Saturday, September 29, 2007


The word of the day. Means you find diseases on WebMD and instantly have all the symptoms. Like when I got smallpox a few weeks ago. I love words. I have two big posts for you - I'll save one for tomorrow so I can go in chronological order. Tonight's post is the ssecret sstamping sssisters challenge entries and sssssgifts! check these ssschicks out!! First, the creative geniuses - sPam and sChriss!!! Aren't they adorable? What you can't see is the cosmo and the beer in front of sPam. She likes to double down at the bar!! She's an animal! =) Next, the insanely cute candy cone - 6x6 DSP - from sPam! Filled with some of my favorite mini candy bars drenched in dark chocolate - dark for Halloween - muuuaaahhhahahahhaaa! (Are you scared? You should be!) Then we move on to sPam's answer to the challenge!! sChriss' stamping throwdown to us was to create a paper piecing challenge, which for some reason, none of us can pronounce and revert to saying paper pieRcing... So sPam busted out the SAB set AND the cuttlebug in a play for world stamping domination!! Notice how she slyly snuck in the pieRcing with the piecing to throw us off the pronunciation trail... sssssly sPam.. sChriss "The Coyotinator" answered back with the sassy legless cow ensemble, drawing on her seemingly endless stash of heart-rendingly beautiful background papers and her signature cutting and layering that just makes us all feel lazy!! In a WWF style throwdown, sPam produces the incredible bookmark accordion book stamped with a friendship theme (HUG) and layered with what we all agree is absolutely spectacular paper in the Fall Flowers DSP, layering, hardware, non-card object - OH MY!!

These chicks are amazing aren't they? World stamping domination is definitely within their reach. I heard today that there is actually "professional" gaming, where kids play video games and compete for a million dollars!!! When is the world stamping league going to fire up??? Surely we can put that together. Imagine the outfits!!
Tomorrow after hopefully a 13 mile walk I will post the projects for my crop a dile camp, which went great today. Thanks to the ever creative and sweet Neelam, Katherine and her friend and experienced & speedy stamper Karen, Luressa & my momma! I will also try to actually stamp something for a Beate or SCS challenge and post that. Hoping for a lazy Sunday. Hope everyone is having a fabby weekend so far! L8R

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