Friday, April 10, 2009

Kissy Huggy Bunnies

These little bunnies are very affectionate. It's kissy bunny Friday. Just two more days in Bunny Week!!!

Hard to fit all the bunnies in, really.

These little guys are from the Holiday Blitz stamp set, as are the kisses and hugs. I stamped them in Basic Black and colored them with a Bashful Blue marker. Then I outlined the left side of each bunny with a silver Pentel. I colored on top of the blue with a Spica glitter pen. I love those. Then I cut the bunnies out and stuck them onto the ribbon with mini glue dots. The DSP is from Basic Grey, and then I punched with my photo corners punch out of Brocade Blue, which I decorated with the silver Pentel. I scribbled around the outside of the Riding Hood Red Card base with the spica glitter pen and made teeny dots with my white gel pen.

While I was doing this, Splotchy busied himself (herself) with eating my Sticky Strip. (s)He loves to eat tape, sticky strip - nail files. He's insane. But when you see an insane creature enjoying him/herself this much, it's really hard to get upset about your sticky strip. Sometimes, you just gotta be happy for the joyful tape eaters.

Happy Good Friday!!

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  1. I would guess that Splotchy wants a toothbrush of his/her very own. They're cheaper than sticky tape, too!

  2. Cute card! What a great way to use that stamp set... with such small stamps and all.

    Splotchy does appear to be in heaven with the sticky strip. I'm so glad my cat doesn't mess with my paper craft supplies anymore... he used to. I have a stamp that says "Handstamped by me and my cat" for the projects I made back when he used to "help" me. Now, he just chews on the tape that hangs from my open SU boxes that are sitting around. Not sure what it is about cats and tape.

  3. Aw... I set Splotchy as my desktop wallpaper so I can look at herm (her + him = herm?) all the time! Love the pics of your kids!!

    Oh... and A+ on the card, too. But seriously, how can it compete with the complete, utter and total cuteness of Splotchy?


  4. I agree with Phinny, not even an awesome card such as the one above compete with the cuteness of Splotchy.........unless of course if the bunnies were purple! tee hee. This said only to make you LYAO!


  5. Love your cute bunny card, Lydia!! Uh, oh 'bout the sticky strip!! ;)

  6. Very cute bunny card!!
    Hmm, that's quite an interesting diet your cat's she pregnant or something? ;)


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