Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Much is that Goggie in the Sidecar??

I love Austin!!! This is what I saw at lunch today after I scored some SERIOUS crafting goodness at Half Price Books (wait till you see what I do!)

Sorry for the bad cellie pic!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Heard a Creature in the Woods ... & a Tutorial

I did.

I've been walking a different route after work the last few weeks. Just changing it up, tricking the paparazzi - you know.

Anyway, I walk past a little wooded area on the beginning of the walk, and every day, in the same place, a little creature shoots off into the woods from right next to the sidewalk to deep under the trees, crashing around like a teacup horse.


I suspect that he is a large lizard, like the guard lizard that guards our driveway. Every day, for two years now, maybe more - a giant lizard sits in our driveway until I get home from my walk on the weekends. When I come up, he Nascars his big butt under a bush. He's like the Mr. T of lizards. He is very protective.

But someday, I will sneak up on this new creature and hopefully find a little friend. A lizard, a chipmunk, a teeny fairy like Tinkerbell. I'm sure it will be fun, like this little duck.
Isn't he adorable?????????????? This card was in my head all day, fighting with the bulls and the bears and the stock trades for attention. I refined him on my walk and here he is. His name is QUACK!!!!! :)

To get this background, you need Gesso, a reinker, a foam brush and about four seconds.

This is kraft cardstock. First I painted it all with two layers of white gesso. Then I poured a little gesso in a bowl and added just a drop of Pacific Point Blue reinker and mixed it. It was so pretty in the bowl I almost didn't want to use it.But I did. And I'd love to tell you I learned that in my classes at the Louvre or something, but I didn't. I wanted blue, so I tried it.

I painted it on the top half and waited and waited.

Then I stamped the tree from Branch Out and the little duck from Animal Crackers in black.

I used my white gel pen for the buds and the trunk, and I colored the duck and the grasses with my Pitt Pastel Pencils - any old pencil will do.

It's such a quiet, kind of lonely little scene I didn't want to add a greeting.

If I had a stamp that said it though... I would have stamped


Now, in honor of the Make Me Laugh Monday Winner - Leslie - Here is a little video for you! This is one confused kitteh!! (If you are in a reader or email, click over to watch the kitteh-o)

Hope you're having a fabby Wednesday - LOST and Idol tonight - whatever will I do??

Oh - and if you're looking for me on facebook - I'm in stealth mode - so email me directly and I'll add you as my buddy! :)

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because Libby Hickson Won't Marry Me.. And Other Thoughts

I don't know why she doesn't want to marry me. I mean - I'm neat, I'm fun, I'm a fellow artist, I live right down the street...

Oh - do you need background?

Stay tuned after the card for all the tabloid style gory details!

Stamping is a big tent, right? There are all different sorts of artists among us. The mavericks, the copiers, the stamp-a-ma-jiggers and the anti-stamp-a-ma-jiggers. You visit blogs to get ideas, or to copy, or just for eye candy. Maybe you do all three. I do all three at different times, based on energy, caffeine, or what's on my desk.

Today, I was actually feeling pretty unoriginal. Maybe it was the rejection from Libby. Anyway, I took the Sense of Time card, from my last post and borrowed the color scheme, which I really liked, the round shapes and I turned it into something totally different. If there's one wish I have for my blog, it's that you guys can take little bits that appeal to you and make them your own. And sometimes, making them your own means copying, which is completely great. Sometimes it means adapting it to suit the stamps you have, or your paper or whatever. As long as you are inspired, I'm happy. You'll never hear me yelling about someone copying something I've done - I would love that. Otherwise I wouldn't be on the intergoogle with my art. So I want you to look at the previous card and look at this, and make a creative leap of your own. These two cards are nothing alike - or are they?
This one has all the warm oranges and blues, but it's more cartoony, featuring the chick from Oh Baby!, who I colored with Copics. I paper pieced her sassy blue dress. I accented her hair with white gel pen. All the DSP is from Basic Grey Marrakech. I will be so sad when I run out of this.
I lined the envelope with it too, at which point I really decided I didn't want to part with this card. It's very warm and bright in real life.

