Monday, December 31, 2007

Wild, Sweet ... Orange

Have you had this tea at Starbucks? It's incredible. It's the most intensely flavored tea they have I think. I finally bought myself some.

I wasn't feeling so hot today so I made myself some and forgot that I had the box in my hand when I went to sit on the couch for a while. It is a beautiful box - vanilla with bright sunny orange accents and copper type. In the copper type is some philosophy, some practical things, like contact info, and some beautiful little details like a symmetrical cross, some filigree, a signature and some things that look like tax stamps. In black on the copper top is just the word "symbol". They put a lot of art into a box of orange tea. On the back it says "Did you know? If you were to invert the first letter of this tea's name, you would change the description of it entirely." From Wild to Mild in one letter.

That's how things are too. A little tilt and everything is completely different. I, personally, am glad that it's wild, not mild. Go get some.

Anyway, after I felt like moving around again, I gave myself my own inspiration challenge with the box. All I wanted were the vanilla, the copper, the orange and the words to come through. Hope you like it.
I used the little chipboard diamonds from the on board blossoms and basics with Encore Copper and Copper EP for the accents. I pulled the paper out of a copper metal edged tag to frame the stamp from the Simply Sent and used a rhinestone brad in the center. The orange background paper is from Basic Grey. It has a lot of texture built in that you can't really see in my photo.
The top 2/3 of the card is stamped with the crackle background stamp in Creamy Caramel. Other colors are Pumpkin Pie, Basic Black and Chocolate Chip (all Classic Ink).
I hope you all have a happy New Year's & a safe one. Feel free to post a New Year's resolution or two.
2008 is the year of blog candy on Understand Blue, and you just never know when I might start. I just got over 1000 visits, so I'm feeling generous! Plus one of my resolutions is to re-org the stamp room and that means my downsizing is your gain!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wacked Out

Okay - I know this is a little wacky, but I just loved the colors in this Basic Grey paper, and I'm trying hard to bond with this set from Stampin' Up! (see Stampin' Kub's blog for a beautiful card with it) so I put my hands together for this crazy bright fun card. I cuttlebugged the whole card front with the floral embossing folder.

Jenn said I should share my favorite gift. Tough one. My husband got me a Garmin Nuvi, which I love. I'm a complete map freak (among other things I'm freaky about) so it will be the gift I will just wear right out. I'm actually kind of hacked that I have known everywhere I've been going lately so I haven't gotten to truly navigate. I can't wait until the first time I get lost. Truly. I will be stoked. I kind of enjoy getting lost anyway.

The most beautiful things I got were a stunning cameo from my mom and a book from my dad. My mother had given me a cameo a few years ago that was just stunning. Blue, white, perfect. On a really delicate chain. One day at lunch at Central Market, it slipped off never to be seen again. It just made me sick. I hope whoever found it loved it as much as I did. So she replaced it this year with this beautiful cameo that is also on a delicate chain, but has a pin on the back!

The book is called the Art of the Snowflake, and it has these stunning photographs of snowflakes that are just indescribable. You should buy this for everyone you know! He gave it to me because I sent out a Christmas card a year or two ago with an anatomically incorrect snowflake! It's true - mine had 8 legs, and he was terminally scarred by this as a scientist. So this book proves once and for all that snowflakes have a geometry based on 6, not 8. ALLRIGHTY I GET IT. And now you all do too. :)

The funniest gift I got was from my sister in law. It's a t-shirt that says "English Major - You do the Math." LOVE IT!!!
Then I got tons of other gifts from incredibly special people. There are things that people give you that just define treasure, you know?
I know you do.
I kind of feel a bunch of posts coming on, so bear with me.

Senility - It Comes sooner than you think

It really does. Like, uh, around my age. No, I'm not going to tell you. Shh.

Okay - so I forgot to post my Christmas card!

I have excuses I promise, which I also won't go into. Anyway, here she is. This angel is colored with copic markers, and then painted with interference ink refill for the Opalite Ink pad. You can't see how pretty that makes the blue. You also can't see the stickles on her wings. I stamped Joy in the Opalite Ink, and the snowflakes are just white (stamped off a few times for some) on a Basic Grey base, with the Sanded background in Basic Grey.

