Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Georgia must be nice!

I've been there - I worked in Atlanta when we had a branch there and I loved Savannah on a visit in the 80's, but man, are the stampin' chicks sweet there! In addition to Jenn, I have a sweet talented lady there who sent me this UNBELIVABLY ADORABLE CARD!! Her "backstory" is that she does the most amazing things with punches that I have ever seen. She uses the shapes to make insanely adorable animals and things you would never dream of when you looked at your punch. Well yesterday (one of the extremely rare days when my post person (it's a chick - what do we call those?) actually managed to put the mail that belongs to me in my mailbox (a September miracle!) I found THIS!!!!! Aside from being cute enough to eat, I was shocked to see the tea that I drink all day at work inside!! I love this tea, and your card is awesome. Thank you Meredith!!!!!

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