Sunday, September 30, 2007

Library Card - Beate's WSC

Read my post below for lazy Sunday details. Here's the first card I've made all weekend! Thanks to Beate for the WSC! All the stamping is in Encore Silver, with brushed silver cs for the inside layer. Cropadile for embossing, and I just dyed the chipboard flower with a sponge and classic Night of Navy. Stamp sets are Snow Flurries, Season by Season and Musical Score. Love Season by Season, BTW.

Let's talk about Mozart

So today, I got ready to embark on my 13 mile stomp and discovered I was missing a screw out of my prescription sunglasses. Being a boy scout at heart, I'm always prepared, so I smugly ran for the eyeglass repair kit, resting in its proper place, and tried EVERY FREAKING SCREW IN THE KIT IN A MADDENING EXERCISE THAT ALMOST MADE ME DO SOME SORT OF DISCOUNT LASIK OVER THE INTERNET!!! GRR!! None of them fit. And can I ask you why in the world glasses are put together in a way that requires the use of a sharp, pointy and slippery object to repair them? THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD OF!! When I INVENT glasses, you will be able to fix them WITH LENS CLEANING CLOTHS!! DUH! So much to invent, so little time. My only choice was to take the copper colored wire from my stampin' up wire works box that exactly matches my glasses, my stampin' pliers and wire my frames together for my walk. So there. Anyway, despite the red battery pic on my Ipod (my gas tank is empty too girls, this is how I roll.. ;) ) I reveled in Mozart's requiem a few times under an infinitely grey sky. For hours while I walked, I searched and searched for one little spot of blue, but no, only Mozart gave me a little color while I walked. It was really nice. You should ITunes it if you don't have it. Beautiful. So in honor of my friend Wolfie, and my grey morning, I give you one of my cropadile camp projects - this somber grey beauty is all about texture. And I truly love this color. The girls at my camp did it in soft sky, which was lovely as well. The second project was a coaster box - a shameless CASE, and really fun. Then we did a cute book with eyelets that are double set. Do you know about double setting eyelets? When you do this, they're pretty on both sides. Surprisingly easy and a great way to use the crop a dile, which I love even more after the camp. What a great tool. And I've only scratched the surface really...
Let me ask you a question. Have you ever noticed how people get all up in your grill at the grocery store? I may truly be the only person that is neurotic about this, but I do have a terrible anxiety about being in crowds, and I think this is related. Whenever I'm in line at the grocery store, people like to make an end run around their carts and hang on my back like monkeys... breathing on me, touching me, standing close enough to get a DNA sample. Absolutely drives me insane. I put my cart behind me in line to try to keep them away, but I am not making this up - they come around it. I left my beloved retail "church" (Whole Foods downtown) all shaky and crazed after an insanely up close and personal experience with about 5000 of my Austin neighbors. Yikes, people. Can we just observe like even a one foot personal space barrier? Is that too much to ask? It would change the world, really. Unless you feel like buying my groceries, I'm not interested in touching you in the check out line!!! =) Okay, I'm all stoked about Beate's challenge so I gotta go, but hopefully a post with my entry soon!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007


The word of the day. Means you find diseases on WebMD and instantly have all the symptoms. Like when I got smallpox a few weeks ago. I love words. I have two big posts for you - I'll save one for tomorrow so I can go in chronological order. Tonight's post is the ssecret sstamping sssisters challenge entries and sssssgifts! check these ssschicks out!! First, the creative geniuses - sPam and sChriss!!! Aren't they adorable? What you can't see is the cosmo and the beer in front of sPam. She likes to double down at the bar!! She's an animal! =) Next, the insanely cute candy cone - 6x6 DSP - from sPam! Filled with some of my favorite mini candy bars drenched in dark chocolate - dark for Halloween - muuuaaahhhahahahhaaa! (Are you scared? You should be!) Then we move on to sPam's answer to the challenge!! sChriss' stamping throwdown to us was to create a paper piecing challenge, which for some reason, none of us can pronounce and revert to saying paper pieRcing... So sPam busted out the SAB set AND the cuttlebug in a play for world stamping domination!! Notice how she slyly snuck in the pieRcing with the piecing to throw us off the pronunciation trail... sssssly sPam.. sChriss "The Coyotinator" answered back with the sassy legless cow ensemble, drawing on her seemingly endless stash of heart-rendingly beautiful background papers and her signature cutting and layering that just makes us all feel lazy!! In a WWF style throwdown, sPam produces the incredible bookmark accordion book stamped with a friendship theme (HUG) and layered with what we all agree is absolutely spectacular paper in the Fall Flowers DSP, layering, hardware, non-card object - OH MY!!