And speaking of Basic Grey - I had gotten these little 6x6 pads of Basic Grey background paper that I made this little birdie from. He's paper pieced from a piece of red with a nice chocolate chip texture on it, and that's where I punched the red circles from. The other background paper was actually from a different non-coordinating pad but they look cute together. I thought a greeting would just clutter him up.

What did everybody get for Christmas? I'd love to hear, if you haven't given up on me for being a bad blogger.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Gift

I made a set of these from the Simple Delights Simply Sent Kit.

The designs they include are simple (on purpose for beginning or busy stampers) so I like to change them, but I loved this stamp set. Card base is Soft Sky, with US Vanilla, Chocolate Chip and River Rock cardstock. So, (hard to see) I stamped the main element in Chocolate Chip craft ink and embossed with Iridescent ice EP and added the brad. Pattern at the bottom is stamped in Soft Sky, and the greeting is in Chocolate Chip classic ink. It's so nice to have all the stock pre-cut. I think the whole set of 5 took 15 minutes all the way to boxed. These are for Grayson... Hope everyone is having a great Christmas.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

To answer your questions..

Okay - someone asked me where I got the burnishers. I got mine at a local store called Memory Depot, and the only thing that is on the package is a weird picture that says "Estiletes Lujo" (or maybe Luja) Desde 1987.

Perhaps Thomas Pynchon or Umberto Eco are embedding clues in teflon burnishers, because this means absolutlely nothing to me, but may help you in your quest! :)

Speaking of the burnishers, here are a few little gifts I made with Papertrey Ink tins & Hershey nuggets.. And I'm such a complete ding dong. I have been using the Stampin' Up! rubons this whole time and never saw that there's a sheet of white ones in the package too! I was wondering how they did that in the catalog!! DUHHHHHH!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Deep Breaths...

I'm trying. Tonight I can look at the catalog. Actually, I already have and I LOVE IT!! For starters, it's PINK !! How fun is that? And I don't know where to start on all the things I want. All the rub-ons, all the paper, the "Always" stamp set, "Kind Thoughts" a couple hostess sets. Man. *sigh* And speaking of rub-ons, I've been using them a lot, and I have some tips. 1> throw away that insulting popsicle stick that comes with them. That is completely retarded. Get yourself a teflon tipped burnisher like these.

Then carefully set your sheet of rub-ons on your work surface. If it sticks to things (The Stampin' Up! ones are very sticky) then watch out. These might need TLC. The SU! ones are also very close together on the sheet, so this makes accidental burnishing likely and you might get parts of images you don't want. So learn from my mistakes and cut out your images before you transfer them. Then you will be happy. Keep the protective sheet for as long as you have the set also, you will need to store them together so that the images aren't damaged. These are lovely and detailed, so they are worth the extra effort.
A lot of you are asking what would possess a woman to make 180 cookies. Many years ago, when I was in HR, I started a tradition at our corporate office of baking treats for all of our branches at Christmas to show them our gratitude. We have grown a lot since we started, so the number of cookies has grown! This year we made 18 packages of 10 cookies each. For me, it was all about the package, of course. So I used the tea tins from PaperTrey Ink, covered them with DSP and filled them with a roll of 10 sugar cookies with matching sprinkles!!!

Finally, I want to show all you UB readers who do not live in Central Texas what lives in our trees. We have these "creatures" made from ball moss that clump all over our oak trees. Sometimes they drop into the street or your driveway and you can see this little scary tumbleweedy looking thing up close. Some people perpetuate the complete and total wicked lie that these don't hurt our trees, but they will kill an oak tree. Do you see this one clutching a branch of MY OAK TREE???? So stop lying. And to those of you who are not lying, stop believing the liars. Ball moss = badness. They even sound the same if you say em fast. I am pretty sure I saw beady little eyes on this one... ;)

More soon..

Monday, December 17, 2007


NOOOOOOO - not tonight!!! I have to bake 180 cookies tonight and I see in my mailbox - the NEW STAMPIN' UP! CATALOG?!?!!?




Sunday, December 16, 2007


My normal state. I know my last post was five seconds ago, but you gotta see this. Cuz it's zany. The cute little creature is a DoodleFactory image from Starving Artistamps and he's just the TIP of the cute iceberg, believe me.
I posted sets of this little cutie in my shop - how could people not want him?
I think I will put crystal effects on his little buggy eyeballs, what do you think?