But when I was done, I still had... rejection.

Okay, Libby Hickson, of Libby's Little Addiction - former fellow SU! demo, extremely talented woman, neighbor - is CONSTANTLY torturing me on Facebook with descriptions of these lavish gourmet dinners she's making. The other nights, the fates aligned and she was having some ridiculously yummy Libbychow with like grilled salmon and asparagus and what was I having??? At that exact moment - 7 Triscuits!

That was a step up from the Dorito dinner of the other night - and I love both Doritos and Triscuits - but it wasn't Libbychow!! So I asked her if she'd marry me. She gently reminded me we can't do that in Texas and that our DH's might object, but come on Libby - can you just cook for me? I'll let you use all my stamps!!

Anyway, after the rejection from Libby, and following payday, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Well, not my own, because although I am a passionate and devoted cook - I don't have time right now, but instead, into the hands of the Casserole Queens. If you don't live in Austin, you probably need to take a walk right now, because you're going to be really mad you don't.

We have two lovely ladies here called The Casserole Queens. These adorable and talented chicklets cook up yummy food and - *GASP* - bring it to your house!! Their signature dish is their gourmet chicken pot pie, which was so noteworthy it got a Throwdown visit from Bobby Flay!! I'm not even kidding. Well tonight, we threw some down.


Yes, it was even better than it looked!!!!!!! Roasted chicken, a cream sauce (with actual cream and milk - 2 to 1, I believe) that was peppery and full of tarragon, carrots, onions, peas, red bell peppers and ....... puff pastry!!

This has absolutely completely ruined me for other CPP now. That gross gelatin clear filling you get from everyone else - never again. These women - I'm sorry Libby - might have to marry me!!

If you look at their website, not only will you see them, dressed in the freaking insanely cute 50's garb they deliver in, in all their adorableness, but you will see that the small Chicken Pot Pie, which I got is $4.50 per person - very reasonable! However, if you really like this CPP, which you will - IT AIN'T SERVING 5 PEOPLE!! Well, maybe if Libby brought over a salad and dessert! :)

If any of you are in Austin - you have got to hook yourself up with some of this grub - absolutely amazing, and their order and delivery system is scientific and clockworky.

Will you marry me, Casserole Queens? I'm available ;)

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hope for the Hobo Cats of Tomorrow

You may know, if you're here, that my kitties are hobos. Well, they were hobos. Satan threw them out on a busy street in Austin at 4 weeks old. They were so little they didn't have any bacteria in their bellies, and not very much fur. I make myself sick worrying about their littermates sometimes, because my little beasts are so lovable and fun and deserving of humans who are - well, their slaves. Let's be realistic. Look how hard they have it now...
Shouldn't every little hobo kitty have a happy ending like this?

Well if Bernie Berlin gets her way, they will. Bernie is the creator of A Place To Bark, which I told you I was designing a stamp for. The stamp will be sold and all the proceeds will go towards funding a cat shelter at A Place to Bark. After we raise our goal of $5,000, anything additional will go to other needs at the charity.

My stamp is based on little Maddie Bat, with a little sass, her strange curly tail, some chubbiness, and a lot of heart. She's the black kitty stamp in the middle.

I don't belong in this group of designers though. Claudine Hellmuth, who just lost the most adorable little dog in the world, her beloved Toby, is a phenomenally successful artist, who designed the little sitting kitty. SuziBlu, who many of you are huge fans of already, and was the inspiration for a blog header someone commissioned from me, designed the sweet girl holding the little kitty.

I got lucky being in this group. I'm just a blogger.

Please consider buying one or more of these stamps to help Bernie help homeless animals. I should get my copies of the stamps this week and will be designing cards that will go to the first 20 people who email me with copies of their orders for any stamps in the group. To order, click the image in my sidebar, the sentence or the stamp pictures above! Thank you so much!!