These chicks are amazing aren't they? World stamping domination is definitely within their reach. I heard today that there is actually "professional" gaming, where kids play video games and compete for a million dollars!!! When is the world stamping league going to fire up??? Surely we can put that together. Imagine the outfits!!
Tomorrow after hopefully a 13 mile walk I will post the projects for my crop a dile camp, which went great today. Thanks to the ever creative and sweet Neelam, Katherine and her friend and experienced & speedy stamper Karen, Luressa & my momma! I will also try to actually stamp something for a Beate or SCS challenge and post that. Hoping for a lazy Sunday. Hope everyone is having a fabby weekend so far! L8R

Friday, September 28, 2007

Defib me!!!!!!

Yikes. The last two days have been so crazy that I got heart attack symptoms yesterday!!! I won't tell the whole boring story, but let's just say if your girl over here could have a day off, it wouldn't hurt!!! I have officially had the two longest work days in the history of human working. Deep thought of the night. Why the HECK did we invent working anyway? Seriously. No one gets chest pains over gathering berries and discovering fire. Grr. But it's over, and my camp is tomorrow, so it's stampfest 2K7 and how can that be bad??

Now, to the good stuff. SSSSSSSecret stamp society sisterhood was ssssasssy and we had some Sfun!!! I could go on and on about the fried asparagus and the green chile macaroni, but I think I'm supposed to be artistic here. Can you call a dismembered pig artistic? Yes? THEN CALL ME MISS VAN GOGH BABY - I CUT HIS LEGS OFF AND YOU LOVE IT!! =) hehheh... I also did terrible things to sheep, chickens, cows, OH MY!! I put these with envelopes into little bags for my SISTAHS and brought them to dinner. So fun.

First of all, Chriss started laughing hysterically and was almost removed from the restaurant when I asked her if she shrink plastic'd her adorable kitty on her Halloween card. Let me do a horrible re-enactment. Me: "oooh - it's SOOOOOOOO CUTE - did you shrink plastic him?" Chriss: HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAH (breathe) AHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HHAHAH. There's more, but my fingers hurt!! Her abs are like STEEL now from giggling at my retarded vocab. Then, Pam revealed that she, in fact, is the inventor of the IPhone (although when she invented it it was the EYEPhone). I have such famous and funny friends!!!! They don't know about my penchant for taking my Paper Snips and SNIPPING off the legs of little sheep!! Oh, how I hope they never find out!!!

Maybe they hoped I'd never find out about their version of offroading! Apparently Chriss likes to use her 4WD setting to go barreling over roadkill! It's true! Apparently she and Pam go find dead coyotes after the SSSSS events and they run over them! I'm waiting for details! I'll keep you posted! YOU ARE BUSTED, LADIES.

No Pam, I don't wear fake eyelashes. I think there's something wrong with your EYEphone! Ha!

Now Chriss, do tell about the new wine bar. I'm intrigued. In the meantime, I should let everyone know that there are teeny condos in downtown Austin going for a cool $3 mill!!! Who wants in??? It's about what I spend on stamps, so I can swing it. Maybe I can get some kind of minority loan status for having a legless green cow as a roommate.. you think?
Now, my L list - HEY - I'm as good as Oprah - I can have my own list dang it - please check out I'm in love. Yes, I'm a geek. But these people - I don't know, they have something. And I placed an order and a very nice man called me about it. God Bless the Internet!! Also, please try the Cinnabon brand of Cinnamon Bread. Wow. And pray for me. Milk prices are going up. Your beloved Understand Blue goddess is quite literally made of butter, milk, cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt, half and half and sharp cheddar. This is not good news. Actually today I'm made of banana pudding. Had like 4 pounds of it. Hence the happy mood.
Signing off for now, but stay tuned for the revelation of the secret camp projects *YAY*, the presents Chriss & Pam gave me at the SSSSSRUNOVERCOYOTEFAKEEYELASHEYEPHONEFRIEDASPARAGUSFESTIVAL.
xo, ME.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grisly Discovery in my Stamp Room