Winter White

Hola amigas! (& amigos, if u r out there)
I am finally done with my Christmas cards!! In a few days after everyone receives them, I will post them here. They were a labor of love. Originally, they were very simple, no layers, on white cardstock. I was uneasy. So I added a glittery embossed snowflake for dimension. I still tossed and turned each night at all that white. Something wasn't right. One day at lunch, I zipped over to Memory Depot and discovered something that changed the design for good - it was the Opalite pigment interference ink in Glacier Blue. You must buy yourself some immediately. First, I stamped the "Joy" on basic grey and it was beautiful, Then I stamped some snowflakes in it - also beautiful, but not stunning. The cards still looked a little flat, despite profuse Copic Marker watercoloring, Twinkling H2O's and stickles. Something was missing. Late on Thursday night, with the house all to myself, I discovered that if you paint with an aqua painter and the refill to the Opalite ink all over your blue angel, you have an AHA moment of bliss! So, sad that I had already sent a few out, I cut apart all the boring white cards, careful to save my custom greeting on the inside, layered my card, and finally finished them all today. The last of them are drying in the kitchen.
So then I was left with 150 embossed snowflakes that I could not bring myself to throw away. So I carefully punched them each out and decided to turn my enemy - white, into my friend. Here is the result. I think I will use these for Thank You cards after Christmas. See what you think.
The rest of today will be spent crafting. Check out my newly added Etsy Shop - link at right. Last night my sister and I had a blast etching wine glasses and it was so fun!! So I decided I would open a little store just for the heck of it. I'll add cards very soon.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm SO not even a little dead!!!

In case you were wondering!! I'm just now sitting back down at my computer, so be patient on my email answer rate. As usual, there are other things I should be doing, like finishing my Christmas cards, but I wanted to give you a little preview, because I am in the process of learning some hard life lessons, and it was only after I started cropping these photos, that I thought just maybe there is a little metaphor in here. See if you like the message. First of all, sometimes, joy is hard to find. It might be upside down, backwards, or buried under something.

Surely you've been here. I am by nature a happy person, so these times are hard for me to adjust to. They are unnatural. But you just gotta go on, yes? And how does a person do it? Thank the dear Lord, with a little help from your friends, right? (to quote the boys from across the pond..) But also, you do have to find a way to believe that things will get better. Because, really, they always do.

Think about those shepherds seeing that angel - what was their reaction? Fear!!!! No matter what version you like, you will read about fear. It must have been a fearsome sight.

But angels (pictured here as blue, but of course...) never make for an unhappy ending. When you start with an angel, you always end with joy.

Right side up, all shimmery and blue... right?

You will see. I hope you like it. And if you want to start getting Christmas cards (or other goodies from me), all you gotta do is send me a card. Your girl loves the old USPS, and I'll add you to my mailing list if you just add me to yours.

I hope your December is going well. If you want to see a woman who has my complete and total admiration this month, I'm going to need you to check out Jenn's site and see what she has been up to. Those gifts she's made ARE SPECTACULAR!! And she is extremely busy. So, please add hope to joy. We can look at what she's done and hope to be half that good!!!!!


Monday, December 3, 2007

Some Christmas Ditties 4U

I am so excited that Martha's show is on Fine Living!!! It comes on every night and I love listening to Martha and stamping! I'm watching one with Russell Crowe on it right now - that's not bad either! She has great guests!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Uno Mas!

Sorry - one more. I had fun with this. The accents on top of the ribbon are actually from the scraps cut off my cross card, below this post. I thought they were pretty together. Dig the red & basic grey. the images are from Starving Artistamps - Equestrian 1.

Grab a Snack - Uber Post!

Okay- lots to tell you, so get comfy. I have a crazy week coming, so after Wednesday, you won't hear from me for a week. So I have lots to show you. First of all, another Starving Artistamps Creation - from the Southwestern Ornamentals. I love this little cross! I tried to emboss it and then use my metal tape on top of it, because this and the heart I think would look great with a punched tin look, but the embossing powder wasn't thick enough to show through the tape. Too faint to photograph. So I pulled out the colors of tin and went to work!

I used basic Grey ink and cardstock, white embossing powder, a vellum metal edged tag and the pretties kit for bling!

