Sunday, September 30, 2007

Let's talk about Mozart

So today, I got ready to embark on my 13 mile stomp and discovered I was missing a screw out of my prescription sunglasses. Being a boy scout at heart, I'm always prepared, so I smugly ran for the eyeglass repair kit, resting in its proper place, and tried EVERY FREAKING SCREW IN THE KIT IN A MADDENING EXERCISE THAT ALMOST MADE ME DO SOME SORT OF DISCOUNT LASIK OVER THE INTERNET!!! GRR!! None of them fit. And can I ask you why in the world glasses are put together in a way that requires the use of a sharp, pointy and slippery object to repair them? THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD OF!! When I INVENT glasses, you will be able to fix them WITH LENS CLEANING CLOTHS!! DUH! So much to invent, so little time. My only choice was to take the copper colored wire from my stampin' up wire works box that exactly matches my glasses, my stampin' pliers and wire my frames together for my walk. So there. Anyway, despite the red battery pic on my Ipod (my gas tank is empty too girls, this is how I roll.. ;) ) I reveled in Mozart's requiem a few times under an infinitely grey sky. For hours while I walked, I searched and searched for one little spot of blue, but no, only Mozart gave me a little color while I walked. It was really nice. You should ITunes it if you don't have it. Beautiful. So in honor of my friend Wolfie, and my grey morning, I give you one of my cropadile camp projects - this somber grey beauty is all about texture. And I truly love this color. The girls at my camp did it in soft sky, which was lovely as well. The second project was a coaster box - a shameless CASE, and really fun. Then we did a cute book with eyelets that are double set. Do you know about double setting eyelets? When you do this, they're pretty on both sides. Surprisingly easy and a great way to use the crop a dile, which I love even more after the camp. What a great tool. And I've only scratched the surface really...
Let me ask you a question. Have you ever noticed how people get all up in your grill at the grocery store? I may truly be the only person that is neurotic about this, but I do have a terrible anxiety about being in crowds, and I think this is related. Whenever I'm in line at the grocery store, people like to make an end run around their carts and hang on my back like monkeys... breathing on me, touching me, standing close enough to get a DNA sample. Absolutely drives me insane. I put my cart behind me in line to try to keep them away, but I am not making this up - they come around it. I left my beloved retail "church" (Whole Foods downtown) all shaky and crazed after an insanely up close and personal experience with about 5000 of my Austin neighbors. Yikes, people. Can we just observe like even a one foot personal space barrier? Is that too much to ask? It would change the world, really. Unless you feel like buying my groceries, I'm not interested in touching you in the check out line!!! =) Okay, I'm all stoked about Beate's challenge so I gotta go, but hopefully a post with my entry soon!!

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  1. these are all beauts, esp. the card! i'd like to know how you got those dots so perfectly spaced! the box is too cute too--like how you did dp on both sides of the coasters! didn't even cross my mind!

    how long did it take you to hike 13? i like WF too, but wish the prices were a bit more reasonable. we don't have one close here in ATL, so i'm safe...


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