Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm SO not even a little dead!!!

In case you were wondering!! I'm just now sitting back down at my computer, so be patient on my email answer rate. As usual, there are other things I should be doing, like finishing my Christmas cards, but I wanted to give you a little preview, because I am in the process of learning some hard life lessons, and it was only after I started cropping these photos, that I thought just maybe there is a little metaphor in here. See if you like the message. First of all, sometimes, joy is hard to find. It might be upside down, backwards, or buried under something.

Surely you've been here. I am by nature a happy person, so these times are hard for me to adjust to. They are unnatural. But you just gotta go on, yes? And how does a person do it? Thank the dear Lord, with a little help from your friends, right? (to quote the boys from across the pond..) But also, you do have to find a way to believe that things will get better. Because, really, they always do.

Think about those shepherds seeing that angel - what was their reaction? Fear!!!! No matter what version you like, you will read about fear. It must have been a fearsome sight.

But angels (pictured here as blue, but of course...) never make for an unhappy ending. When you start with an angel, you always end with joy.

Right side up, all shimmery and blue... right?

You will see. I hope you like it. And if you want to start getting Christmas cards (or other goodies from me), all you gotta do is send me a card. Your girl loves the old USPS, and I'll add you to my mailing list if you just add me to yours.

I hope your December is going well. If you want to see a woman who has my complete and total admiration this month, I'm going to need you to check out Jenn's site and see what she has been up to. Those gifts she's made ARE SPECTACULAR!! And she is extremely busy. So, please add hope to joy. We can look at what she's done and hope to be half that good!!!!!


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  1. i'm so glad you're back...i hope your stamping day brings you joy. you bring ME joy, dear friend. hugs across the miles...keep looking up for the real Joymaker.


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