Then a project from my camp this weekend - a little ornament with the scallop punch. You just punch out 8 scallops out of DSP, fold each of them in half, and put adhesive on them (just one half) and stick it to the folded half of the next scallop. Before you attach the last one, put a loop of silver cord with one of the beads from the pretties kit on the bottom through the middle and then attach the last scallop. **TIP** stack up all 8 scallops after you punch them, and gently crease them in half. Use this as a guide to crease them in half. This is important because if they are not all folded the exact same way, the edges will not line up on the finished ornament. How did I learn this? The hard way, for your viewing pleasure, of course. Look closely at the photo - on the left you can see those scallops aren't lined up. On the right, they are.

Then, for my Christmas card club I did a Kristina Werner card which I think is just beautiful in its simplicity. The colors are blush blossom and sage shadow - two colors I truly never use but I think they are stunning together. To get the debossed square, you just Hermafix a piece of cardstock slightly larger than the vanilla layer, stick it to the front of your card, and then flip it over on your light table and go around the edges with your Impressor. It's a fabulous, simple and elegant technique, with none of the detail required for regular em/debossing with a template. Yes, indeedy-do - your girl is a lazy embosser! :-) The square is just drawn in chocolate chip with a Stampin' Write Marker. After that I did a brown (Love the non-traditional Christmas colors) snowflake card and a cute wreath card that you make with the scallop punch, the 3/4" round punch and the three for you punch. Then I did a punch/DSP card for the regular club and a very simple "best wishes" card based on one Spamela gave me at the SSSSS. I hope you're having a relaxing weekend. I plan to do Christmas cards and general stamping all day.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The World's Most Valuable Company

The World's most valuable company is GE. Did you know that? I work with them, so I know why. Very classy organization. I made a little thank you gift for a friend at GE - a tin from Papertrey Ink and some little 2.5" x 2.5" note cards for the holidays. The snowflake punch comes from Martha, with a cuttlebugged then scallop punched base and a clear rhinestone brad from the Stampin' Up Pretties Kit. You like it?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hey You

Anybody else like Shakira? Now that song is stuck in my head...

Anyway, here's tonight's creation. Guess I'm a little early for Valentine's Day. The occasion is the arrival of a box from, which leads me to a story. Anyway, what was in the box was four pads of 6X6 Basic Grey background paper. I am in love with this company's paper after seeing what Chriss and Kristina Werner have done with it. It's just beautiful in all its incarnations. So here I am, staring at my new paper and my stamps, and out comes Hey You. I guess it is Make a Card Monday at Understand Blue too! =) The heart and flower are from Starving Artistamps (Southwestern Ornamentals), the paper is from Basic Grey, the Stickles are from.. Stickles, and the rest is Stampin' Up! I used direct to paper with Regal Rose craft ink on the chocoloate chip cardstock. Then I sponged Regal Rose and Basic Brown onto the flower from the pretties kit. I used omitting to create the greeting in white craft ink, and the rest of the stamping is in basic brown, with brads, stickles and ribbon galore! Looks kind of like a journal cover now that I'm staring at it.

Okay, so back to my story. The order came with two little free goodies and a hand written thank you on my packing list. Today, I randomly clicked on a Splitcoast member company - Crafty Secrets - and found something I had to have. I ordered it, and called their merchant vendor for expedited shipping. He called me back and let me know that when he called Crafty Secrets they upgraded my shipping for me, and then I got a personal call from someone at the company letting me know that... WOW - what service. And I absolutely can't wait to get the image I ordered - it's a heart stopper and I think it will be my Christmas card. So Bravo Crafty Secrets and KraftyatKrafts - this is what makes the stamping world so freaking nice! Nice people!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Help - I'm stamping and I can't get up!!!

Okay - last one of the night and then I promise I'm going to bed. But I had to end on a blue note!

I stamped these feathers (Starving Artistamps) in Basic Black on Soft Sky, and then went over all the negative spaces with my white gel pen. Cool. Then I hand wrote "for you" in the white gel pen on a 1/4" black strip and mounted a rhinestone brad *sigh* - love these - on the strip and put the whole thing together.

