Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We won!!

You and me!!! Thank you SOOO much for your votes - my little Momster is now in the hall of fame!!!

And looky - they're going to sell her on their site!! $16 of every sale goes to charity! Hopefully people will buy them for their Momsters for Momster's Day in May! They will only be on sale until May 8th!

To thank you all for your loving support of Monster Moms everywhere.. Guess what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna give one away!!

They are signed on the back by me, and I have another Blend Pendant that I adore - it's fun jewelry.

This time, instead of making you do something, I think I'll do a drawing to pick the winner. Well, I am going to make you do something though. I'm a bit of a liar.

To be entered in the drawing, you need to leave a comment on this post and do two things.

  1. Put the number of your comment - follow the person before - you know the drill.
  2. Put the name of your favorite children's book in the comment. If you want to include a little description of the book and why you love it so much, you will warm the hearts of Blue readers all over the world!
I will leave this contest open until April 17th - that seems like a good number :)~

Thank you so much for giving my little momster some love!!

The people at Blend agree - you are the best blog readers in the world!


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  1. #1
    I love your momster, it is great.
    Favorite children's book - the one I read to my son over and over.
    Where the Wild Things Are

    A story of a bad little boy and his imagination...


  2. #2. Congratulations on your Momster winning!! Webster is going to be so thrilled. I'll be sure to show him the next time he's on my desk... If he'll let me, I'll take a pic and send it your way.

    Hmmm... my favorite children's book? We had so many growing up. Mostly "The Little Golden Books". I loved to read them. When I got older though (I'm talking adult here), I discovered Sandra Boynton. I don't think she was around when I was a wee thing. (Hey - no comments about us older folk!) I absolutely LOVE her books - she has such great whimsical characters and she uses puns a lot in her books. Plus, her cat characters are adorable. What's not to love about that?

  3. She is jut adorable! Congrats!

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

  4. Comment #4
    Congrats on the win!!
    Favorite children's book has to be Fox in Socks because I can read it 100mph and the kids in my son's kindergarde class bring it to me everytime I volunteer :)

    Amy Saucer

  5. #5 I was just checking in to see if you had posted. I got an email saying that you had won. Congratulations. My favorite childrens book is The Giving Tree. I just love the story.

  6. Comment #6
    Happy, happy, win, win! It's only fair that the best momster wins.

    My favorite children's book is the "Secret Garden" I never had children, but I still read this book about once a year. There's just somehing magical about bringing this neglected garden back to life as well as the lesson being learned; not to mention the magical robin!

  7. #6 What a great honor. I love your design. Fav book - Guess How Much I Love You - love the watercolor pictures too.

  8. Comment #7
    Happy dance! I did like your's the best and would have voted for it even if I didn't know you.

    My favorite book growing up I think was called The Little Red Hen that could. The little red hen wore and apron that had all sorts of things in it and when she ran into a problem she always had the right tools to use.

    The book I liked to read to my children when they were little was, Three Strong Women. It's a Japanese story about a grandmother, mother and daughter so strong they could move mountains and how they teach a Sumo size doesn't matter.

  9. I just got the email from the website announcing your win and ran over to congratulate you. That is super cool!

  10. I *just* told my kids a few weeks ago that I'm a momster. How fun to have jewelry to prove it. I'd have to say my favorite children's book was one my grandmother gave me along with a wooden doll. The book was about the doll and I read that book and played with the doll for hours and hours. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the book, but I named my little doll Rose.

  11. #9
    My favorite books as a child were the Trixie Belden mystery series! They were sort of like Nancy Drew books....Wow, I have not thought of those books in years!!!!

  12. #10 (altho 8&9 did not put a number..)