It's people like Bernie that give us hope for the Hobo Kittens of tomorrow, so this card is for you Bernie - thanks for what you do!!

My hope for tomorrow is made from the Sense of Time stamp set.

I swear Shelli is my favorite designer at Stampin' Up! I LOVE this set, and it's one of her signature collection sets. The card base is Soft Sky (STOP YELLING I LOVED THIS COLOR AND WILL NEVER GIVE IT UP NEVER!) and so is the ribbon. The kraft layer is from Taste of Textiles, sponged with Soft Sky. I stamped the gears in Really Rust and black and Versamark (clear embossed those) and the greeting is clear embossed. I rubbed white ink on top of the greeting and accented all the images with my white gel pen.

The clock face is my fave. I stamped it in black on Soft sky and then rubbed it with Tempting Turquoise and Really Rust. I added some highlights with my white gel pen. Then I poured crackle finish on it and waited INTERMINABLY for it to dry. I'm so impatient. After that I sponged Really Rust into the cracks.

Now if that gorgeous clock and my crazy kitties don't give you hope for tomorrow, what does??

Don't forget - it's Make me Laugh Monday - Make Me Laugh and you'll win something really cool!!


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Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Suck at Gold Leaf

Or do I??

Well I did. I saw this beautiful post in my reader one day and felt it was a must-do craft.

At which point I discovered I'm not nearly as talented as fellow Texan Claire Chauvin. Her beautiful hand cut trees just stopped my heart.

I tried to recreate them by handpainting a tree with the gold leaf adhesive, but it's really runny and not suitable for precision. And I don't have Claire's patience so I tried to see what was within 18 inches of me (lazy) that I could use. And lo and behold - I was rewarded for my incompetence with my Martha Stewart punches! I also happened to have a few scraps of the sheet version of sticky strip. So first, I punched some shapes from a horrible card failure that was laying, well, within 18 inches. Another great reason never to clean your desk.

Then I traced them onto the backing sheet of the sticky paper and cut them out.

I peeled off one side and stuck the shapes to my river rocks (@ Michael's in the floral dept if you are interested). Then I carefully applied the gold leaf sheets, and used a soft paintbrush to clean up the edges. I was floored at how easy and pretty it was.
I took these photos prior to sealing them with the sealer that came with the gold leaf kit because I just knew it would ruin them. It did not. :) Now they look just the same except the rocks are a little shinier. What a fun little desk decoration. For smaller rocks, they would make beautiful magnets!

I'm tickled and grateful to Ms. Claire!

Now, let's talk about bad cats. This morning I walked a crooked little walk (avoiding pillbugs- it's pillbug season) on a grey day full of fun sights, and got back and was ready to craft up a storm. So, as is my custom, I turned on the space heater under my stamping desk (I told you I'm always cold, plus the AC is on 70!) and what happens?? Bad cat jacks my chair!! IMMEDIATELY. It's right by the heater and the two of us race each other to get there.

Karma punished her with a big piece of gold leaf in her fur. So there Maddie - you look stupid with gold leaf in your fur. My feet are cold. Actually, the leaf is kind of glammy. *Sigh*. Looking for socks...
Head over to Project Reanimate for the latest creation!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Not Drinking Toilet Water

I'm not.

I don't care how bad things get. And as you know, I'm all for global warming because I'm always freezing, so if you ask me to drink toilet water to keep the planet cold, you're barking up the wrong plunger.

"Oh," you're thinking, "Kydia's crazy. No one would wash their hands with toilet water, or God forbid, drink it! She's been into the catnip again."

If only that were true. People are selling sinks that go on the back of your toilet. They suck toilet water (insert major SHUNNING here if you're one of those people that thinks it's clean just because it's in the tank - IT'S TOUCHING THE PART THAT IS THE BUSINESS END YOU NUTBALLS! HOW DO YOU THINK IT FLUSHES WITHOUT TOUCHING THAT PART??) out of the tank and make it come out a faucet for you to use like regular water! What kind of DIY channel in hell did THIS idea come from??

