About Me


My name is Lydia. I believe in Art Unto Others™, which means I like to create art and then share it.

I appreciate that you stopped by to see me, so I will answer the question most people ask, which is "Where did you get the name Understand Blue?"

When I was little, my dad used to read the Rutabaga Stories, among other things, to me before I went to sleep. They are written by Carl Sandburg, who really had a way with colorful words. One story in particular really spoke to me. It's called Sand Flat Shadows, and it ends with the sentence:

"Only the fireborn understand blue."

It's true you know. And it has haunted me, in a good way, for all my life.

It's also my favorite color, which you may have noticed.

I hope you enjoy my art - please make yourself at home. Thank you for spending time with me.

Want to donate to the costs of running this blog? Your support is greatly appreciated, no matter the amount. On Venmo, I'm @understandblue, and also offer YouTube channel memberships with perks. 

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