Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Because Libby Hickson Won't Marry Me.. And Other Thoughts

I don't know why she doesn't want to marry me. I mean - I'm neat, I'm fun, I'm a fellow artist, I live right down the street...

Oh - do you need background?

Stay tuned after the card for all the tabloid style gory details!

Stamping is a big tent, right? There are all different sorts of artists among us. The mavericks, the copiers, the stamp-a-ma-jiggers and the anti-stamp-a-ma-jiggers. You visit blogs to get ideas, or to copy, or just for eye candy. Maybe you do all three. I do all three at different times, based on energy, caffeine, or what's on my desk.

Today, I was actually feeling pretty unoriginal. Maybe it was the rejection from Libby. Anyway, I took the Sense of Time card, from my last post and borrowed the color scheme, which I really liked, the round shapes and I turned it into something totally different. If there's one wish I have for my blog, it's that you guys can take little bits that appeal to you and make them your own. And sometimes, making them your own means copying, which is completely great. Sometimes it means adapting it to suit the stamps you have, or your paper or whatever. As long as you are inspired, I'm happy. You'll never hear me yelling about someone copying something I've done - I would love that. Otherwise I wouldn't be on the intergoogle with my art. So I want you to look at the previous card and look at this, and make a creative leap of your own. These two cards are nothing alike - or are they?
This one has all the warm oranges and blues, but it's more cartoony, featuring the chick from Oh Baby!, who I colored with Copics. I paper pieced her sassy blue dress. I accented her hair with white gel pen. All the DSP is from Basic Grey Marrakech. I will be so sad when I run out of this.
I lined the envelope with it too, at which point I really decided I didn't want to part with this card. It's very warm and bright in real life.

But when I was done, I still had... rejection.

Okay, Libby Hickson, of Libby's Little Addiction - former fellow SU! demo, extremely talented woman, neighbor - is CONSTANTLY torturing me on Facebook with descriptions of these lavish gourmet dinners she's making. The other nights, the fates aligned and she was having some ridiculously yummy Libbychow with like grilled salmon and asparagus and what was I having??? At that exact moment - 7 Triscuits!

That was a step up from the Dorito dinner of the other night - and I love both Doritos and Triscuits - but it wasn't Libbychow!! So I asked her if she'd marry me. She gently reminded me we can't do that in Texas and that our DH's might object, but come on Libby - can you just cook for me? I'll let you use all my stamps!!

Anyway, after the rejection from Libby, and following payday, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Well, not my own, because although I am a passionate and devoted cook - I don't have time right now, but instead, into the hands of the Casserole Queens. If you don't live in Austin, you probably need to take a walk right now, because you're going to be really mad you don't.

We have two lovely ladies here called The Casserole Queens. These adorable and talented chicklets cook up yummy food and - *GASP* - bring it to your house!! Their signature dish is their gourmet chicken pot pie, which was so noteworthy it got a Throwdown visit from Bobby Flay!! I'm not even kidding. Well tonight, we threw some down.


Yes, it was even better than it looked!!!!!!! Roasted chicken, a cream sauce (with actual cream and milk - 2 to 1, I believe) that was peppery and full of tarragon, carrots, onions, peas, red bell peppers and ....... puff pastry!!

This has absolutely completely ruined me for other CPP now. That gross gelatin clear filling you get from everyone else - never again. These women - I'm sorry Libby - might have to marry me!!

If you look at their website, not only will you see them, dressed in the freaking insanely cute 50's garb they deliver in, in all their adorableness, but you will see that the small Chicken Pot Pie, which I got is $4.50 per person - very reasonable! However, if you really like this CPP, which you will - IT AIN'T SERVING 5 PEOPLE!! Well, maybe if Libby brought over a salad and dessert! :)

If any of you are in Austin - you have got to hook yourself up with some of this grub - absolutely amazing, and their order and delivery system is scientific and clockworky.