I'll wait a minute while you barf in your trashcan.

Look at the SOAP holder!! What the (#*$& is the point of THAT??


The world is clearly coming to a swift and hideous end if this was one of the best innovations of 2008.

Anyway, after taking a Silkwood shower with rubbing alcohol after I read that, I made this card.

The background is watercolor paper, which I colored with non-sewage water and a Cool Caribbean re-inker. Then I stamped the Bird on a Branch branch in black and added little pink buds with a pink souffle pen. I stamped the greeting from It's Your Birthday in black and mounted it on Pirouette Pink and then Cool Caribbean.

Happy Caturday!!!

I celebrated it with a three hour nap with the beasts. What did you do?

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Freaky Find Me Friday

I love looking at my Google Analytics reports and seeing the search terms people used to find my site. Hence - Freaky Find Me Friday. Here are some gems before I show you my glitter baby!!

Search terms that led people to Understand Blue!

Flip flops slippery
Laziness syndrome
Mr. Fruity
Mo Bettah Blues
Pimp my search in blue
Fruity Friday
Michael Jordan President
Winkos 4
Madagascar Circus
Jelly quest
Rat fairy
Toile dirty
Why is important to laugh

Now - one more important topic. MY CAT DOES NOT HAVE HAIR LOSS!!!!

Look. I got those kittens when they were four weeks old when Satan threw them out on the side of the road. At that point, they didn't have very much fur. Almost none on their bellies. Did YOU have fur on your belly when you were four weeks old?? I don't think so. Whether you do now or not is your business. (heh heh)

Since then they both grew a nice coat of extremely short hair. Maddies sort of feels like rabbit fur, and Splotchy's is very smooth like he is a little horse.

However, when I took Maddie Bat to the vet for little bites on her ears (Dang it Splotch!!) the vet tech said - "Oh - are you talking about that hair loss?" I almost bit that woman!! So I giggled when I read the mohawk comment the other day because I knew exactly what you guys were talking about!

She just has very white skin and black fur. All kitties have thin hair in front of their ears. She's very vain, and so no, she doesn't have a mohawk, (although, now I'm sorta tempted to give them both one. That would be adorable!!) she's not balding, she is a supremely beautiful little creature and would like for everyone to admit she is cat beauty pageant material!!

Can you IMAGINE a cat pageant?? All of them rolling all over the stage chewing their bikinis off?? HA! Can someone get that going?

Back to glitter baby. First, you need to take your baby (this is my Doodle Factory baby) and cover her blankie with glue. Now I think toothpicks are disgusting. Except the kind that we used to dip in cinnamon oil when I was a kid. FLASHBACK! Anyway, someone brought a box of those gross plastic toothpicks to a party like 10 years ago and I've never known what to do with them until I needed to glitter my baby. You can push the glue around really precisely with these.

Then, sprinkle your pink Stampin' Up! chunky glitter on the baby and let her sleep for a bit!

While you're doing that, use your Big Shot Matchbox die to make a matchbox out of Pink Pirouette DSP and Chocolate Chip cardstock. Stamp the Oh Baby! greeting in Chocolate Chip on Pirouette Pink and punch it out with your 1.75" punch. Tie your Chocolate Chip grograin ribbon around the box and attach the little glittery baby medallion with dimensionals. Eat two mini Twix leftover from Easter. Put two in the matchbox.

Take a picture.

Eat the Twix. :)

Wouldn't that be a cute gift for someone having twins???

Happy Freaky Find Me Friday!!!


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tech Talk Thursday

It's Tech Talk Thursday!! I know I already posted today, but I can't resist.

I'm not saying I'm going to do this every Thursday or anything, but I've been asked some great questions lately, so I'd like to go all girl geek on you today.