    Congrats!!! Your's is so cute.
    My favourite book is definately "Love you Forever" by Robert Muensch (sp?)
    The story is about a mummy who rockes her baby to sleep everynight and sings him a song "love you forever"...he grows up, as she gets old he returns to her and rocks her to sleep every night singing the same song. I bawl every time I hear it.
    I love all his books by the have to hear him read them to totally understand how they should be read so buy the tape with the book if you can LOL.

    rossing my fingers on this one...would love to win it. :-)

  13. Comment #11
    Congrats on winning! Your momster is awfully cute so no wonder!
    My favorite Children's book is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. It's about a mom who rocks her sleeping son on her lap while saying "I love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be" and she continues to do it as he grows up to be a teenager and then an adult. At the end the son comes in and rocks the mom who is elderly and frail and then goes home to rock his own daughter. It's such a sweet book and makes me all teary everytime I read it to my kids.
    Thanks for the chance to win your Momster!

  14. #12


    I am an early preschool teacher and have WAY TOO MANY favorite books!!! From my childhood I liked the Amelia Bedelia books. My favorite book to read to the children now is "Never Tease a Weasel". I give that serious teacher-y eye to the little girl who is always teasing my daughter!

  15. #15 (because there were 14 total when I posted, even though the one prior to me has #12)


    My fave book EVER has to be Dr. Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Do I get extra points cuz the title has 'Blue' in it?!?!

  16. Oh! Congrats, Kydia! I think you hit the nail on the head- so to speak. I am so proud to be part of your bloggin' life and in the area as well.

    You have already been so generous to me- let someone else win. I WILL buy it NOW! (O.K. the iRS left a few bucks for me to spend- don't judge me). Speaking of which, my favorite character on "House" ( I WAS in the medical field for 24 years) quit (committed suicide on the show) and went to work for Barack Obama in real life. I am soooooo bummed.

    Am dissapointed but my spirits lifted when i saw my WORD: talk to the hand: tegrappi

    It's a kind of food that has to do with seafood with pasta. When i invent the recipe I will let you know!

    Have been cooking a lot and can't wait for my "momster" to come in the mail!

    You go girl! You are wicked good!

  17. Congrats Lydia -- obviously I'm not going to try and win your Momster ;)

    But I came to read your blog and realized I'd left a typo in our pendant write-ups. They're available until May 10, not May 8.

    Just for the record, my favourite kids' book is "But Not The Hippopotamus" by Sandra Boynton. The surprise ending gets me every time ;)

    Cheers and thanks Understand Blue readers!

  18. #16

    Congrats!! Your momster is super cute :)

    My favorite children's book of the moment is Where Is Baby's Belly Button by Karen Katz - my daughter and I have such a fun time reading it - she also likes to lift up people's shirts and try to say "belly," but it comes out "BABY!" - oops!

  19. #17

    H'ray on your Momster! It's great. I think I'll zip over and snag one for my mom. :)

    My favorite book as a child was It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I have always loved Linus and his optimistic outlook on life.

    These days, with kids of my own, my favorite book is Click, Clack, Moo - Cows that Type. My daughter just loves farm animals right now and it's a delight to listen to how they get the Farmer's goat! :D

  20. #18 (tho I think the #s are all wonky)

    Woo-Hoo! Congrats on your win ... I knew you would do it! Your momster was the best.

    My favorite childhood book is The Velveteen Rabbit. I still cry when I read it, but it's such a beautiful story.

  21. #19--(I agree, the numbers got wonky!)

    Love, love, love the momster! I knew you would win it!

    Favorite children's book? Well, right now we are enjoying Anna Dewdney's "Llama Llama, Mad at Mama" (which is so funny I really like to read it over and over again), and the "Mercy Watson" series. Mercy is a pig that likes toast with a great deal of butter on it, and I can relate to that, so, I like it. (I think my kiddo likes it too, but mommy gets the ultimate story decision at night, so she is stuck with it.)

    Congrats again!

  22. #20
    Love your Blog, and yay for your little monster!! It's so cute!!

    My fav children's book is Bread and Jam for Frances. It's about a little badger who is a fussy eater. I never was one (fussy eater that is) but I think I adore it for the depictions of a badger sitting at a school desk with a doily and eating celery and eggs! So cute! That and my mum used to call my dad "the silvery badger"!

  23. My favorite book is from the mixed up files of mrs basil e frankweiler. Great story about a brother and sister who run away from Connecticut and spend the night at the Met! I remember having this book read to me when I was in 2nd grade, and just loved it. I still have a copy. :O)

    thanks for the chance to win your FANTASTIC creation.