I know that my audience has been traumatized by my spiders, my baseball injuries and countless other atrocities enumerated here on Understand Blue. But NONE can surpass the sight that would have met you had you joined me at my stamping desk this weekend. I can barely talk about it. Behold the headless and legless bodies of cows, sheep, chickens and pigs. oooohhh - the HUMANITY!!!! I wasn't even COOKING!! ;-) Now I would love to show you (insert the shower scene music from psycho here) what came next, but alas, I cannot. The results of this horrific crime must be saved until after the SSS happy hour tomorrow. Jane, it's the last Wednesday of every month. Don't pretend you don't know about it. It's on the INTERNET!! =) Come with us!!!!! Stay tuned for my livestock tales!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Knit Happens

It does. I made this card for my friend Jane, who can't stand the Dilly Dally stamp set. Why Jane? It's so stinkin' cute!! look at this little guy.. Admit that you love him. He's had such a hard day. Speaking of knit that happens, I passed a dreadful stamping milepost. I was trying to use my beloved white gel pen on a secret project for the Secret Stamping Society Sisters and it wouldn't work. Wouldn't work? It ALWAYS works!!!! Grr... Oh. I used it up. That might be a good reason it doesn't work any more >:-O
Here is its pathetic, dried up little corpse. How sad. It's been such a good friend to me!!! Thank goodness I tend to buy things in twos and threes, or this could be quite a tragic Sunday post with dramatic wailing and gnashing of my cyber-teeth!!

Weekend Sketch Challenge #20

I'm pretty sure some day Beate will ban me for not following instructions, but here's my take on her awesome challenge. I turned the squares sideways but was fairly obedient for the rest.

The embossed strip at the bottom is Aluminum tape from Lowe's, stuck onto ballet blue cardstock and then cuttlebugged. Yes, that is officially a verb now.

I watched a great show on the Discovery channel last night about the history of earth. About 2.5 million years ago, there was no oxygen in the atmosphere - mostly CO2 - and the oceans were full of iron particles, which made both the sea and the sky appear emerald green. It was the presence of oxygen that turned them both blue. So see, none of us could even BREATHE without blue. =)

Have a great Sunday. Hopefully more to come.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Inspiration Challenge

This card is for today's inspiration challenge on SCS. Her original image looked very Monet to me, so I did a very loose impressionist technique, and added the "remember" as an afterthought because her image is very old fashioned and takes a look back I think.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Blue Gatorade and Temporal Disruptions

Strange happenings in the Understand Blue Universe today. First, at 6 AM, my friend Joe who works next to me, came in, turned on his light and put his keys on his desk. I said "Hey Joe".... nothing. So I get up to give him a hard time and Joe isn't there. All the lights in the office are off still except mine, and I start to get a little freaked. Like a dumb horror movie heroine, I stupidly walk around the office, turning on lights, peeking into everyone's office and finding... no one. I was very nervous. I had distinctly heard keys and the loud bang of someone hitting a light switch. When Joe gets there, I tell him what happened, and he starts telling me that when he got in his car this morning, his seat and his steering wheel were in totally different positions! The whole way to work he was unnerved... We decided that maybe that parallel universe everyone talks about got a little too close to us this morning. Brrr. Eek. Okay, so then yesterday morning, I was putting on my makeup, and I spilled a whole glass of blue gatorade (my white trash juice I like!!) ALL OVER MY DESK!! Little punched and stamped elements - ruined. Ink pads - sticky. Room - smelling like grape. Me - crabby. But I decided maybe it was a message from God about the state of my desk. Had I not had so many unfinished projects on my desk, the damage would have been significantly less traumatic. So the reason I haven't posted a card tonight is because I've been cleaning and organizing. TOMORROW I stamp!! Late, but I will. Busy day tomorrow. The picture above & left is a collage I am making for a save the date card for my friend Kristin, who is engaged. (see the love letter on the roof?) Tomorrow we are going to come up with a layout for the STD's - OH MY, THAT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD ABBREVIATED!! =) - and so tonight I got a little headstart. Tell me if you like either, neither or both. Also, a fun card to start this post that I made in my club when this set was a hostess set. Always makes me smile. Head on over to Just for You by Jenn and wish my good buddy a Happy Birthday!! I hear she's 25!!! She doesn't look a day over 24.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sometimes you need a little... height

I ought to know!! At an undignified 5'2"+, I understand that sometimes things need a little extra boost to really be seen.. I'm not a patient cutter, but every time I do it, I get reacquainted with how much it really adds to my card art. And an artificial shadow (even in my beloved Photoshop) is never as good as a real shadow.. So here's one I cased from the display boards at convention. Nice of them to elevate the blue!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The pace of life - what happened?