But first - a card! The most low tech thing in the world!

This is the result of a spectacular failure to pull off an elegant white on white card with these adorable Stampin' Up! Embosslits for the Big Shot. Seriously. Everything I made was hideous. I was going for this whole Coco Chanel blow your mind thing and I got... well, I got to take the trash out. So here's what I did instead.

I took some DSP and ran it through the Flower Burst Embosslit. Then I sanded it to get the white relief on there. Which gave me a fabby idea I'm trying tonight. Trash or Treasure? You will decide!! Anyway, then I stuck some DSP on the bottom of my card and "burned" the edges with my black marker.

I stamped the closest thing to a matching image (Trendy Trees, stamped off twice first) in Ruby Red and stamped the greeting from Great Friend in black on top. I punched that with my oval punch, edged it with my Ruby Red marker and popped it up with dimensionals. I added a strip of Basic Black across the card and one of the sassy new brads and bam! No trash!

Okay - get your ggggggggeeeeeeeeeek on.

Here are some Q&A:

1) Someone was nice enough to leave spam as a comment on my blog in Chinese. What if it says something dirty about me? I can't have China thinking I'm naughty - can I delete them?

Yes, you can. Once you are logged into your gmail/blogger account, simply view the comments for the naughty Chinese post. You will see a teeny trashcan. That's where the spamming trash talkers go. Click & delete and enjoy your right as an American not to be plagued by ShamWow types who speak a different language.

2) I would like to know how to DO a webinar. Will you teach us how?

Yes, I will offer a webinar on webinars! So for those of you who have a downline, or another business, or if you just wanna teach your 90 year old mother how to Twitter - I'll hook you up!

3) What photo editing program do you use?

I use Photoshop. I'm about to create a video on mindbites with the only 5 steps I use in Photoshop to edit my photos. It breaks my heart when I see a gorgeous card that is badly photographed - my own stuff included! So I always take just 5 steps to clean them up. If you want a ginormous giggle, and if you want to learn a LOT while you're laughing, check out my buddy Donnie, on the You Suck at Photoshop on My Damn Channel (that's the name of it - it's not MY damn channel). Even if you don't have or don't want Photoshop, this is freaking hilarious. In a very dark and twisted sort of way.

4) What do you use to manage Twitter?

I use Tweet Deck. You can download it for free and what I like about it is it refreshes instantly - the Twitter website has a delay, as does the Twitter app for Blackberry. It also displays each type of message on one screen, and gives you the option of updating Twitter and Facebook at the same time, which is great.

5) Free Tip #5

If you are a windows user, you can save time at startup by doing this - when you go to log off each day, hit Start, Log off, but choose "Stand By" instead of log off. This puts your computer into low power mode - it behaves like its off, but when you hit the on button, you resume all your applications just at the place you were. If you have 13 applications and 17 Firefox windows running at all times like I do - this is HUGE. :)

Have a fabby Friday.


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Jesus Pebbles

Last Christmas, I heard a story that just captivated me. I've thought about it several times since then, because I wanted to do something similar and keep reminding myself to make the time.

The story is about a man in Cornwall, an artist, who mysteriously painted and left little pebbles with the baby Jesus on them all around town, nestled in some "hay".

The full story is here if you want to read it. It's charming. It was just a sweet, fun little reminder to people what Christmas is about, when they were running around hurrying from store to store. It doesn't get any better than that.

When I saw the baby in Oh Baby!, I knew I'd found my baby Jesus. Now shhh.... If I do this this year, you must keep it quiet and pretend you don't know who is doing it!!

I didn't paint mine because I wanted to reinforce the simplicity of the message with the simplicity of the design. So the baby Jesus is in white paint on the front of a river rock, with a white rub-on on the back.

It's not to early to get the Christmas spirit, is it? ;)

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Time to announce the winner of the Momster!!!

