Monday, April 27, 2009

Hope for the Hobo Cats of Tomorrow

You may know, if you're here, that my kitties are hobos. Well, they were hobos. Satan threw them out on a busy street in Austin at 4 weeks old. They were so little they didn't have any bacteria in their bellies, and not very much fur. I make myself sick worrying about their littermates sometimes, because my little beasts are so lovable and fun and deserving of humans who are - well, their slaves. Let's be realistic. Look how hard they have it now...
Shouldn't every little hobo kitty have a happy ending like this?

Well if Bernie Berlin gets her way, they will. Bernie is the creator of A Place To Bark, which I told you I was designing a stamp for. The stamp will be sold and all the proceeds will go towards funding a cat shelter at A Place to Bark. After we raise our goal of $5,000, anything additional will go to other needs at the charity.

My stamp is based on little Maddie Bat, with a little sass, her strange curly tail, some chubbiness, and a lot of heart. She's the black kitty stamp in the middle.

I don't belong in this group of designers though. Claudine Hellmuth, who just lost the most adorable little dog in the world, her beloved Toby, is a phenomenally successful artist, who designed the little sitting kitty. SuziBlu, who many of you are huge fans of already, and was the inspiration for a blog header someone commissioned from me, designed the sweet girl holding the little kitty.

I got lucky being in this group. I'm just a blogger.

Please consider buying one or more of these stamps to help Bernie help homeless animals. I should get my copies of the stamps this week and will be designing cards that will go to the first 20 people who email me with copies of their orders for any stamps in the group. To order, click the image in my sidebar, the sentence or the stamp pictures above! Thank you so much!!

It's people like Bernie that give us hope for the Hobo Kittens of tomorrow, so this card is for you Bernie - thanks for what you do!!

My hope for tomorrow is made from the Sense of Time stamp set.

I swear Shelli is my favorite designer at Stampin' Up! I LOVE this set, and it's one of her signature collection sets. The card base is Soft Sky (STOP YELLING I LOVED THIS COLOR AND WILL NEVER GIVE IT UP NEVER!) and so is the ribbon. The kraft layer is from Taste of Textiles, sponged with Soft Sky. I stamped the gears in Really Rust and black and Versamark (clear embossed those) and the greeting is clear embossed. I rubbed white ink on top of the greeting and accented all the images with my white gel pen.

The clock face is my fave. I stamped it in black on Soft sky and then rubbed it with Tempting Turquoise and Really Rust. I added some highlights with my white gel pen. Then I poured crackle finish on it and waited INTERMINABLY for it to dry. I'm so impatient. After that I sponged Really Rust into the cracks.

Now if that gorgeous clock and my crazy kitties don't give you hope for tomorrow, what does??

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  1. Um, how does one go about ordering these babies? Do we just email you to order, or do we need to email you with COPIES of an order? Need ... coffee ...

    WV: noesses. There are noesses in my name.

  2. Oh, wait, yes there IS an ess in my name. CRAP.

  3. I just persawa those stamps and they are super cute.

    Although, kitties are super cute. They are also a little evil since dh and I are allergic. We love kitties they just don't love us back.



  4. I love your hobo kitties-they are so cute and silly just how kitties should be! I am a hobo kitty foster mommy-we take in kitties, kittens, mommies with kittens that have been thrown away by Satan (yes, he's everywhere!)and take care of them, get them fixed as to not make more hobo babies and then find terrific homes for them. it is such fun though it becomes difficult when you feel as though you cannot bear to let your hobo baby go and then keep one here and one there and soon you become the crazy cat lady...*sigh* so that's my story-not really funny until you try to answer the question of how many hobo babies do you have and then watch the person's face when they realize why yes, she is a crazy cat lady and slowly start backing away.
    thanks for sharing your babies and art!
    the crazy cat lady Elizabeth

  5. I got nothing ---- but Leslie made me laugh!!

  6. what a beautiful card I just love it!!! I also think your stamp rocks!

  7. Maddie looks like she is just loving life. I can picture her, basking in the glow of the space heater, looking up at you with those sweet kitty eyes thinking, "Oh yeah. I got mom wrapped around my cute little curly tail! Splotchy! Fetch me a pom-pom!"

    You know there is a special little piece of Hades reserved just for people who toss innocent little creatures out of their cars on Congress Avenue. I think whoever did that to Maddie and Splotchy will be pushing the coffee cart there.

    Love the card...the colors are wonderful!

  8. Awww..can I order one of your stamps please n' thanks!! Please let me know how I can pay for it.

    I'm not feeling very funny today... in...
    I am feeling BLIASI about being funny.

  9. I luv, luv, luv that card. Soft Sky rules! I don't feel funny today either- I just feel with my fingers.

  10. I know I'm late for make me laugh Monday, but I just saw this and I thought of you.


    Carolyn S.
    ceashark at aol dot com

  11. Yeah, Leslie should win...she ALWAYS makes me laugh! As for your stamp, it is totally brilliant and when I have available funds I shall purchase it in the hope of saving kitties from the evil Satan (who is everywhere). I can't wait to get me a kitty or puppy (I am so undecided) from my local stores are also evil.
    Your card is fabulous...we don't have that stamp set here ...Australians are very deprived and it's almost enough to make me consider moving to the US.
    Not much going on in the way of humour here and it's already Wednesday, so maybe that's the problem! I was probably really funny on Monday, just too busy unpacking crap to come make you laugh.

  12. Lydia,

    Yes, I am a little late with my comment for this post. Please forgive me, I know Maddie and Splotchy would. You have the funniest people commenting on your blog, I love to read their comments. I have a Hobo Kitty too. I too am allergic to kitties, but have wanted one my whole life and threw caution to the wind and said to the kitty "Come live with me and leave your hobo world behind". I take allergy medicine and clean constantly so to be able to have my kitty. That is her in my photo above. I wuv her even when she makes me sneeze. Somebody should invent a vacination for the kitty that neutralizes whatever is in the cat dander that people are allergic to! Anybody second this motion? Wow, I am chatty today!

    Love your card, and I can't wait to get my Maddie stamp in the mail; I ordered it tonight!

    Hugs, Lisa

  13. I absolutely love the little heart in the corner of your kitty stamp, and will be ordering it. I'm a hobo kitty mama too. I took in a pregnant stray, and couldn't bear to give away any of the kittens after we fell in love with them so now we have 8 cats. All my friends have started calling me a crazy cat lady, too.
    BTW, are you not selling t-shirts anymore, or am I just clueless and not seeing them?

  14. You rock!! Raising $ for homeless animals and taking in your babies that Satan threw out. They surely had an Angel watching over them.

  15. Lisa A - I think that is a brilliant idea --- far more useful than studying the mating habits of bears!!

    WV:thyst as in: thyst is a Brilliant Idea!


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