Saturday, December 22, 2007

To answer your questions..

Okay - someone asked me where I got the burnishers. I got mine at a local store called Memory Depot, and the only thing that is on the package is a weird picture that says "Estiletes Lujo" (or maybe Luja) Desde 1987.

Perhaps Thomas Pynchon or Umberto Eco are embedding clues in teflon burnishers, because this means absolutlely nothing to me, but may help you in your quest! :)

Speaking of the burnishers, here are a few little gifts I made with Papertrey Ink tins & Hershey nuggets.. And I'm such a complete ding dong. I have been using the Stampin' Up! rubons this whole time and never saw that there's a sheet of white ones in the package too! I was wondering how they did that in the catalog!! DUHHHHHH!!

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