Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Wrapup and Prayers for Bats

Well, all good things must come to an end, and so ends my weekend with Jenn.

I was wondering if someone could answer the space/time continuum question of why time speeds up and slows down depending on who you're with? Whenever you're having fun, it zips by in a blur or disappears entirely. And then slows down at the dentist and the post office. I would appreciate a solution to this problem like an accelerator/decelerator. Thanks a bunch. *sigh*

Anyway, we saw and did some really cool things.

First - a big howdy to my buddies in the chat box on the right - Lisa & Cassie. Even though I'm shunning Lisa because of her radical stance on rain, I still love her! Cassie has not been shunned for any reason, and I love her too!

First we went and saw my friend Tisa at the Bearded Ladies show downtown. Tisa is the fabulously talented owner of Tisa's Creations, and her booth was without a doubt the best one there! We couldn't get near her for too long because it was crowded with people buying amazing things, like her "Whatever" cards, which are my favorites!

On the way there, we saw the only sad thing I will post. A little sick bat. :( If you're not from here, you might not know about our freetail bat colony that lives under the Congress Avenue bridge. We love our bats, which you can read about here.

But if you live with bats, you know you shouldn't see them in broad daylight or near the ground, because they are sick, possibly with rabies. I hope this little guy wasn't suffering. I have worried about him all weekend. I know, I'm crazy, but you should pray for my little bat.

On to happier things. We saw this crazy contraption on top of someone's car. WTH is it? It has some kind of weird foot pedal on the back and a buckety thing on top. Someone help us figure it out!Then we saw these amazing aprons while on a cupcake break at Sugar Mama's bakeshop. We LOVED that sassy ruffly red and pink one on the right. I'd love to bop around all Lucille Ball style in one of those things all day!!
Gratuitous sushi picture! (You knew it was coming!) And finally, stamping!!!

We copied that adorable chick from Inspired Designs and made some other birds. I of course, started with a bluebird...Then we cranked out the rest of the avian family. What do you think?

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I'm going to chill with some Google Reader and my Tivo.

Back tomorrow!!

Oh - and maybe I'll even announce the winner of the momster!!

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. That's a google earth car! I hope you had on your Sunday best!

  2. Oh, these little birds are just adorable!

  3. leave me sitting here to worry about the little bat now. Could you please go back and make sure it is OK? Call someone...I need to sleep and I won't.
    Reminds me of when we were kids. Our home was the go to home when an injured animal was found and once we were brought a little bat. I love bats. In Sydney there are HUGE giant bats in the gardens near the to go at sunset and watch them stretching and getting ready to fly...noisy buggers!

    Looks like a cool weekend! :-) Sushi is better'on...dare ya!

  4. That poor little bat...I hope it's ok! That makes me so sad to see stuff like that. On the other hand your gorgeous birdie cards make me happy they are so cheerful and them ♥ Those aprons are pretty cute too...did you know that aprons are super trendy right now?
    Now, as for your question on the space/time continuum....we actually studied this very example in a unit I did at Uni on the philosophy of time. It's all about perception...when you are having fun you don't notice the passage of're not paying attention to it. But when you are bored then you are more inclined to pay attention to time and therefore it appears to pass more slowly. It's a bit like the experiments physicists have done on molecules behaving differently when people are watching them. It's all very tricky and complicated, but basically if you are paying attention to time it appears to go more slowly than if you are not paying attention...the rate of the passage of time doesn't change, just your perception of it. Hence the old adage *time flies when you're having fun* doesn't actually, but your brain just perceives it that way. So there you go, an answer from someone with a degree in useless information :)

  5. As for the time thing? What Kristie said.

    And those birds are stinkin' adorable! I am going to STEAL them! Got the link to Inspired Designs? I could not find it. Thanks!

    PS: So sad about the bat, but that's nature, I guess. I just ahte to SEE it, you know?

  6. Awwww....the poor little bat!!! I LOVE bats and wish more people knew how wonderful they are and how important they are - they eat SO MANY INSECTS!!! Anyway, I hope he gets better! Those aprons are super cute and I have NO idea what that thing is on the car. Hope to find out too!!

  7. Those birds are soooo cute! I hate it when we find a sick bat around here. The dogs get very interested and we have to keep them away in order to not hurt the bat anymore and not to get rabies. I always hope that the bat just dies quickly so that it doesn't have to suffer. I'm gonna check out that Bearded Lady thing next year (or whenever they come back)- looks like a great venue for goodies and inspiration!
    Have a great week Kydia!

    forever yours- the radical shunee
    AKA Lisa

  8. Oh, those birds are just TOO cute!! And here I sit upstairs, far away from my punches and Big Shot (supposed to be working on my medical transcription but it's much more fun to blog surf). I feel a CASE coming on later tonight...
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~Jayne S.
    (Okay, my "word verification" that I have to type in is "desplunc". Anyone have a definition for that? :) I'm not clever enough to come up with something...

  9. Jayne- BEAUTIFUL! Spelunking is the act of cave exploring- as in exploring the caves where the bats are in the Central Texas area!

    Sooooo, here's your def.- "desplunc"-

    Whenever you back out of a cave. It could be for any reason. Bats that freak you out. Or stalagmites that are going to attack you. I'll use it in a sentence-

    One day my brother and I went to Innerspace Caves in Georgetown, I had to "desplunc" because my brother had claustrophobia!"

    love always, rad.shunee

  10. Of course, then there is the "spledesplunking"- when your spleen decides to give out as you are retreating from the cave.

    Yep, radical is right- ya hit the nail on the head Kids!

  11. oh my - adorable birds!! I am going to have to hunt down some more of those! which does NOT involve hurting them in anyway - I'm just saying!

    And is anybody else but me wondering if Kristie's unit on Time went FAST or SLOW???? How long does it take to complete a unit on time?

    Poor bat! I've always wanted to see the bats leaving the bridge but have never timed it right!

  12. Now I too am worried about the bat. I thought I was the only one who had such a soft heart. I get criticized for it all the time. I love the birds.

    The car contraption - I think its a catapult. Anyone else? I'm sticking with catapult...

  13. Ah, Lisa - THAT's the definition! I will have to remember that whenever (IF ever) I go exploring in caves. Thanks for the smile! :-)

  14. Hey...where is that sushi from? It looks AWESOME...



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