(For those of you who are new here, this is a necklace, featuring a motherly monster that I designed for charity - $16 of every sale goes to Unicef. See this post for deets)

This actually freaks me out just a bit, because the winner won by the "supposedly" RANDOM.ORG - which is supposed to give me a random #. But it gave me my lucky number!! 13! So does that mean my lucky number is really truly now proven to be a lucky number? Or does it mean that actually does some sort of StarTrek style brain scan while it's "thinking" of your random numbers?

Especially since the numbering in the comments was off from the beginning? I wish Blogger would auto number comments actually. Hey Google - can you do that please? Bloggers everywhere would love it.

Anyway - I picked the actual 13th comment since it got all crazy, and that is my beloved Elizabeth!!
I thought it was very interesting that several of you mentioned this same book with equal reverence. I had never heard of it so I need to read it.

I'm also curious if any of the rest of you ever read Higglety Pigglety Pop about the dog who swallowed the mop?I really loved this somewhat creepy and sad, beautifully illustrated book. It will squeeze your heart.

Elizabeth - email me with your address so I can have them ship the Momster!

And remember, if any of you want to buy the Momster - she's only available till May 10, and $16 of every sale goes to Unicef.

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Make Me Laugh Monday!

Did you know that yesterday was Make Me Laugh Monday?? ME NEITHER!!

That is, until you guys made me laugh!!!

I'm going to launch Make Me Laugh Monday and award people the MMLM award based on how hard you make me laugh. Stay tuned at the end of this post for the winner of yesterday's...

But first - CARDZ! and a little sad news.

One of my life heros died on Monday. :( His name was Pete Rodriguez, and you didn't know him. He was my band director at Bryan High. He was probably the most demanding person I've ever worked for, and my most beloved leader. He was little, but FIERCE. When he was mad, you hid. Except you didn't, because he wouldn't let you. He never blamed anyone for a mistake that wasn't theirs, and he never let you not own up to yours. And when we did well, he got all teary eyed. When he hugged us, we felt our ribs crack. He was as politically incorrect as they came, assigning nicknames to us, like "Big Gun" to anyone who was chubby. He loved us fiercely, and when we performed with him, we were much better than the sum total of our talent, because the extra ingredient was his passion - for music, for education, for people, and for flawlessness, or as near as you could get with mortal efforts.

The little twinkle in his eye changed my view of the world, as did the things I did with his help - the awards I won that I never would have had without him, the trips I took where he kept us safe and on track, and the friends I made because of his generous spirit and great example. He had us all to his home one Christmas, which no other teacher before college ever did, and the caroling, and the cookies and the warmth and love from Mr. Rod and his wife feel to me just like they did that night X years ago. (No, I'm not telling you!)

I love you Mr. Rod. You were my hero. I hope you're giving em hell in heaven and teaching people what the heck a straight line and a tempo mean. I'm sure they'd forgotten. You will never be.

This card is for you.
This little fella is from the new release at Starving Artistamps called Super Parents! Check it out, and stand by for more. The background is my beloved, beloved cityscape from Set the Scene.

I colored it with Copics and accented it with a white gel pen and a blue Souffle Pen.

So, I hope I didn't make you sad. If so - please let's go on to Make Me Laugh Monday!!

First, when leaving a comment on the Google Earth Car/Bat/Bird Post on Monday, my buddy Jayne gets "desplunc" as her secret word. If you're new to my blog, we like to entertain ourselves over here by using these words in a sentence. Sometimes I give prizes for especially amusing ones. Well Jayne asked for help with this word, and my favorite shunned one, Lisa Page, offered this:

Jayne- BEAUTIFUL! Spelunking is the act of cave exploring- as in exploring the caves where the bats are in the Central Texas area! Sooooo, here's your def.- "desplunc"-Whenever you back out of a cave. It could be for any reason. Bats that freak you out. Or stalagmites that are going to attack you. I'll use it in a sentence- One day my brother and I went to Innerspace Caves in Georgetown, I had to "desplunc" because my brother had claustrophobia!" love always, rad.shunee

She followed it up with this:

Of course, then there is the "spledesplunking"- when your spleen decides to give out as you are retreating from the cave.

