Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Interwebz

I love the Googlenet, the Interwebz, the InterGoogle - all of it.

And recently, I've seen some interesting reactions to social networking. There are two reactions...



"Twitter's for idiots."

I'm here to make a plea for some middle ground, and here's why.

Last night, I got a Tweet from one of my fave restaurants - the Asti/Fino partnership, for half off a pizza if you mentioned you saw it on Twitter. Now, that's just a little brilliant and a bit of a win/win, yes? I confirmed via a man named Poul in Mexico City that I was not the only one with Gmail problems. I found out my friend Sue was safe in Australia. I found out a sweet girl was losing her sweet sweet pet. I bought a necklace.

This week I found an old friend on Facebook - I won't tell you from how many years ago, because I'm vain, and I'm afraid you'll find pictures of the outfits... I got a great inspiring quote from someone else's wall. I saw a cake I brought to work on someone else's home page. I talked to a friend who lost her job, and a friend who did not.

So what makes any of that stupid? Nothing. And how could I have done all that another way? It would have been harder, if not impossible. And some of our paths would never have crossed. And had I not tried these, I wouldn't have done any of these things.

I would just say to the world that every person on earth has a different purpose for every tool they pick up. Just think about fire. BBQ, Steel, Warmth, Rockets, Tea, Jewelry, S'mores, Glass, Signals.

These things are tools in the hands of people - some like you, some not. Don't write em off. See what they're doing. Do your own thing. Make em better.

Here's the thing that gave me chills and made me cry on the interwebz today. You've probably seen it. You probably want to see it again. Click here.

Maybe I'll Facebook and Twitter it too...

And here's the thing that made me giggle. Click here.

My friend Jenn, of Just for You by Jenn is coming for a visit from Georgia today!!


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  1. Well, I would not say Twitter is 'stupid', but I personally (and it's all personal) have no need to be connected to anyone at the Twitter level. I have no need to get INSTANT notification of ANYthing. My phone will not take pictures, I have no idea how to text, or if my phone will even allow me to do so, and there is nothing I have to say that cannot wait until I can email it to the people who would care.

    If anyone else wants to live in the fast lane, go right ahead. All I ask is that you do not take personal phone calls or text someone while you are supposed to be talking to me, cuz that would be rude.

    I am too busy working to make enough money so I can stamp the rest of my waking hours. No time to be sitting in front of the 'puter plugged in to something like Facebook. I have made contact with old friends the old-fashioned way: I sent them a card, and they sent me one back. How's THAT for civilized! :-)

    Okay, I am done now. Carry on.

  2. Isn't Susan Boyle just the most inspirational? Love her!
    I really like your crds, but also your view on general things. Nice point on the 'middle of the road' stance. I have a strong like (not a love) of technology and its various networking tools. Thanks for reminding me of the good that comes from my wasted time.

  3. Omgosh, that video made me cry and the hair on my arms stood up :) LOL. I love facebook! I am gonna sign up for tweeter just to see what happens at convention!!!!

  4. Hi, my name is Sue and I LOVE it all...well...I am not proficient in it all but I try LOL!

    Thank you for the vidoeo..I cam home from Aus and hubby told me he had seen it but I didn't knwo where to google it. You I have to find Adam's performance form last week as our TiVo stopped..Grrr.

  5. Wow, that Susan Boyle, sure shocked the heck out of me! What a beautiful voice, spectacular. Ok, off to find you on facebook.

    Lisa A.


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