Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Can't Have Just One...

Bunny, that is.

Well, you can't!! I'm not making this up - it's a serious nature fact!!

Look - should I ever get so famous that someone from Stampin' Up! would deign to read my humble blog, I would beg them, on bended knee to please bring back this stamp set - Hello Spring.
What was wrong with it? Who were the freaks that didn't buy it? Dementors? Only a dementor could want this set retired! Have you ever seen a cuter bunny, tulips, basket or typography??
Wait - I'll answer that for you - NO, you haven't! :)Smiley from millan.net

So I brought these little wabbits out of a much undeserved retirement to proliferate on my card.
They are paper pieced from retired DSP. *gasp* she's using hoarded scraps?!?!Smiley from millan.net This can't really be HER! It is me. I've reached critical DSP mass and must get rid of some payload before I crash!

It's a kraft cardstock base, with the Sale-A-Bration So Saffron ribbon.

I outlined the greeting with my white Pure Color Pencil. I like reverse shadows.

For those of you not following me on Twitter yet, funny story from my walk ... I'm boppin along, fighting the wind and thinking deep thoughts about whiteboards and cupcakes, when a RIDICULOUSSSSSS dog runs out in front of me. It's like a nano-chihuahua (which, by the way, is much more fun to say ch-HOO-ah HOO-ah, which is what I do) with GIANT ears like Gizmo. He's barking a nano bark, protecting his tiny territory from me, the 5'2" intruder with the Ipod and the blackberry, but here's the best part..

Every time he barked, his back left leg shot up in the air!! I'm not even kidding! I almost had to sit down I was laughing so hard, which enraged the nano gizmo.. which turned into a horrible unbreakable cycle - gizmo rage, laugh, gizmo rage... I barely was able to break free and join you here on the blog.

Weird - unrelated note - some strange woman named Jeanne Wolf is on TV right now wearing a necktie and a suit jacket. Look - if there are items of men's clothing we need to wear, can we all agree that a necktie does not go to the top of the list? So weird.

Speaking of Twitter - I might do my convention updates from there vs. my blog - it's very quick - what are your thoughts? All the photos I upload will still be on the blog, but the live coverage from the floor - Tiwtter or Blog? Or both, which I'm totally willing to do.. ? You tell me.

If you are wondering why in the world you should care about Twitter, here are two. I'm on it. :) And one of the restaurants I'm following tweeted that you could get 40% off their brunch if you mentioned that you saw it on Twitter!! There's neat up to the minute stuff you can't get in another format.

Have a wonderful Tuesday. For me, you guys know what that means - SUSHI! :)


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  1. Love your card.

    That bunny is too cute.

    I think you should Twitter and Blog convention updates.


  2. Oh, I love that cute little bunny and I don't have that set. I didn't buy any recent sets with bunnies because they all look too fictional for me. Enjoyed the dog story! Please blog at convention, as well as Twitter. I won't be going this year...so sad!

  3. I vote for blog since I don't tweet yet. Love the undercover photos too. :)


  4. I vote for both Twitter and Blog updates. I love that stamp set!

  5. I think you should send some tweets during the day and the recap at night on the blog...cause you won't have anything else to do will you? LOL

    I can picture Gizmo...hahaha...what floored me is that you are also so tiny....who knew??

  6. LOL about that dog's left leg shooting into the air! Too funny! The smaller the dog, the bigger they they think they are! :-) I used to have 2 Lhasas that would romp in the fields with the neighbor's labs, and they had a blast...just being one (two) of the boys.

    And what's wrong with a woman wearing a tie!? *I've* done it! Back in the day when women were wrapped in nylon and men wore cotton chinos, cotton dress shirts and ties - oh, you betcha! One 100+ degree day one summer I made the executive decision not to turn into a puddle in my cube and I wore Man-wear to work. Yeppers - chinos, dress shirt and a tie. I DARED them to send me home. (They did not.)

    And I don't twitter - nothing I need to say that badly that cannot wait until I get home, ya know? I am an old fart. My phone will not even text. In fact, right now it is out of juice - dead, and in my car. But you go right ahead and twitter away - I'll subscribe to your thread and read all about it later. ;-)

  7. PS: Sorry that was so verbose. I forgot to comment on your card! Cute, cute, cute. And I agree - that set is a keeper.

    WV: dings. Dings! Next commenter's turn!

  8. Awe, that bunny is so darn cute, and I so don't have that stamp set, darn! What a cute card you made with it!

    I think you should either just blog the conversation, or do both. I couldn't stand it if I had to miss your hilarious stories. Speaking of which, who won, you or the Cha-hua-hua? Oh, here in Ohio, or at least in my house we have yet another funny way to say that doggie name..."Cha-hooey-hooey". I think south of the border they say "Shee-wa-wa". Do you know if I am correct? Funny story though.

    Lisa A.


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