Friday, July 4, 2008

She Scores!

She shoots too, but never in her stamp room! :) I did this for the Ways to Use it, "She Scores" challenge for an interesting card with a score or a fold.

This idea is from a book called Paper for all Seasons which I found on Amazon. It has some amazing things in it.

The petals are made with the Oval punch. The card base is apricot appeal, and the petals are chocolate chip. The greeting is from Absolutely Fabulous, and the small flower is from Fabulous Flowers.

This is a fun small card!

I'm about to make some patriotic cupcakes to go with my candied jalapenos I made yesterday so that I can bring my local firehouse some July 4th goodies in a few hours!

Then I'm hoping to take a nap. Walked 13 miles this morning and I'm sleepy.

Hey - head over to Kim's blog - Stamp-a-Rama, and check out this insanely sassy bag she brought to our stamp camp!!! It's a very chic purse but also can showcase your stamped cards - it's so much cooler than any of the ones I've ever seen. It's a MUST see. The Eight Days a Week Bag is the one she had and it's awesome. I love the Very Necessary Mini also. Decisions!! Look on the right side of her home page where it says Great Links.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th and I hope you all take a moment to remember our troops, past, present and future. God Bless America!

PS - if anyone remembers who posted a challenge using black and brown this week, could you leave a comment? I really wanted to make a card for that!

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  1. this is amazing, and looks ginormous! how big is it really? you said it's small. is it made with the scallop punch or with the carousel notes? either way, it's cute!


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