Saturday, September 15, 2007

God's Country

Oh, I laughed so hard this morning about the "water" question! God Bless America!! Yes, we have water. We actually are nestled right in the center of the Highland Lakes system, which gives us Lake Travis, Lake Austin, and Town Lake, all part of the mighty Colorado River. Our lakes make us who we are here God's Country. We run past them, boat on them, drive over them on our beloved pennybacker bridge (Photo courtesy of, we watch America's largest freetail bat colony wake up, separate into millions of tiny bats at sundown, and spread out like smoke over them and over downtown, and our beautiful skyline. (If you have a bat prejudice, just come visit - they are wonderful, benevolent little creatures that lend a little magic to downtown) We have hills too, as we are perched on the edge of the escarpment that begins the drier and more rugged Texas Hill country, and beneath us, the Edward's Aquifer, which provides not only water for most of central Texas, but comes up to visit us through our lovely, if chilly, Barton Springs, and the emerald/blue depths of Hamilton Pool... So yeah, a little water. We are, after all, the River City! Keepin' it weird on the banks of the Colorado since, well, Texas was Texas! =)

Okay - here's another Stampington inspiration, combined with a little Chriss technique. Chriss layers background stamps for a wonderful texture on her cards, and I've been meaning to try that. This is just a scrap, not a card, but has some cool features if I can perfect it. I started with Cool Caribbean, and stamped the sanded background once in Cool Caribbean, once in Craft Yellow. Then I stamped one silhouette in Old Olive, and on top of that, another in Basic Black, and then I highlighted it with a white gel pen. If I can perfect the colors, etc. I think this has some potential, what do you think?

I MUST go work on camp projects. I will post later today and confess either my sins of omission or comission!! =)


  1. Glad to provide you with a side splitter this morning! I may just have to come visit to see all this for myself...
    I think this layout has potential, and I like the base of CC. The black seems a little too bold for the rest of it, but the double stamped background is great.

  2. I like it! What if you used Basic Grey for the stems, or Nite of Navy? Love the background!


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