Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I'm sorry - I know I should be somewhat modest, but I REALLY LOVE THIS CARD!!!

A few things to note. Forgive me Gina K. for I have sinned. It's been three weeks since my last Koh-i-noor/OMS session. And I must confess that yes, your blending tools (I refuse to say that word that rhymes with bumps - it's DISGUSTING - tool is much better) are FAR superior to the ones I got at H-Lobby. HOWEVER, if for some bizarre reason you're reading my lowly blog, might you tell me how to make them NOT make that squeaking sound that makes my stomach flip over? Because I love the technique of coloring with these pencils and blending them with odorless mineral spirits (OMS) and your super buttery wonderful superior TOOLS, but that noise makes me ill. I know, I'm a little squeamish. I hate whiteboards too.

Anyway, should you crank up Martha to sound level STUN so that you can't hear yourself blending, you can make this gorgeous card. First, stamp the flowers from Embrace Life in Adirondack Pitch Black and heat set them. Then color them with the Turquoise Koh-i-noor pencil - it's either #17 or #98 - both those numbers are on the pencil. Dip your TOOL in the OMS and blend the color - ohhhh beautiful. Then color with the dark purple Koh-i-noor (or prismacolor for that matter - I'm sure anything works - I'm not selling anything here! :) ) and blend again with OMS. WOW.

Then I added some teeny self adhesive rhinestones to the centers and cut the whole thing out. I mounted it on Lovely Lilac. Then I took the plastic canvas template Vicki gave me and pierced a semi circle. I used my GIGA punch from Gina K for the white scallop and then my Stampin' Up! punch to make the colored turquoise & LL circles for accents.

I used the greeting from Always in Adirondack Black to finish it off!

I love this card, I'm not gonna lie!! I'm gonna be using the spotted scallop a lot!! How cute is that?

Kim - I laughed so hard tonight when I read your email!! For the rest of you - her daughter is completely tranquilized by my TV show and sits quietly on the couch and sometimes nods off!! She wants me to tape things so that she can get stuff done while her daughter has Understand Blue narcolepsy! I love it!! No one has EVER told me my voice was calming before, so you are my new favorite person in the whole wide world!!

PS - If you got a survey from Stampin' Up! today, please fill it out - they are great about listening to it.

And PSS - if you think I'm not counting the minutes till I get my sock monkey/bunny hostess set stamp set pre-order YOU ARE CRAZY!!!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I am glad that I gave you a laugh today...totally worth it! She is such a little goof, I'll take peace and quiet however I can get it. Love the blue card, Embrace Life is one of my absolute favorites, I was so glad that it made the cut to the next catalog.

    I am with you on the countdown until the new stuff gets here! Mr. Brown better watch out on that Stampin' Up box day, because he is likely to get molested at every demo's house he stops at.

    Let me know when your stuff gets here, we will have to get together for some stamping with the new stuff! See you soon...

  2. I love everything about this card!!!

  3. You are just too funny, Lydia!!

    Your card is gorgeous, as is your coloring!! Awesome, girl!!


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