  24. #22

    YEA!!! I knew you would win!!! My favorite children's book of all time is " The Velveteen Rabbit". I used to read it endlessly as a child, then to my daughter as a mother. Now that she is older, we read it together. The only problem now is that she laughs at me 'cause I still cry every time I read it!!!

    Thanks for all you do and inspire me to try!! Sandra

  25. #23
    I look forward to reading your blog! You are so witty and so talented.

    My favorite childrens book is called Piggies! I just love all the illustrations!

    Melanie Hopes

  26. #24 but I think I am really #27?

    Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell is one of the books that made a huge impression on me as a child. My Third grade teacher would read it aloud while we drew what we heard.

    A close second to that is The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. To this day when I read that to my son I cry. I just love it!

  27. #25
    Yeah! I am so excited for you! You are so talented and you deserve it.
    My favorite children's book is Uncle Wiggly's Bedtime Stories. My gram used to read it to me, and I still have my original copy. I think its at least 40 years old.

  28. #26 - but numbers are definitely off - whoops!! :)

    My favorite is a book for more upper elementary (gr. 3-5)- The Tale of Despereaux. This book was recently out as a movie. The movie barely resembled the book and the book is WONDERFUL. I have read it to several classes at my school and have yet to have a group of children not break out into applause at the end. It is an awesome story about the power of forgiveness!! :)

  29. Yay, yay, YAY! Congrats. You deserve to win. Your design is AWESOME.

    And my fav book from my childhood is The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. I love to go back as an adult and read the books I loved back then. It gives a great perspective and some warm fuzzies, too. Especially in my flannel jammies, bunny slippers and a cup of hot cocoa. Heaven!

  30. According to the list I'm #27, but according to the number of comments I'm #31...??????? what the? I'm sorry, but can people not follow instructions??????
    Secondly....YAY FOR YOU HONEY!!!! YOU TOTALLY ROCK. If I wasn't on a self imposed spending ban I would buy one for sure...I might just have to break it for one of these cuties if I don't win!!!!
    Third: Like comment #1 my favourite childrens book is *Where the Wild Things Are* this book so much...I have a copy of it now (and I don't have kids) This is actually my 4th one, cause I keep giving them away to kids who NEED them :) I actually know the whole thing off by heart, which my niece thinks is kinda cool :) Max is such a great charcter and helps kids realise the importance of imagination.
    Lastly....I got my gorgeous blue pens in the mail yesterday and they are totally DIVINE!!!! I'm currently devising a project to show them off in all their blue deliciousness....thanks so much, again: YOU ROCK!!!!

  31. Comment 28, or maybe 32.
    That is so awesome that you won!
    Favourite children's book... I think there's 3.
    First one is But not the Hippopotamus. Sandra Boynton. I have the best video of my daughter at age 3, 'reading' it to my son, at age 2... he's sitting there shaking his head 'no' every time she reads 'but not the hippopopamdas'.
    Second favourite is The Monster at the end of this Book. Starring loveable, furry ol' Grover.
    Third, and equally wonderful, the Velveteen Rabbit. I always felt so sad and happy when the bunny turned real.
    OK... so I never win anything, but this was so fun to remember my favourite kids' books!! Thanks!!!

  32. Comment 29 or 33???Congratulations! I'd love to win!

    My favorite books I've read to my son are the odd ones like "The Hungry Thing" series (we still like crackeronie and sneeze and born on the slob) Another favorite was "The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Favorite Tales" (no one wants to catch him like they did the Gingerbread Man), and "The TRUE Story of the 3 Little Pigs" (the wolf's perspective)

  33. #34

    Those other numbers are just gone now!! We'll do it "right from here" -- haha - unless someone else is typing at the same moment too!

    I had to give this serious thought as to my favorite.

    I love Mrs. Piggle Wiggle - the whole series. I loved reading them and just imagining how wonderful it would be to know a sweet lady with an upside down house. She was always so wise about how to correct kids behaviour!!

    Thanks for the chance to win that awesome pendant!! And I'm serious - if you can make it a stamp.....

