!!!

I'm loving your comments!!

Stay up with me tonight!

shop by color!!

Customers can shop by COLOR when the new online ordering starts!!!!!
Wow- I'm in a class with Spencer Willis and they just told us to include a link to our blog on our demo site!! Pretty sure that used to be forbidden!!!! Yippee! SU blogs are coming soon.

Did I mention the new decor elements come in GREAT COLORS?? Pixie Pink, Green galore, So saffron.. More to come!
Yes I have pics of the new decor elements that are coming in the fall and holy cow!!!

I will post the pics tonight along with other amazing things!

Demonstrators can preorder some! They are so cool and not just for the wall!

Got a pic with Kristina Werner! She's just as sweet IRL.

More soon!


Shellis gonna have a blog!! It will be unveiled Aug 4 at!

PLUS she will have a signature collection line of products!!

More Catty Spoilers!!!

Hey Everybody!!! New Catty Spoiler ahead - So don't look if you don't want to know. But if you shake your Christmas present, my friends, GET READY. First, to give you time to look away, a few items..

The first is Pierre - when I got home, he was just laying at the bottom of his bowl. Why so sad Pierre? He's doing that this morning too. Do fish get cold? My room is pretty cold. I hope he perks up today. Next, I took some pictures of the boards last night and among many amazing things... THIS.

On the outside of this box, a lady made a beautiful mosaic - out of 1/8 INCH CIRCLES SHE PUNCHED!!

I am not kidding!! Look closely at that flower. Those are all teeny punched pieces of cardstock. how in the world she brought herself to send that in to Stampin' Up! is beyond me!!!

But she did and we all get to see it. Wow. People are amazing.

Now, for the catty spoilers!! I won't label every photo, but I tried to fill requests - Babs asked for Simply Scrappin - so there's some of those, also the amazing new Simply Sent kits, the new wide ribbon, some incredible rubons and a sampling of the gorgeous DSPs. Notice the greeting rubons, and the "classified" stamp which I think is so cute. O yeah, and the little felt flowers in NEW COLORS!! Check it!
Enjoy! I'm off to Day 1 - should be a blast!! I can't wait!!
If you have questions, please leave me a comment and I'll answer the in my next post!

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