Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Salt Lake at Last!!!

It's true - I'm here!!! PS - sorry for photo quality - it was crackberry camera only today. Real photos starting tomorrow.

My trip was not without adventure, as I think you knew would be the case. I've been up for like 4011 hours now. Left Austin without incident, and got to Denver, at which point all Blackberry data service ceased, which I found out later was due to the earthquake in California. Small world, it is.

While in Denver, I saw something interesting. Ask yourself a simple question. Should a tornado hit, what would you like to see flying around your head? The contents of a urinal? A toilet, perhaps? I think not. So why, in the WORLD, would this ever be the case??? Denver needs to rethink this

I'm telling you right now - any place with a toilet is not somewhere I will ever be in a natural disaster.

Now, when we arrived in SLC after a short HOT, bumpy flight, the lawyer behind me bonked me in the head with his suitcase. ouch. While waiting for my own suitcase, which I didn't intent to hit anyone with, we all watched THIS go around on the carousel. WOW. Yes, it's duct taped together. At one point, I tried to free someone else's suitcase from behind it and attempted to move it - clearly there was a body in it because it was insanely heavy!! I'm convinced Jimmy Hoffa was in there. It said right on it that it weighed 96 pounds. That's probably right for Jimmy!!

Then I was driven at an alarming rate of speed to the hotel by a chain smoking cab driver. Yikers. Enough said.

I was rewarded for my long day and case of altitude poisoning with TAKASHI - WOW. It's the highest Zagat rated restaurant in Salt Lake and that is well deserved!!!

The Strawberry Fields Roll (right) had Escolar, Strawberries, fresh chili peppers (it was REALLY hot) toasted almonds, and I'm pretty sure angels made it. I will be eating those for lunch while I'm here!! WOW.

Now I'm off to bed to prepare for a big day tomorrow! Stay tuned!!


  1. So. Very. Jealous.

    But also so very happy that you are getting to experience a gastronomical wonder with that tasty lookin' plate, there!

    Man, if I had known the airline would let you fly a tote like the one you pictured on the carousel, I would have practiced some contortion, poked some airholes in one using my paper piercer and gone to SLC with you. But the side of the tote would have had to say "MORE than 96 pounds." LOL!!

    Have fun! Post lots! I'm living vicariously through you this week.

  2. do you have these kinds of experiences when you travel with paul? :-) you crack me up! having lived vicariously through you last year, i'm excited to be able to experience it WITH you in just about 11 hours!

    thanks for the tip about the altitude. will be packin' the water bottle and filling it regularly. stampin' mecca, here i come!

  3. On the other end having a toilet at proximity might be useful if you're gonna be stuck for a long time in a shelter... ;-)

  4. The sushi looks delicious!

    Do you think perhaps that the tupperware container on the carousel was an amitious stamper with a lot of swaps? ;))


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