Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The pace of life - what happened?

I am feeling a bit philosophical tonight. Work is insane, I feel like I'm being pushed into fall, and I watched a fabulous show tonight - Kid Nation on CBS. I'm not a fan of reality TV with few exceptions (a guilty pleasure - American Idol) but this show squeezed my heart tonight. 40 kids are plunked down in New Mexico and have to make a town work with no grown ups. One itty bitty kid, Jimmy, 8, was so scared and homesick.. The other kids wanted candy and their own beds. The show will take place in 40 days, which seemed like an eternity at 8. Now, it's just a blur that passes us before we know it. I would love for the days to drag like they did when I was 8 and had already played hot lava, electronic football, eaten all my neighbor's vegetables, broken at least one valuable item before 10 AM and was totally bored and wondering how in the world I would survive till dinner. Oh, to have that time back....

I suppose none of that is really all that philosophical, but I don't express myself all that well when it's after 8. So I leave you with this adorable card I CASE'd from convention. Now that? That's cute. Have a good night.

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