Now Lisa is shunned because she likes rain, and I do not. But apparently, my little rain radical's sense of humor is not affected by the weather, because these about made espresso come out of my nose when I read them.

So congrats to Lisa - the inaugural Make Me Laugh Monday Winner!!! You are welcome to the contents of the post you commented on - either the red or blue bird - lemme know which!



Oh, well. Maybe she's still little. Maybe I found a teeny leather armchair at Target that I thought would make a hilarious cat chair for my studio!!! Is that not awesome?? It's right next to my desk and she loves to flop down there while I work. I would like to pretend it has nothing to do with my space heater, so I'd appreciate that if you'd stifle an urge to suggest that might be what it is.. :)

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the Momster contest, and will also publish dates for the next few webinars. I have to scurry now.


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Wrapup and Prayers for Bats

Well, all good things must come to an end, and so ends my weekend with Jenn.

I was wondering if someone could answer the space/time continuum question of why time speeds up and slows down depending on who you're with? Whenever you're having fun, it zips by in a blur or disappears entirely. And then slows down at the dentist and the post office. I would appreciate a solution to this problem like an accelerator/decelerator. Thanks a bunch. *sigh*

Anyway, we saw and did some really cool things.

First - a big howdy to my buddies in the chat box on the right - Lisa & Cassie. Even though I'm shunning Lisa because of her radical stance on rain, I still love her! Cassie has not been shunned for any reason, and I love her too!

First we went and saw my friend Tisa at the Bearded Ladies show downtown. Tisa is the fabulously talented owner of Tisa's Creations, and her booth was without a doubt the best one there! We couldn't get near her for too long because it was crowded with people buying amazing things, like her "Whatever" cards, which are my favorites!

On the way there, we saw the only sad thing I will post. A little sick bat. :( If you're not from here, you might not know about our freetail bat colony that lives under the Congress Avenue bridge. We love our bats, which you can read about here.

But if you live with bats, you know you shouldn't see them in broad daylight or near the ground, because they are sick, possibly with rabies. I hope this little guy wasn't suffering. I have worried about him all weekend. I know, I'm crazy, but you should pray for my little bat.

On to happier things. We saw this crazy contraption on top of someone's car. WTH is it? It has some kind of weird foot pedal on the back and a buckety thing on top. Someone help us figure it out!Then we saw these amazing aprons while on a cupcake break at Sugar Mama's bakeshop. We LOVED that sassy ruffly red and pink one on the right. I'd love to bop around all Lucille Ball style in one of those things all day!!
Gratuitous sushi picture! (You knew it was coming!) And finally, stamping!!!

We copied that adorable chick from Inspired Designs and made some other birds. I of course, started with a bluebird...Then we cranked out the rest of the avian family. What do you think?

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I'm going to chill with some Google Reader and my Tivo.

Back tomorrow!!

Oh - and maybe I'll even announce the winner of the momster!!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Caturday!!

It's Caturday!! Yay!!!

(Yay minus a growl for the rain).

Since it's Caturday, I had to share these pics that my buddy Jayne sent me of Webster reading my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE WEBSTER!!!!!

This first one kills me - it's like "nooooo - don't throwz Maddie aweh!!"

Thanks Jayne - you made my day!!!
I hope all of you get up to the screen and paw it when I post something!!

I survived the prep for the Artisan Awards (barely - 2 hours of sleep) but I'm not allowed to show pictures until I get rejected (hee hee) but I promise I do have some other stuff to share. But Jenn & I have a fun crafty weekend plan. For those of you in Austin - anyone going to the Bearded Ladies show?

Have a great Caturday!

Oh PS - Techno Tip - For firefox users, you can switch between tabs by doing Ctrl 1, Ctrl 2, etc. I'm a ding dong and just discovered this by accident.

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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