Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Grace of a Purr-fect Square

My friend & upline Pam Downs showed me these cute little purses she made and I reverse engineered them. Two out of one sheet of card stock. Who doesn't need a perfectly square little note from time to time? The notes are 3X3. 3X3 - it doesn't get better than that. Feng Shui, the Holy Trinity, balance, all that. SOMEONE (me) has not gotten her new catalog and SOMEONE (again, me) is completely torqued and jealous of all my dear SU colleagues who have. Grr. Hey - don't forget my new catalog Open House on 7/21. Email me if you need to be added to the invite or have a friend who does. Should I start selling cards? Your thoughts?...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Peanut Butter & Lazy Sundays

As a victim of the great Peter Pan salmonella outbreak of 2K7, I am happy to bring you good news. First, I am only a victim of the halt in production of a product essential to my happiness and well being - Peter Pan honey roasted peanut butter. I ate a whole jar of the "contaminated" product with no ill effects, but haven't had any since, and I was fading fast. Well, until a few weeks ago, when I discovered Parker's Farm Honey Roasted Peanut butter. Not only the first all natural PB I've ever liked, but possibly a product made by angels. Unbelievably good. They sell it refrigerated in little tubs by the cream cheese and it is DIVINE!! Go get some!

On to business. If you've seen those little journals at Target with elastic around them - all different sizes with different colored fabric on the spines - I'm sure you've bought a ton of them too. ;-P I made an address book from the larger one and it's been a big hit.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tragedy Strikes!

Today was extremely eventful! It was pouring (as usual - seriously, when is global warming going to kick in? I would like HOT and DRY for a change) rain this morning, and for some reason, an extremely large grasshopper (whom I promptly named Mr. Ken) somehow jumped up three stories and attached himself firmly to my office window. Over the next few hours I became extremely fond of him - especially because he was so tenacious and strong willed, sticking to my 3rd floor window in a downpour, as though on a cosmic mission. We became close, that's all I'm saying. Thankfully, I took two pictures of him. Thankfully, because... well... right after lunch, while discussing deep and important matters with a coworker, a grackle (a scourge, these birds are!) swooped down and GOBBLED UP MR. KEN - right before our very eyes!!! It was so traumatic! There was yelling (and I can't lie, some giggling from my more callous co-workers who had only a superficial relationship with Mr. Ken) and general amazement from the troops. Some people actually used the term "circle of life", that hideous Disney euphemism for "a grackle ate Mr. Ken". Anyway, he is immortalized forever here.. Farewell, Mr. Ken. We hardly knew ya.

On to more important topics - I am going to post the template for the Love Notes purse holder I posted on Splitcoast today, so feel free to check it out/download it. It's very simple and you can get two per sheet of C/S, which I love.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Understand Blue's Birthday

Today my blog is born! I may have to have blue Anime prosecco to celebrate.

Welcome, blue blog fans...
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