Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Recap

Well, I thought I'd recap the day for you guys, even though you're probably all full from your own Easters! First of all, we had a Martha Stewart ham from Costco and OMG - it's amazing. Hormone & Antibiotic free, hammy yumminess. None of that plastic-y uniformity of gross regular ham. You gotta get one. The yellow caviar is my fave - it's whitefish caviar and it's so yummy. The cakes were awesome - Maida's cake, which as you can see masquerades as a chocolate cake but it's filled with fluffy whipped cream, and a lemon rosemary cake that was like a spice cake on crack - unbelievable. The easter eggs were created by my momma. Look at her cute bunnies on the table. The amaryllis are in my front yard and are hand-me-downs, as all great, beautiful bulbs are. These are real stunners in real life. You MUST click this picture for a closeup!

Then the poor neglected creatures needed a moment in the sun after all the alone time.

Maddie got super dramatic right off the bat, and well...

What a drama queen.

Then, despite the hundreds of dollars of expensive toys, the beasts choose this for their playground. A LaCroix box. Weirdos.
Then, they decide that it's time for a lie down. Regardless of how little space there is, they will find a way to smash themselves into some sort of napping position.. Tough life, these two.

Back with a card tomorrow! :) Hope you had a fun weekend!

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  1. Wow, those desserts look scrumptious! You must post the recipes! Your cats really crack me up. Whenever I come home from shopping and I have a paper bag, I just throw the bag on the floor and she crawls in it. She jumps around in the bag because she likes the noise!

  2. Oops, I'm figuring you presume we have a cat too - that's what "she" means!

  3. OMG! That chocolate whip cream cake looks amazing! I will be waiting with bated breath for the recipe!

  4. Always the tease, and now all this tempting food :o) Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  5. Awww..I miss having a kitty. Chanel always crawled into anything we put on the ground too. LOL.

    have Kitchen Aid..will bake...that creamy dreamy choclately cake please :-)

    Your blooms are amazing...we only grow them inside here LOL

    Love the photo of the blue dishes...

    as in
    what you call scones when you have one in your mouth.

  6. Next year, I am spending Easter with you (and the kitties!!)
    All I can think about are those yummy cakes.....
    The Easter Eggs are so pretty!!

  7. Those cakes look delicious and you mom's eggs are beautiful! It is a banner year for the amaryllis bulbs, I agree!

  8. Wow, those deserts sure put mine to shame! Your mom is quite and artist with the Easter Eggs, absolutely stunning!

    Awe, Maddie looks pitiful in that trash can. They are so cute and entertaining together. Oh heck, you know I love them!

    Lisa A.


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