Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Just for ME by Jenn!!!

How did I GET so lucky as to find this sweet woman??? If you don't know who I'm talking about, first, before you peek - I SAID BEFORE YOU PEEK - Go check out her blog HERE. She is not only a very talented stamper, but a kind and thoughtful lady. I am headed to Dallas tomorrow (you people know I don't like to fly) and I'm so happy I checked my mailbox tonight, because all of my pre-flight anxiety evaporated when I saw what was in my box. First of all, it came in a Stampin' Up! box. So my heart was already going pitter pat.. But THEN, I open it up, and I see this beautiful, handmade box of goodies, that Jenn made JUST FOR ME!!! Really - it was just for me by Jenn!! I got a little teary, because that's what I do!! So so sweet!! Inside, my favorite Dove Dark Chocolates, the sweet card you see, ribbon, and this really got me - a little snowman stamp to make up for the old warm Texas winters!!! THANK YOU JENN!! BIG HUG FOR YOU!! You have really made my birthday so special!! (Click to see the ribbon going ALL THE WAY around the outside of the box)

Speaking of special, my friend Scotty from college just found me on the internet after 18 years!!! This is such an incredibly sweet person that was so funny and so talented and I can't tell you how fun it is to be talking to him again - even if he is thousands of miles away in Spain! Aren't you glad we live in the internet age? I'm so grateful it just takes seconds to connect people no matter where they are. So a salute tonight to our cyber world, and the fact that it's both big enough and small enough to bring me Jenn and Scotty. Goodnight everybody!


  1. YEAH!!! I'm so glad you liked it!! Did the chocolates get soft or did they survive USPS without melting? I didn't check the weather forecast before I put it in the mail. I had so much fun putting it together...I love cyberland too, new friend! Hope the chocolates help the flight pass without incident tomorrow...

  2. I just recently got acquainted with Jenn in cyberspace too. I agree with all the above comments! She is super sweet, and I love her blog! Happy Birthday!


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