I am feeling a bit philosophical tonight. Work is insane, I feel like I'm being pushed into fall, and I watched a fabulous show tonight - Kid Nation on CBS. I'm not a fan of reality TV with few exceptions (a guilty pleasure - American Idol) but this show squeezed my heart tonight. 40 kids are plunked down in New Mexico and have to make a town work with no grown ups. One itty bitty kid, Jimmy, 8, was so scared and homesick.. The other kids wanted candy and their own beds. The show will take place in 40 days, which seemed like an eternity at 8. Now, it's just a blur that passes us before we know it. I would love for the days to drag like they did when I was 8 and had already played hot lava, electronic football, eaten all my neighbor's vegetables, broken at least one valuable item before 10 AM and was totally bored and wondering how in the world I would survive till dinner. Oh, to have that time back....

I suppose none of that is really all that philosophical, but I don't express myself all that well when it's after 8. So I leave you with this adorable card I CASE'd from convention. Now that? That's cute. Have a good night.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Georgia must be nice!

I've been there - I worked in Atlanta when we had a branch there and I loved Savannah on a visit in the 80's, but man, are the stampin' chicks sweet there! In addition to Jenn, I have a sweet talented lady there who sent me this UNBELIVABLY ADORABLE CARD!! Her "backstory" is that she does the most amazing things with punches that I have ever seen. She uses the shapes to make insanely adorable animals and things you would never dream of when you looked at your punch. Well yesterday (one of the extremely rare days when my post person (it's a chick - what do we call those?) actually managed to put the mail that belongs to me in my mailbox (a September miracle!) I found THIS!!!!! Aside from being cute enough to eat, I was shocked to see the tea that I drink all day at work inside!! I love this tea, and your card is awesome. Thank you Meredith!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Reflecting on Reflections

I got a great photoshop magazine a while back and just now had time to read it. They had an incredibly easy tutorial on creating reflections of images... so FUN!! So here are my very first attempts. Imagine how cool it will be after I blur and do effects!

Here are some of my favorite things - blue fish (it's okay if in your head you just said "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish... we understand each other!! =) ) and bunnies. I can tell I'm going to have fun with this!!! Don't EVEN think the next card I post won't have a reflection!
Hey - have you seen the new stuff on the fan club gallery on SCS? Check it out. Chriss, Pam, where are you?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekend Sketch Challenge

I'm so excited! I finished two of my Crop a Dile camp projects and I love them! I love the CAD more every time I use it. I'd love to show you, but I can't till after the 29th. But trust me, they're cute! I also edged closer to a Christmas card but I'm not quite there yet.

So instead, here is the Weekend Sketch Challenge Entry. The flash washed out the stamping on the taffeta ribbon, but it really came out pretty well. Just a little bit of ink spread out. So the second photo highlights just the ribbon.

Cute sketch challenge Beate!!
I used a blender pen with Sahara sand to add a little shadow to the blue flowers. Harder to see in the photo..
The chipboard is painted with Twinkling H2O's.

God's Country

Oh, I laughed so hard this morning about the "water" question! God Bless America!! Yes, we have water. We actually are nestled right in the center of the Highland Lakes system, which gives us Lake Travis, Lake Austin, and Town Lake, all part of the mighty Colorado River. Our lakes make us who we are here God's Country. We run past them, boat on them, drive over them on our beloved pennybacker bridge (Photo courtesy of, we watch America's largest freetail bat colony wake up, separate into millions of tiny bats at sundown, and spread out like smoke over them and over downtown, and our beautiful skyline. (If you have a bat prejudice, just come visit - they are wonderful, benevolent little creatures that lend a little magic to downtown) We have hills too, as we are perched on the edge of the escarpment that begins the drier and more rugged Texas Hill country, and beneath us, the Edward's Aquifer, which provides not only water for most of central Texas, but comes up to visit us through our lovely, if chilly, Barton Springs, and the emerald/blue depths of Hamilton Pool... So yeah, a little water. We are, after all, the River City! Keepin' it weird on the banks of the Colorado since, well, Texas was Texas! =)

