Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just B Urself

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I stumbled onto this great quote the other day when I was pondering Easter, and it seemed perfect for the Easter Day bunny card...

The story of Easter is the story of God's wonderful window of divine surprise. ~Carl Knudsen

Divine surprise. Love that.

So, on that note, I give you a surprising hatch.
A tiger striped egg made with A Good Egg, Only Orange Cardstock and my black marker cracks open to reveal...

A teeny tiger bunny with a tiger pom pom tail!!

How cute is that little divine surprise?

My message to this little crazy Easter bunny, who will probably get made fun of in bunny school and suffer until he finds his place in life is....

Jesus didn't exactly fit in either :) Just b yourself - I promise that will have a happy ending!

I hope you all have a very fun & safe Easter!

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  1. this is so perfect for today...each of us is unique and unconditionally loved. eggcellent card, friend!

    enjoy the caviar!

  2. Niiiice job with the tiger stripies. :-)

    Veri: rencythy. It's a striped bunny! Ren, cythy, ren!

  3. Awww...very cute...what kind of teeth will it have tho?????

    WV of the day HOURCI
    as in "I want a ride on the HOURCI"

    LOL...Happy Easter Cyber Bud.

    Sue in vancouver.

  4. Awesome card! Really made me smile!

  5. Too cute! My husband loves it, those are Cincinnati Bengals Football colors! Do guys think about anything else besides sports?

    Lisa A.


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