Friday, April 10, 2009


This wabbit has some very very serious ponders in his furry head. Requiring him to rest it on a soft velvety pillow. He just read a book about Mr. Batt apparently (behind him) and now he is pondering and pondering and pondering. He might have a nap later. His Pacific Point Blue fur makes him kind of an outcast in the regular bunny world. So he spends a lot of time in his library, in solitary bunnitude, reading, pondering.

He's actually gracing the back of a kraft gift card holder. Have you seen these in the catalog? Page 157 - already scored, etc with the little tabs for the gift card! The front has the new stamps from the SU! Occasions Mini - Great Friend. I stamped them on book pages that I painted with Gesso to cover up the print a bit. Then I cut that out. This stamp does not match the curly label punch, to answer your question, Jenn.On the inside and back, I sponged Pacific Point Blue to antique it a bit.. He is holding something everybunny needs - a Starbucks gift card. He particularly likes the carrot cake over there...

Happy Caturday to everyone! Tomorrow is Easter, AND the final day of Bunny Week - where does the time go?!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Such a sweet blue bunny!! Cute way to wrap a gift card... love kraft plus blue!

  2. I love the blue bunny! of course what is not to love? He does look very content.

    Melanie Hopes

  3. Oh, he is so sweet. Almost as if you could actually pet him. Love the gift card idea too. Forgot we had those. Thanks for Bunny Week.

    Pamela Knox

  4. Wow, what a seriously cute bunny he is!!!! I think blue bunnies are just adorable and it makes me sad to think he's an outcast in the bunny community :(
    Those gift card holders are pretty cute guys have got so many more cool things than we do over here...I wish SU would give us exactly the same catty and then I wouldn't have to suffer catty envy any more!

  5. Love the blue bunny! Made me think about the Velveteen Rabbit. Happy Caturday to you and have a Blessed Easter.


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