You will hear my heart break when / if this color goes away.
PS -I was inspired by a layout in the most recent Anthropologie catalog. I'm not sure why I get this catalog, since I don't have ten billion spare dollars lying around to buy a teacup or a small pottery owl, but it is a lovely catalog, with hundreds of great color combinations and layout ideas ripe for the stamper in me to CASE. But seriously - plates for $80,000? Who are the people for whom this is intended? Even if there's a chance I'm exaggerating the prices a tad, I'm really going to need to know the answer to that question. If I ever win the lottery, I'm buying one of everything in that catalog, and two of anything that looks like an owl, FYI. =)

Wild Wild West part II...

Okay - so here's my second attempt before I go sit on the couch. Even after driving 11 hours I kind of feel like sitting! Go figure!

Okay - I used the same three Starving Artistamps horsies from Equestrian I, but went for a more masculine look. One of the things I love about Santa Fe is the color combination of the brown adobe with the brilliant turquoise windowsills and doors. It is so startling and beautiful. I will be updating my Santa Fe slide show on my site to show you pictures of many of the windows and doors I felt compelled to photograph while I was there. But in the meantime, I put the color combo down on paper, here.. Enjoy.
Instructions: Stamp horse and cross image (from Southwestern Ornamentals) in Versamark & clear emboss on Very Vanilla. Sponge with Really Rust and chocolate Chip. Mount to Taken with Teal Panel. On vanilla scrap, stamp cross in Tempting Turquoise Craft Ink and clear emboss. Punch out with scallop punch. Punch hole in center with Crop a Dile and knot turquoise ribbon through hole. Mount with Stampin' Dimensionals. Card base is Chocolate chip, stamped with cross image around edge in Turquoise craft ink.

The Spirit Horses followed me home!!

These beautiful spirit horses followed me home from Santa Fe! Actually, the story of the spirit horse and the little hoof prints on the inside of a bracelet I bought there inspired this card, with the help of these beautiful horses from Starving Artistamps! I had them sitting on my desk, and they cried out for watercolor crayons and a taste of the land of enchantment!! Here's what I used: Vanilla, Rose Red, & Lovely Lilac cardstock, a Rose Red Brad, Bliss Blue Ink, Crop-a-Dile, Watercolor wonder crayons, Spray bottle and water, Stickles, Post it notes, Sponge

I masked the "snow" with a post it note and sponged blue ink over the rest of the card. I colored directly on the stamps with lilac, blue, pink, orange,yellow and green watercolor crayons, then misted the stamps lightly with water and stamped them in vanilla. I masked the center horse to stamp the right horse. I then added stickles to the line betweeen the snow & the sky for sparkle. Added texture with the Crop-a-Dile, paper piercer and a brad. What do you think?

Friday, November 23, 2007

My Sense of Snow

And what a difference it makes! It snowed all night and hasn't stopped today. Big endless flakes, and that pretty soft silence that comes with it. Thought I'd take a break from the gallery stomp and share my view with you. We will be buried by tonight. This morning I started my day in solitude, which I love, walking around taking pictures in the snow, and then a fabulous serving of chilaquiles at the somewhat famous Plaza Restaurant. This place is a blast from the past, as you can see. Mile high cakes and pies behind the counter, small formica tables, squeaky clean, and no frills. And certainly the best chilaquiles in the world. I'm glad I got to enjoy it all as an observer, just me, my thoughts and my camera. No leftovers here, so enjoy your turkey & stuffing sandwiches for me!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Land of Enchantment

Yeah it is. Any of you who have been to Santa Fe know I speak the truth. Coming here for more than a decade on Thanksgiving is one of the things I am most thankful for.

Magical scenes like this are everywhere you look. Absolute magic.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Eat more pie. It only lasts one day! =)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Sketch Challenge

Here's my entry for Beate's WSC #28 - probably a little late for fall, but I love these new punches. That new wide satin ribbon is just to die for. The vanilla ribbon is the taffeta ribbon. I think they're beautiful together. On the leaf on the tag I did the rock n roll technique with really rust and chocolate chip... =)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Glitter Cam