Okay - here's another Stampington inspiration, combined with a little Chriss technique. Chriss layers background stamps for a wonderful texture on her cards, and I've been meaning to try that. This is just a scrap, not a card, but has some cool features if I can perfect it. I started with Cool Caribbean, and stamped the sanded background once in Cool Caribbean, once in Craft Yellow. Then I stamped one silhouette in Old Olive, and on top of that, another in Basic Black, and then I highlighted it with a white gel pen. If I can perfect the colors, etc. I think this has some potential, what do you think?

I MUST go work on camp projects. I will post later today and confess either my sins of omission or comission!! =)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Life in Austin

So this weekend begins our traditional ACL fest - arguably the world's best live music festival. Like a season, it changes our city. My beautiful, bright shining city on a hill becomes a tourist destination for a colorful group. We kicked off 2K7 with a fire on the grounds of the park.. believe it or not, a turkey leg stand combusted. Luckily, we live in a place where that's really the big news of the day. =) No stamping tonight, but furiously stamping tomorrow so stay tuned!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I think that I shall never see...

A sight as lovely as a tree, stamped on DSP with rhinestones next to it!
I snagged an idea from Stampington Inspirations to do this half & half design. Theirs was a little more somber. I went for stripey, blue, glittery - you know, tree stuff.
See if you like it. I used post it notes to mask and sponge the "ground" and omitted the ground part of the stamp a la Zindorf (I'm not worthy!)
I used the stamp-a-ma-jig to line up the two images, and used the vellum to hide a little, um, mistake!
I used the entire card as a tool which helped me do absolutely nothing I should have been doing tonight! =)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Inner Cowgirl and Fire & Rescue

This is a happy place, my blue blog, so all I will say about today is that every year on this day I go to a few firehouses with brownies & Starbucks gift cards (I need to start buying these from your store Jenn!!) and say thanks. Today I had two baskets of goodies, because my office did one also. I just have to say that every firefighter I've ever met has been sweet and kind and humble and, of course, brave and selfless. Just because you don't need them most of, if not all of, your life, don't forget they're sitting there waiting for the moment when someone does... need them. Say thanks. They're great people.

My firehouse is, without a doubt, America's most beautiful firehouse. I will take a picture of it, and if you have any urge to dispute me, it will vanish when you see this lovely Texas white limestone building with a gently arched glass panel roof, set back off the street a bit among the wildflowers. I walk past it every time I stomp and sometimes my fire people are taking these short, 20 yard walks in a circle around the firehouse, radios in hand, long pants on in the 100 degree heat. It's my favorite part of my walk, and it's at the highest altitude also, so it's all downhill from there. ;) God Bless America.

Manly men deserve manly cards, so I went back to this set that Jenn says channels my inner (horrors! ;) ) cowgirl. I think she's right.

Finally tonight, an unsolved mystery. Why, oh why, no matter how clean my stamp room is before I start anything, no matter how few tools and stamps etc. I need to make a card, no matter if it's one card or 20, WHY DO I END UP WITH TWO SQUARE INCHES TO WORK IN? WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS PHENOMENON? I even put every ink pad back in my caddy when I'm done, and I just want you to know that I pushed the tide of supplies BACK to complete my project before I took this picture!! (I can't show you the project because it's for my Crop-a-dile camp on the 29th, but I will) It's driving me crazy! I've been doing this for years and no matter how organized I get this never changes. Will someone please come over and make my stamp room look like Nichole Heady's, and get me some of those little bluebirds Cinderella had that will fly around and tell me I'm pretty and put things away? Thanks a bunch! Comments and suggestions (and bluebirds) welcome!!

