Friday, July 4, 2008


I like my firefighters all hopped up on sugar and jalapenos!! I just made my delivery, which included these yummy patriotic cupcakes. The sprinkles are cool - they are actually all in one big round container, with little individual shakers. Got em at Randall's. I'm not a huge sprinkle fan, mostly because they don't really taste like anything. But some of em sure are pretty! My fave sprinkles (or "wee wees" as we called em in Bryan, TX) are actually those gorgeous little silver balls. I loved those. They're hard to find now. They were probably poisonous. Pretty sure we were eating those and lead paint at about the same time.

Anyway, so I brought a bunch of these cupcakes, some Sbux gift cards, and my yummy candied jalapenos, cream cheese and Wheat thins. You gotta eat those with cream cheese and crackers. The cream cheese cuts the heat a little and is a nice balance to the peppers. I actually would like to come up with a better name for these. "Candied Jalapenos" kinda sounds like they are like gummy bears or something. They're more like a chutney or a jam where you slice instead of mashing. If you have any ideas for a good name for some hot, sweet jalapenos in a jar, lemme have it!

Also, does anybody know why Firefox doesn't let you drag your pictures around inside Blogger like IE does? Really annoying. You also can't Ctrl-K to add a link - you have to click the link button. So sorry if my pics are all retarded. I am using Firefox right now because it doesn't make my computer make the 747 sound - it's more like a 737 or a corporate jet. :)

The sunflower card I posted before is small - to give you an idea, the inside of it - the white piece - is 2x2. A few of you asked me about the scale!


  1. YUMMY!!! I have been wanting cupcakes, too! Just finished making a huge pasta salad and some brownies here. Have the hamburger patties all seasoned and shaped and waiting to grill with hot dogs and Brats, too. Now, trying to get my stampin' Mojo going so I can make a couple of cards today!

    Thanks for sharing the tasty cupcake pictures!

  2. Blue...will you share your "candied jalapenos" recipe?
    We love hot stuff up here in Canada to keep us warm.
    Really like your brown/black challenge card. Cawffeeeeeee.


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