Monday, September 3, 2007

Martha Stewart

I know that Martha is a tad controversial, but I am an unapologetic fan. I have always loved her magazine - especially her recipes and crafts (I'm not much of a gardener) and she has a style that really appeals to me. She even published a quote from me in her 15th anniversary magazine!! Anyway, I was looking for chipboard coasters at Michael's yesterday and I was mesmerized by her craft display. Her signature pastel colors, lots of white, organized in a way that makes my little Virgo heart sing, and just beautiful products sucked me in. I only bought two things - two punches, but I'm putting them here because everything about them screams class and function and style. They came in these little milk carton containers that I do NOT want to open and throw away!!! The punches are a kind of soft white, thumb punches, like Stampin' Up!'s, and the two shapes I got are a little postage stamp, and a jaggedy circle shape that looks like a foil seal. They're made for her by EK, so they are high quality, and get this - square on bottom so they are designed to sit on your desk or shelf in a way that lets you easily see which punch it is. Can't wait to use these today!! I will say that I'm not going to take Martha's advice to make confetti! Yikes! But I will be creating away while the sweet man that fixes my computer hopefully saves my photos and Itunes from the tiny terrorists. Happy Labor Day everyone!! Don't Labor!! =)

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