Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wholesome Fun!!

Look - I need some wholesome fun! Here's my last few days. I suspect some kind of tiny, invisible terrorists, I'm not gonna lie. Read on and you be the judge. Okay, so I wake up Friday morning with a terrible rash - all over my arms, my legs, my stomach. I immediately think I'm dying of anthrax or smallpox, because I'm Irish and we automatically assume the worst. You know, someone's five minutes late, and we think - OH MY GOD THEY'RE CLEARLY DEAD IN A DITCH. Anyway, I go get on the internet and sure enough, I'm dying of smallpox. It gets worse at work all day, and then I took a walk after work and the heat really fired it up. I rack my brain trying to figure out if I've done something different and am having an allergy of some sort. I narrow it down to three new things in my environment. New pants from Stein Mart that for the first time ever in my life I wore on Thursday without washing because my week was crazy. Two, purchased and ate some Vietnamese noodles I've never had before. Wow were they good. Even if they gave me smallpox, I'm eating them again. Three - our beautiful pecan tree broke in half from all the rain, and I did the supremely stupid walk through the pile of branches in shorts. Friday night I took a Benadryl and it was a little better yesterday morning, but I still have it today. THEN - LAST NIGHT - MY HARD DRIVE FAILED!! What the heck? Why are tiny terrorists disrupting my world??? I hope to have it fixed Monday but until then the suspense about my Itunes library and all my stamping pictures is really making my smallpox worse than it has to be. Then, this morning, my Ipod died. It is taking a charge, but I'm unsure of the prognosis. Seriously people. I'm clearly a high value target. You better not come over or God knows what will happen to us all. In the midst of the devastation of me and my environment I did make a fabulous dinner last night. You know what is NOT broken? My stamps!!! After a TEAR through my closet organizing things yesterday I sat down and made some of the little pocket notes for that sweet sweet lady at Green Grass Stamps who took pity on me and replaced my monsters so quickly. Don't tell her these are headed her way.


  1. oh, do i feel your pain! sorry to hear about all your job-like experiences...glad you had some stampin' fun.

  2. Cute, cute, cute! (the cards, NOT your rash). It's not really small pox, is it? Sorry to hear about your rash and all your technical difficulties. Hope everything is all better soon!



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