Thursday, April 30, 2009

How Much is that Goggie in the Sidecar??

I love Austin!!! This is what I saw at lunch today after I scored some SERIOUS crafting goodness at Half Price Books (wait till you see what I do!)

Sorry for the bad cellie pic!

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  1. I trecently saw the Dog Whisperer help a family whose dog had been seriously injured. They were "biker" folk (the hard core hobby type LOL). The guy was this big tough guy and he built a side car for his dog so the dog could travel with him all the time :-) Too cute.
    Love it!

    WV of the day .. CALGITI
    what a baby says when you ask them what Spagetti is called
    it's CAL-GETI

  2. Too cute but where's his helmet? Where the heck is the driver's helmet?!
    That dog is soooo happy!

  3. DUDE! I saw this guy while taking Max to school last week! And took a pic with my own cell, because he and his doggie are totally awesome!


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