  34. #35
    Lydia! I'm so proud of you...I'm so amazed at the endless stream of talent you have!! Your momster is great! Congrats!

    I so love children's books and have collected them forever! It has been fun looking at what everyone else enjoys...some really good ones on the list. If I had to narrow it down I'd say The Velveteen Rabbit (the story of how toys become real) and The Polar Express (the story of how Santa is real), this author's illustrations are just amazing!!! I love both because it's so good to BELIEVE!

    Word verification: in aftimisi Lydia becomes uber-famous I hope she still has time to hang out with me at great restaurants in random cities all over the country!

  35. #35 CONGRATULATIONS Gotta love the democratic process!

    We have a silly Christmas book about cows called Santa Cows, it's just a hoot!

  36. #37. Love your momster. My favorite book: A Present for the Princess. And I'm still upset about the book my fifth grade teacher was slooooowly reading to us when we moved, and I never heard the end of the story. It was about a giant who was hiding in a house, and kept getting bigger and bigger, until he filled the whole house...and then we moved and I still have the image in my head after all these years of that poor giant stuck inside the house with his arms and legs sticking out of the windows. Help me if you know the story. Fifth graders don't pay attention to details like authors and titles and such...and that was 1967, after all...

  37. #38 -- So glad you won! It's adorable.

    My favourite (yes, with a U...because I'm Canadian, eh??) children's book is "Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants" because it's just so darn adorable...

  38. #39 Love your Momster! It was my fave as soon as I saw it!

    My favorite children's book is The Berenstein Bears: The Bear's Picnic! My dad read it to me every night when I was little. Eventually he knew all the words by heart and would try to skip parts to make the story go faster. Little did he know that I also knew the words by heart, and I would always say, "That's not how it goes, Daddy!" I still know that entire book by heart:

    "Mother Bear, put your apron away. We're going on a picnic today!" Ahhh, those were the days.

  39. #40 Congrats on your little monster winning. I love him. My kids loved the Little Monster books by Mercer Meyer. Too cute. My favorite was Love You Forever. Now if you haven't read this book you should. It will bring a tear to your eye. I even made a little song to go with it that I would sing to my kids (probably scarring them for life, lol).

    Oh, and by the way, I saw this today and thought of you. Check it out, a bunnyz gotta eat...


    ceashark at aol dot com

    also, upon the faint chance that I win, I will be on a 4 day trip to Tennessee with a hundred or so teenagers, so it may take a couple of days to get back to you.

  40. #41
    One of my favorite kids books is appropriate for Easter, but not about Easter, it's "Am I A Bunny?" It's about a little bunny with an identity crisis that learns that there are all types of bunnies in the world.
    Love your Monster Mom!

    Happy Easter!

  41. #42 Wowee!Great job, that is so cute! Lovin the Momster!

    Wow, my favourite childrens book...only one???? I STILL read them all! Oh dear, Lafcadio (the Lion who Shot back) by Shel Silverstein. It always makes me feel good. It's a bit of a wacky tale...i don't think i could actually do it justice by describing it...but when you read it aloud to the kids and do some voices it's a nice treat! Read it!

  42. #43 I'm so happy you got first. Even though I am a lurker and haven't posted before, I did go there and vote for you:)

    My favorite children's book would have to be "I'll Love You Forever". It makes me cry just thinking about it. It is a story about a mom who says a poem throughout the book that ends "I'll love you forever" during all of the stages of her sons life. At the end when she is very old and sick he comes to her, holds her and says the poem that ends "I'll love you forever".



  43. #44

    Congrats on winning! Simply Love your little momster.

    My fav childrensbook is; The Very Hungry Caterpillar - The book contains 225 words and large, colourful illustrations. It follows a caterpillar as it munches its way through a variety of edibles such as ice cream, salami, watermelon, one slice of Swiss cheese, and a lollipop before it finally pupates and emerges as a butterfly. The story teaches counting to 5, the names of the days of the week, and about different types of food. The caterpillar's diet is a fictional fantasy but the story does introduce the magic of the metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to butterfly.

    I love this book because I had to read it over and over again for my little son. It is fun to read and the reaction of my son everytime is a nice reward.



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