Check out my wonderful fuzzy animal creator's link on the right side of my blog. This woman will AMAZE you. And she's as sweet as a pumpkin spice latte on top of it all!
Goodnight ladies... Have a good one.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Weekend Sketch Challenge Entry

Well, I can't really sign off for the weekend without something BLUE, can I? I took a little liberty with the shape of the accent, for which I hope I will be forgiven... =)

I colored the little birdie with three different colors of Twinkling H20's (why did I never get these before? They're beautiful!) I stamped Well Worn Words in white craft ink on the inside flap of the card, and stamped it in Brilliant Blue on US White for the panel. The card base is the new Brilliant Blue textured CS, with the layered panel in Taken with Teal to match the birdie watercolor.

The bird needs a name. I am gonna go with Lenny. Lenny thanks you for stopping by! Insert birdie wink here! ;>

Happy Fall Y'all!

Okay - I can finally reveal my camp projects. We had fun yesterday, and I think my girls enjoyed the fall projects. This first one is a SCS challenge for a criss-cross card. This one is really fun. A note on fall before we start. Starbucks busted out with the Pumpkin Spice Latte in August. Hmm. Then I went to Hobby Lobby (shh... sometimes I go. Don't tell anyone) and they have skipped right over Halloween and Thanksgiving, and it's all Christmas all the time there! What the heck? How does this all happen earlier and earlier this year? I feel like I should be buying up Easter baskets and Fourth of July fireworks - surely I'm late preparing for those two!!!

I walked 12.5 miles today. I promise these two things are related - wait for it. Last fall (actual fall, not August) I did the Susan Komen 3-Day walk - 60 miles! It was 20 miles a day for 3 days. It was a great experience and I raised more than $2400 for breast cancer research. In training for that event, I accustomed myself to extremely long walks (stomps, as I call them) and it's something I really love. Solitude, my Ipod - a few hours where I don't think about work or have to clean anything. it's nice. Anyway, this morning, I almost died. IT'S LIKE 8 BILLION DEGREES HERE!! Actually, the real problem is the humidity. I think that I am growing gills. You can barely take a breath without feeling like you're drowning. So, my core temperature was about 130 when I got home from this monster stomp! I think I have had every beverage in our house! All that to say it's really hard to get jazzed about a pumpkin spice latte, a lovely cable knit sweater, or, God forbid - TINSEL - when a person is sweating like a pregnant mouse in a wool sock! You know what I'm saying??? =)

This lovely number is a complete CASE - the paper piecing just makes me smile every time I see it. Whatever the dementia I have about modifying pumpkins until they are completely unnatural and unrecognizable as products of nature is totally indulged in this card. What (besides a blue pumpkin) is sweeter than a green spotty pumpkin?

This card is lifted from my lovely and talented downline, Chriss, whose layering and cutting just blow my mind. I wasn't that wild about this hostess set until I saw what she did with it. She always adds a 3D touch that I can't come up with on my own, and this cutout out the top layer really adds elegance to what starts out as a more casual image I think. Bravo Chriss - and thanks for the idea!!! (You guys need to visit her gallery from my blog links - it's amazing!)

Finally - I made this little treat bag based on our make & take from convention. What's cool about this is the DSP is sturdy enough to make a treat container. Plus it's automatically pretty on the inside. I just love the patterns they used for the Halloween papers also. I let my girls pick which one they wanted to use - all of them look great with this layout. I used Only Orange craft ink on the On Board Blossoms accent for the front. The hole you punch in the front is 1 3/8, then the bat is punched with the 1 1/4 and stuck on through the front. Adhere black cardstock from the inside of the bag with dimensionals to give a 3D shadowbox look.

I'm hoping to post some more this afternoon. I'd like to do a Beate challenge and some other fun stuff, so come back now, you hear?

PS - thanks for stopping by! =)

Friday, September 7, 2007

How can you not love this face?

Here's Badger! (My sister's dog who had surgery) Lots of you have been asking, and here she is during "recovery". Note that her humans were nice enough to pull up a little bed on the floor to keep a close eye. I have some tired relatives, I'll tell ya!! But look how Badger has perfected the "oooohhhh look how sad I am" look - BRILLIANCE!!!

In case you were wondering, I'm so NOT hard at work on my last project. I got three done and am about to blog and SCS surf for an idea for the last one. I'm really attached to the first three I'm not gonna lie!

Anybody out there like wine? I have a great product for you to try. A dear friend at work got me this for my birthday, and he swore up and down this thing works and he is a man who always tells the truth!! Sure enough, I tried it and it is truly amazing!! Go get yourself one.

