Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Not Drinking Toilet Water

I'm not.

I don't care how bad things get. And as you know, I'm all for global warming because I'm always freezing, so if you ask me to drink toilet water to keep the planet cold, you're barking up the wrong plunger.

"Oh," you're thinking, "Kydia's crazy. No one would wash their hands with toilet water, or God forbid, drink it! She's been into the catnip again."

If only that were true. People are selling sinks that go on the back of your toilet. They suck toilet water (insert major SHUNNING here if you're one of those people that thinks it's clean just because it's in the tank - IT'S TOUCHING THE PART THAT IS THE BUSINESS END YOU NUTBALLS! HOW DO YOU THINK IT FLUSHES WITHOUT TOUCHING THAT PART??) out of the tank and make it come out a faucet for you to use like regular water! What kind of DIY channel in hell did THIS idea come from??

I'll wait a minute while you barf in your trashcan.

Look at the SOAP holder!! What the (#*$& is the point of THAT??


The world is clearly coming to a swift and hideous end if this was one of the best innovations of 2008.

Anyway, after taking a Silkwood shower with rubbing alcohol after I read that, I made this card.

The background is watercolor paper, which I colored with non-sewage water and a Cool Caribbean re-inker. Then I stamped the Bird on a Branch branch in black and added little pink buds with a pink souffle pen. I stamped the greeting from It's Your Birthday in black and mounted it on Pirouette Pink and then Cool Caribbean.

Happy Caturday!!!

I celebrated it with a three hour nap with the beasts. What did you do?

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  1. Hi Lydia,

    ROTFLMAO!!!! - and no not the bathroom floor - LOL!

    I'm still laughing myself silly and seriously distressing the kittiefolk in the room since there doesn't appear to be any sign of stopping!

    I'm betting it's a European adventure. Pronounce the E word slowly and you'll see why I think that. Traveling over there they really expected a person to brush their teeth using the bidet if that's all that was available!

    On the other hand New Yorkers are always pressed for space so who knows?!

    Thanks for sharing the laughter/disgust not to mention the fun card and cute cat.

    BTW do your cats snore in your ear when you nap together? Mine do!

    Hugs and blessings my chilly friend time to nap with the kitties (so glad that's not the same as sleeping with the fishes!) - Jean

  2. OMGosh that is hysterical! I am sinkpositive that they've lost their marbles! And who uses bar soap anyway (well I guess I do use it in the shower) but doesn't everyone use the liquid soap now?
    I'm off to nap with my fur babies too.


  3. I think I am in love with you.

    Despite my shunniness!

    Global shmobal! Warming shwarming!

    That is so seriously wrong that I'm gonna have nightmares.

  4. Jean- European- ha-ha-ho-ho-spew Diet Coke- that was funny.

  5. Reminds me of when I worked at this small company, the coffee compnay tapped into the water line that went to the toilet for the coffee maker. I looked at the guy and said I didn't think my staff work drink the coffee. He of course wanted to go with the easiest place to get water. I think that was the only place I worked that did not drink coffee. :)

  6. dh said that looks like a prison sink.


  7. Okay, after I got done laughing, I thought back to my college days when we had no refrigeration (this was a long time ago, when we had WALL phones - remember those? And the personal computer had not been invented yet) and we used to keep soda cans in the tiolet tanks because it was CLEAN and COLD. Maybe I wouldn't drink it, but with the number of people I have seen leave the bathroom at work without washing their hands? Oh yeah, this would work for me.

    And *I* use bar soap, so there is at least one of us out there. :-)

    Oh, and I run hot, so I swelter at the thought of global warming. Just being contrary, you know. :-)

    WV: expelim. When a kid is bad in school, you expelim.

  8. Clarification: Okay, the REFRIGERATOR had been invented, but we had no INDIVIDUAL refrigerators in our rooms. I had an electric typewriter, though.

  9. I would comment on the wierd contraption but it's so gross I just want to put it out of my mind. Lisa Page - a gal after my own heart! I don't worry about global warming - for every scientist that says it's an issue there are 20 others that prove it's not. And I figure the Earth will just cycle back the other way and an ice age will rule again. But that is far, far away!