Will you marry me, Casserole Queens? I'm available ;)

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Saw that Throwdown just the other night. How 'bout you marry one CQ and I'll marry the other? I need the recipe for that CCP- I'll give you my first born for it (well, maybe the second born- she's much more ornery)!

    I think your new rendition of the Soft Sky card is cute!

  2. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all, you crack me up!
    Second, I want to invite you over for dinner after we get back from our trip (except then you'll find out that I'm all talk on FB and the reality isn't nearly as exciting).
    And third, I can't believe how easily you replaced me with these Casserole Queens!!!! Geesh. (I was actually looking at their website just the other day, trying to figure out if they deliver wayyy out yonder where I live!) (Didn't know they were on Throwdown!!! Last time an Austin place was on Throwdown I had to immediately go find it and try it!!) (Flip Happy Crepes - oh how I love THEM!!)

    Oh and I like the cards too. :-)

  3. Oooh - I saw them on Throwdown the other night. They live here???

    When I go back to eating chicken I might have to try this. It looks divine! ~Nicole

  4. oooooohhhhhhhhh.....hear me moaning with pleasure, just looking at this picture! sounds fabulous...wish we had some kind of awesomeness like that.

    i'm in love with that color combo and the circles, so be on the lookout for some sort of CASE tomorrow. nighty night now. i can sleep, now that the mystery has been revealed.

  5. Awesome card, loving all the colors. Love the basic gray paper too. My thing with those basic gray paper pads is that they are a bit pricey, so if I bought one, I would be afraid to use it. I would hate to put some of it onto my thoughtful artwork, to have someone throw it in their trash after they look at it. Yes, I am silly and I admit it.

    Lisa A.

  6. Oh, I just got a 12x12 set of that marrakech paper from Tracey - I love what you've been doing with it. Also love how you're rocking the DF People's hair. I need to take some styling tips from you.

  7. I am so glad I do NOT live in Austin. Between the crepes and the CPP I'd need a bigger chair! And cripe, they deliver!?!?!?!? I'd need to walk over there to justify the yumminess. Oh, well, like I said, living in DC I guess I'll just watch them on Throwdown again.

    And I am not sure what is the same between the two cards, but then I am pre-caffeine again ....

  8. i'm jealous! that casserole looks divine!

    i too love the hair you've done of the girl! the white highlights add so much!

  9. Cruel, cruel, cruel, that's what you are!! Here I am in Michigan, looking at that divine CPP, and there's no way for me to do anything but drool on my keyboard. (I'm sure they don't deliver way up here.) Do you enjoy torturing us? :p Oh, well, I just have to eat my plain ol' salad for supper tonight. (And I could SOOO use the warmth of a CPP - it's cool and rainy today.)

  10. I have to suggest that you try to have Libby make you her sister if she won't marry you. As her little sister, I have to tell you it is even better than being her spouse! She cooks for me, she buys me presents, she gives me clothes, she takes me on trips, and all I give in return is love! She really is my favorite person, but don't tell my husband.

    P.S. I will have to try this CPP now!

  11. SO MUCH TO SAY....
    first off...sorry about Libby, although she is talented, too, it is her loss!!!

    FABULOUS DoodleFactory card!! I really think those papers are so cool with that image!!

    As for the Casserole Queens--I saw them on Martha Stewart. And I don't think they are coming to Michigan any time soon. *sigh* I guess I have to make my own casserole--but no cute mid-century outfit happening here!!

  12. That CPP does look delicious...doubt they deliver to the land down under though...lol!
    I'm loving the colours on those cards...and I'm not the world's biggest fan of orange...but you make it look good :) I'm with you on the giving away of cards...I always question whether or not it will end up in the bin...the thought just breaks my heart...so if I think the person I'm making it for will bin it then I don't use anything too pretty...sad I know! I wouldn't be giving away that new creation either, sometimes we just have to keep them as a reminder of something we made that was fab...I've even framed a couple of mine that I loved too much ;)

  13. OMG! That looks sooooo good! :)


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