It's called the Eisch breathable wine glass. It does all the work of a decanter in just a few minutes in your glass! I know it seems unbelievable, but I tried the test that is on the box. Pour some wine into the Eisch, then some into a regular glass, wait 10 minutes and have a taste test. UNBELIEVABLE!! Somehow this glass actually opens up and decants your wine. Those Germans, I tell ya. They sell them at Bed Bath & Beyond and other sassy wine glass retail establishments near you. =)
Today is my parent's FIFTIETH wedding anniversary!! If you know them - tell them congrats!
More later... Thanks for stopping by. I PROMISE I WILL PUBLISH MY PROJECTS SOON!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Secret Projects...

I would love to post tonight because I have been working on some very fun projects for my class on Saturday, but I can't post a SPOILER!! So you will have to stay tuned until Saturday night or maybe Sunday morning to see the cutest treat box, an adorable autumn card, and a fun "scene" Halloween card. The fourth project has not been created yet (HELP PLEASE) but because you were so nice and stopped by, I do want to show you something. Are you ready? You sure?

I am discovering this woman's gallery for the first time, and I'm completely blown away. Her style is unlike anything I've ever seen. Wow. I hope you enjoy this as much as you do. Check out the Zindorf Gallery Here. Did I say Wow? Wow.

I hope you have a great night. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to shower me with your ideas for my fourth Autumn/Halloween themed ideas! =)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Just for ME by Jenn!!!

How did I GET so lucky as to find this sweet woman??? If you don't know who I'm talking about, first, before you peek - I SAID BEFORE YOU PEEK - Go check out her blog HERE. She is not only a very talented stamper, but a kind and thoughtful lady. I am headed to Dallas tomorrow (you people know I don't like to fly) and I'm so happy I checked my mailbox tonight, because all of my pre-flight anxiety evaporated when I saw what was in my box. First of all, it came in a Stampin' Up! box. So my heart was already going pitter pat.. But THEN, I open it up, and I see this beautiful, handmade box of goodies, that Jenn made JUST FOR ME!!! Really - it was just for me by Jenn!! I got a little teary, because that's what I do!! So so sweet!! Inside, my favorite Dove Dark Chocolates, the sweet card you see, ribbon, and this really got me - a little snowman stamp to make up for the old warm Texas winters!!! THANK YOU JENN!! BIG HUG FOR YOU!! You have really made my birthday so special!! (Click to see the ribbon going ALL THE WAY around the outside of the box)

Speaking of special, my friend Scotty from college just found me on the internet after 18 years!!! This is such an incredibly sweet person that was so funny and so talented and I can't tell you how fun it is to be talking to him again - even if he is thousands of miles away in Spain! Aren't you glad we live in the internet age? I'm so grateful it just takes seconds to connect people no matter where they are. So a salute tonight to our cyber world, and the fact that it's both big enough and small enough to bring me Jenn and Scotty. Goodnight everybody!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Projects

More than a few thank you's to send, as you can see... Here is one. This is based on a card by Kay Kalthoff I found I think on her blog, because I don't see it on SCS. Anyway, she did a beautiful sympathy card in yellow and gray that is loosely recreated in this design. Hers was very elegant, mine leans more toward cute. These are just simple notecards - I made them from Charbonne DSP, to fit the 3X3 (yes, I love them - someday I will move on) envelopes. The hole in the front is1 3/8, then I punched a 1 1/4" hole in basic grey, and punched the scallop around it. I then lightly traced the hole onto a sheet of us vanilla on the inside, and used the stamp-a-ma-jig to stamp the little flower from Seeing Spots on the inside. Then I erased my line, and voila, cute easy notes from half a sheet of DSP (4 notes). The dimensions are 5.5 x 3 for the DSP, 2.25 x 2.75 for the vanilla, and scraps for the basic grey. Who doesn't love this beautiful grey? Who knew I could love a color like grey... Didn't think I had it in me. But this I love. Hope u do 2.

My computer man brought me a new hard drive - the old one was a total loss. I haven't had the heart yet to see if I backed up Itunes recently. Pray! However, most of my pictures, etc were there, and I reinstalled Photoshop without a hitch, so maybe the message here is a minimilist new hard drive, less junk in my files and learning to back up early & often! I also decided I didn't need to pay for Quicken, and will start keeping my checkbook in Excel. The new me. Talk to you tomorrow. Gonna go blog hopping and have some labor day ribs!!