Are you intrigued? Do you know where I'm going with this? Here's the back story. I'm making this card (which I don't even know I'm making until this happens...) and I open up my beautiful, sacred, hoarded Martha Stewart glitter that I told you about. The pretty turquoise blue kind. Oh, I can't wait. I peel off the plastic seal on the outside (apparently terrorists are trying to put anthrax in my glitter because it's locked up like Tylenol!) turn the lid and see two different shake & pour options (man, she thinks of everything) and try to shake some off. Nada. So I look harder and see the second, Al Qaeda level seal on the inside. Try as I might, with all my extensive Jack Bauer CTU tips, I can't get the lid off. So I poke the seal with my Martha craft knife, at which point I realize it's hard plastic and really needs to come out. At this point I've almost lost interest in the project I haven't even invented yet, and I'm feeling like nuking Afghanistan just in case they're responsible. So I apply brute force to the lid, which of course pops right off, spraying me with about two ounces of ultra fine, dazzlingly beautiful glitter. Now I kinda have to make something, since I will match my project for time immemorial. So here's what I came up with. I used her glue, which comes with a brush applicator in the lid, sprinkled all the glitter from my hair and desk on top of it, shook my glittery cat over it, used her punch to punch out a snowflake from DSP, and used versamark and clear ep for the greeting and the circle behind the punched out snowflake. See how frugal I am when I'm sparkly? ;)
Anyway, when I took this picture and the pic of the previous card, I was as usual frustrated with how bad glitter looks in photos. Why can't I capture it's sparkly little soul? If someone could invent a glitter cam they'd be a bizmillionaire!

Hope you are having a sparkly weekend yourselves!! My friend Yvonne got a really huge order for some custom cards - Bravo!!


So today is grey and a day of rest (stamping). Love days like this. Kinda wish somebody would go buy me some ice cream, but other than that, a perfect day shaping up.Started on the thank you notes - see what you think. The photographic detail leaves a bit to be desired, so look closely - the darker shadows on the flowers are painted with twinkling H2O's. The flowers are in ballet blue classic ink (stamped off once) and the centers of the flowers are accented with Stickles. I drew the branches with a black felt tip. I used the defining alphabet and my heavanly Martha Stewart craft knife to make myself an embossing template a la Kristina Werner, and dry embossed the G behind the definition, which is stamped in basic grey, like God stamped today... See? I'm a poet and don't even know it! Then that whisper white piece is layered onto ballet blue, then shimmery white. Voila.

Friday, November 16, 2007


So the meeting is over!!! I should be lying on a massage table right now, but there was a mixup at the spa, so I had to give up my appointment. I'm a little bummed, but now I have a couple minutes to say hi. The meeting went really well, so I have a lot of thank you notes to write. Anybody want to send me some simple thank you note ideas?

I registered for Leadership today - totally forgot to yesterday so I'm glad there was still a spot. Whew! Palm Springs here I come!!!

But more importantly, Santa Fe here I come in just a few short days... Happy almost Thanksgiving!

I will get back on this weekend after I get to stamp. I'm hoping that my order from Starving Artistamps is waiting for me at home.. Check this out - are these not the CUTEST???? I know it's past Halloween, but I couldn't resist!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Alllrighty then..

I've always said that the best innovators in stamping are from cold places like Minnesota. Women in the upper midwest come up with crazy brilliant ideas - toilet paper stamping, baby wipe techniques, etc. My theory has always been that they are locked inside for many months, while us ADDridden Texans are outside frolicking and chasing butterflies on our 80 degree November days with not an original thought in our heads.. Well, I had my own Minnesota moment today, despite the almost 90 degree lovely fall day. While making my treats (see previous post), I was continually distracted by (and by distracted by I mean EATING) the lovely Doves. I took my bone folder, smoothed one out, adhered it to a cardstock scrap, and punched it out to make this ornament - what do you think?

And, since Schriss (after narrowly escaping a demerit today by sharing her insanely adorable lawyer invitation that she's making 750 of by Tuesday!) asked, I guess I gotta share my Martha Obsession. Here it is, much to my shame. A billion punches, her stunningly beautiful ultrafine glitter in blue, her gel adhesive, some markers I don't even know why I bought, and - can you even tell? The craft knife I went to get. Grr. I'm gonna have so much fun!!!
So now I will clean my desk *sigh* since I won't get to stamp for a week because of the meeting. I hate the way work interferes with my fun! =)

See you soon!

Martha, why must you take all my money?