    I spent my Caturday driving to see my new baby nephew, cuddling him and enjoying his sweet baby smell! Napping the car is no fun!

  10. Ok, I just about laughed myself into a seizure. Kydia, you are too darn funny! Where the heck of it did you find this lovely sink over the toilet photo anyways? All I can say about it is that there are a lot of "not so stable" people out there; and the one that invented that sink, obviously has some issues. Oh, and good luck to the shrink that tries to figure out what those issues might be.

    Ok, now onto the card....What a creative use of that stamp from "Bird on a Branch". Why in the heck of it can't I think of these things? Oooo, some of that pink flower soft would look awesome on it too. Gotta get some of that stuff!

    What I did today was to go to a very boring birthday party for my husband's 2 year old Great Nephew (oo, I feel old sayig that). There were way too many people there to have any quality time with the little guy. I would have much rather been taking a nap with my two ornery had the right idea Chickarita.

    Hugs, Lisa A.

  11. Well...apparently none of you have ever traveled to the Orient? Japan loves these space saving inventions and in a lot of public toilets this is what you get ...especially in little restaurants. You could barely swing a cat in the washrooms...apologies to the kitties...cover their ears...yes right there by their mohawks. crack me up. I remember my first time in France (I was 18ish)...we had traveled around all day...and finally reached our dining establishment of choice. I was bustin' to ran to the bathroom, undoing my belt as I went (I am sure...I know me) be greeted by two ceramic footprints on either side of a hole in a ceramic shower least thats what I looked like to me...WTF? Have you ever tried to tell your "bustin' bladder that it has to bust for a while longer? not pretty...I am NOT a squater...never was, never will be!!!

    WV...OVITA as in when I saw that french toilet I was OVITA moon until I opened the door!

  12. OK, I think I threw up in my mouth a little. This immediately made me think of an old TV show that Tony Randall was in called "Love, Sidney". He played a man who shared his apartment with a single mom played by Swoozie Kurtz. night he was eavesdropping on Swoozie and her date in the living room so he came into the kitchen to get a drink of water. She told him, "You could get water in the bathroom", to which he replied, "My dear, bathroom water is not for drinking. Kitchen water is for drinking."

    Amazing that I cannot remember what we ate for dinner two nights ago, but this invention by the devil made me remember a TV show from 1981.

    My word today is yarack. Usage in a sentence: I'll go get some pool cues while yarack the balls.

  13. sssssppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    that's all i have to say about that

  14. Now if the water came from a CLEANER source, but just DRAINED into the tank -- that might be cool.

    Thinking about the soda cans in the toilet tank -- now that really makes me ill. ;^)*

    Oh, and nice use of the Cool Caribbean! I have so much of this card stock back-piled. I should sell it to folks who use it!

  15. OH MY GOSH! HOW GROSS...and I was laughing so freaking hard I thought I would p**my pants!! Now my darling, civil eng. husband is telling me how really great that it would be for a small space..blah, blah, blah....whatever. I'm so with you on this one!! LOVED the go girlfriend...nice and toasty in my global warming home;0)

  16. Wow weeeeeeeeeee!
    Looking at the picture did remind me of Japan (but what do they know about consevation and hygiene, anyway). I had the same initial reaction (yuk), so I had to go check the thing out (could it really be THAT gross?) I must be the only one who did, because it is totally clean water coming out that spout and it drains to the bowl, not the tank. It really is a WOW WEE, like, "Wow, we should'a had these long ago!" I'd have to say, to Understand Blue don't check the facts.

  17. Oh yeah, let's make it more tempting for the little boys to hit the target!

  18. Well there I was, looking at pretty stamping blogs, and enjoying this one so much I was ready to post a fannish comment. And then THIS!

    If you have a moment to lookee at my blog
    you'll see that we just installed a magnificent water saving toilet, a lot like the one you've shown. It runs lovely, pure, clean TAP water over your hands, then lets that fill the cistern. So you get two uses of the water, but it's hands first, OK? We are deep in drought, and we love it!

    I do hope that helps settle your delicate tummy.

    And I seem to keep finding your blog when I look for stamping ideas. I must have good taste, I suppose.

    See ya
    (From Australia)


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