Martha Stewart

I know that Martha is a tad controversial, but I am an unapologetic fan. I have always loved her magazine - especially her recipes and crafts (I'm not much of a gardener) and she has a style that really appeals to me. She even published a quote from me in her 15th anniversary magazine!! Anyway, I was looking for chipboard coasters at Michael's yesterday and I was mesmerized by her craft display. Her signature pastel colors, lots of white, organized in a way that makes my little Virgo heart sing, and just beautiful products sucked me in. I only bought two things - two punches, but I'm putting them here because everything about them screams class and function and style. They came in these little milk carton containers that I do NOT want to open and throw away!!! The punches are a kind of soft white, thumb punches, like Stampin' Up!'s, and the two shapes I got are a little postage stamp, and a jaggedy circle shape that looks like a foil seal. They're made for her by EK, so they are high quality, and get this - square on bottom so they are designed to sit on your desk or shelf in a way that lets you easily see which punch it is. Can't wait to use these today!! I will say that I'm not going to take Martha's advice to make confetti! Yikes! But I will be creating away while the sweet man that fixes my computer hopefully saves my photos and Itunes from the tiny terrorists. Happy Labor Day everyone!! Don't Labor!! =)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fuzzy Animal Inspiration

A few months ago, I accidentally ran across a woman's site where I saw the cutest needle felted animals I had ever seen. I got her to do a project for me and what she did exceeded my wildest expectations. Throughout the whole project, she sent me updates and photos, and was just as sweet as she could be. So way late, I made her a little pack of Thank You cards I thought maybe she could use. I CASE'd the layout from Cambria Turnbow - hers are much prettier. I love the Cuttlebug element, so that is used heavily, and my newly organized punches were so easy to find!!! See if you like them! Thanks for stopping by tonight.

Wholesome Fun!!

Look - I need some wholesome fun! Here's my last few days. I suspect some kind of tiny, invisible terrorists, I'm not gonna lie. Read on and you be the judge. Okay, so I wake up Friday morning with a terrible rash - all over my arms, my legs, my stomach. I immediately think I'm dying of anthrax or smallpox, because I'm Irish and we automatically assume the worst. You know, someone's five minutes late, and we think - OH MY GOD THEY'RE CLEARLY DEAD IN A DITCH. Anyway, I go get on the internet and sure enough, I'm dying of smallpox. It gets worse at work all day, and then I took a walk after work and the heat really fired it up. I rack my brain trying to figure out if I've done something different and am having an allergy of some sort. I narrow it down to three new things in my environment. New pants from Stein Mart that for the first time ever in my life I wore on Thursday without washing because my week was crazy. Two, purchased and ate some Vietnamese noodles I've never had before. Wow were they good. Even if they gave me smallpox, I'm eating them again. Three - our beautiful pecan tree broke in half from all the rain, and I did the supremely stupid walk through the pile of branches in shorts. Friday night I took a Benadryl and it was a little better yesterday morning, but I still have it today. THEN - LAST NIGHT - MY HARD DRIVE FAILED!! What the heck? Why are tiny terrorists disrupting my world??? I hope to have it fixed Monday but until then the suspense about my Itunes library and all my stamping pictures is really making my smallpox worse than it has to be. Then, this morning, my Ipod died. It is taking a charge, but I'm unsure of the prognosis. Seriously people. I'm clearly a high value target. You better not come over or God knows what will happen to us all. In the midst of the devastation of me and my environment I did make a fabulous dinner last night. You know what is NOT broken? My stamps!!! After a TEAR through my closet organizing things yesterday I sat down and made some of the little pocket notes for that sweet sweet lady at Green Grass Stamps who took pity on me and replaced my monsters so quickly. Don't tell her these are headed her way.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

There so IS TOO a free lunch!! =)

YEEHAW!!! I got my Great Rewards Visa Debit card today from Stampin' Up!! I'm so excited!! When you look at this beautiful (BLUE) gift card, what do you see? A bone in filet at Flemings? 10 quad short breve no foam lattes at Starbucks? STAMPS? Perfume? Amazing that I could get $50 just for stamping, ain't it? Something that special deserves to be spent in a special way. I await your ideas.
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