I love Martha Stewart. Unapologetic adoration. However, now that she has a craft line, I find her stealing more of my money at every turn!!! Here's how a typical day of Martha reaching into my pockets goes. Stand by for a virtual ADD experience, because you're going to get to be me for a bit. I get up, go to the gym (wow - love Lifetime Fitness) which normally prepares me for a somewhat full day, filling me with pep and confidence. Come home, clean the house, blog hop, etc. Decide I'm going to make my Thanksgiving office treats today since the sales meeting is this week, consuming my soul like a Dementor would... I base them on Vicky Maduzia's crazy cute treats on SCS (pause in the action for blog hopping and eating leftover mac & cheese) but of course, mine have to be blue. I shun the fall colors for my comfort zone. Well then I realize that all my Dove Chocolates are at the office. (pause when I realize I have grapefruit flavored LaCroix fizzy water in the fridge.. mmm). So, I gotta go to Walgreens and get some milk chocolate Doves, which come in blue foil. More ADD when I realize I need a new craft knife because I've watched Kristina Werner's video on monogram embossing and I MUST DO THIS IMMEDIATELY OR I WILL NO LONGER HAVE ADD. Wander around Walgreen's cursing their lack of a craft section. Give up and get the Doves, which - YIPEE - have a new sassy blue & gold foil for the holidays. Mentally revise the design of my treat. Ooh - I like that eyeshadow. Grabbed it. Focus myself, check out, head to Michael's for the craft knife. Seriously - mine is a total P.O.S. - this was necessary. ADD myself into a petting festival with the puppies for adoption at Petco. Feel like stealing the big German Shepherd. Restrain. Go into Michael's, where I'm ASSAULTED BY MARTHA!! LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!! AT LEAST SHE HAS A CRAFT KNIFE, SO I CAN TELL MYSELF MY MISSION WAS ACCOMPLISHED!! Home, whereupon I "investigated" the Dove wrappers to see if there were new messages for the holidays - THERE ARE!!! By investigate, I mean eat about 100 of them, cancelling out the gym and making me chase my tail a bit. Then I actually started working on the treats, which I think turned out pretty cute. I dig blue & gold. Experimented with ribbon etc until I found something that wasn't too gaudy. More ADD diversion helping my sister add a link to her blog, researching needle felting, looking at the AOL headlines, worrying about work... Now what the heck am I going to do with all these little punched out scallops? I feel a little Forrest Gump riff coming on - lemon scallops, coconut scallops, fried scallops, scallops scampi..

Okay, a little more worrying about work and then a Corona to settle myself down. Wasn't it Ben Franklin who said something about beer being proof that God loves us? I think I would have liked that man.

Back to Kristina Werner. If you haven't checked out her video tutorials, please do. Simple, fast techniques explained brilliantly. Very generous of her to post, really. Sounds like she's a busy lady. Speaking of busy ladies..
I'm going to get my busy you know what back to finishing my treats so that I can post a cute idea I stumbled across while making them.. No way in Hades I could indulge my ADD and make it now and post it because I have like two square inches of workspace left until I finish these. Here's what the inside looks like. I hope they like them!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Is it wrong to dream about Mac & Cheese?

Well, daydream really.. I make this incredible Macaroni & Cheese - it's actually Oprah's favorite recipe. It's so crazy good, with 3 different kinds of cheese (sharp white cheddar, pecorino romano, gruyere), buttered breadcrumbs on top, makes enough to serve 40, or just 2 if I'm one of the ones eating it. =) Anyway, I'm making that tonight and a giant brisket and I just can't wait! I'm so hungry!

The red cup is back at Starbucks!! I'm so excited! It's the official kickoff of the holidays in my twisted little mind, so I'm stoked. Lucky for me, Beate's Weekend Sketch challenge allowed me to indulge in a little holiday interpretation of her layout. I got the idea from the latest issue of papercrafts, and I used some of that fabby Elements ribbon Chriss gave me for my birthday. I hope this is the first of many posts this weekend.
The next Ssssecret Ssstamping Sssociety meeting with the sssisters is coming up, and the challenge is a "hoarding" challenge. Each of us have to make the other girls a card with a supply we've been hoarding. My problem is that could be anything in my stamp room! But I chose a doozie and my card is so cute!! I wish I could show you but I can't until after the 28th. The hint is "winter".

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