Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can we talk?

I mean, like really - can we talk? Can we say things the way they are supposed to be said?

Emeril can't. If I hear him say "chiPOLte" one more time I might include him in my next DSL waterboarding session.

Why doesn't hooked on phonics work? How come people can't look at the word CHIPOTLE and put the letters in the right order in their heads and on their tongues?


It's not like it's an ingredient that is used every day - I get that. But that's no reason to just stick the L in some random place and bark it out. You're famous. Say it right. It's not remotely cute to those of use who live in the Great Republic of Texas and eat them all the time.

The only reason I'm subjected to this phonic torture is that he is on right before Martha, so the DVR fires up a few minutes before her peaceful and creative goodness. I love his food. His restaurant in Orlando is not only one of the most beautiful places I've ever been - cascading blue glass tiles may have something to do with it - but the food was wonderful - but I'm really gonna need him to get his Chipotle on. It would be like me yelling out "STAPMING UP!" over and over again. You'd shuttle me off to a home, don't lie. So go with me on this.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, working on the fun Dirty Girl challenges. Combined the "Embrace the White Space" challenge with the "Watercolor Wow" challenge for this little ditty.

A watercolor tip - get your paper wet before you start, and as you work, re-wet the placed you're about to color.

I stamped this Pick a Petal image in India Ink - my new fave watercolor ink. Then I watercolored the petals only with my beloved Pacific Point Blue. The center of the flower is watercolored with Summer Sun, More Mustard and Pumpkin Pie. Same for the open space, except also Ruby Red and Close to Cocoa.

I used reinkers to do the watercolor.

Then I stamped "Bloom" from Bloomin' Beautiful on the bottom in India Ink.

I have SUCH a giant secret I'm stifling from all of you.

So in exchange - this good news - You will soon be able to place your orders 24/7 on my demonstrator website

YAY - finally self service online ordering is here!! With announcements like these I can't even imagine next week!

I shrunk Sock Monkey on shrink plastic today. I bought some fun pants.

What are your thoughts?

Hope you had a great Tuesday!!


  1. Secret? OOOOHHHH.....tell me...tell me....I promise I won't blog, er...blab, about it to anyone!

    Love the card! I have had the hardest time coming up with good cards using that set but your watercoloring on it is gorgeous! I am loving the Pacific Point blue more and more every day.

    Now, I have to get this designer's block out of my head somehow and get back to stamping. Thanks for some inspiration to get me going again!

  2. i'm with kim, what's the big secret?? you just can't leave us readers hanging like that...or can you, evil blogging genius?!?

    and what do you mean you shrunk the sock monkey? like shrinky dink? i know there are pictures and i can't wait to see them...

    by the way, your card is so beautiful.

  3. I think you just love keeping everyone in suspense. Can't wait to see your shrunk sock monkey :O) Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  4. i think the card is beautiful, and the idea of a shrinky dink sock monkey just makes me giggle with happiness!

    i'm with you on the chipolte, but i thought, from listening to rick bayless of frontera grill in chi-town fame, that the "l" is silent altogether. time to go to merriam-webster online and click the audio button! 6 days + a wakeup!!!

  5. OMG! I am so with you on this, it's just like people saying nucular instead of nuclear!!!!

  6. Lydia you just too funny. Of course anyone living in Texas knows how to say Chipotle! Your card is gorgeous as always...

  7. Well... I stumbled across your blog from the forums over at SCS, and I don't know why, but I kept scrolling down, and reading bits and pieces of what was here.
    All I can say is, it's a good thing I wasn't drinking my usual Diet Coke with Lime... my computer would NEVER have suvived the dousing from pop coming out my nose when I read the top of this post... about speaking correctly. HOLY SMOLEY. You are SO right. Seriously, it's about the funniest thing I've read in a LONG time!!!
    Thanks so much for making my day!!
    Oh, I liked the card, too!!!


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