Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fuzzy Animal Inspiration

A few months ago, I accidentally ran across a woman's site where I saw the cutest needle felted animals I had ever seen. I got her to do a project for me and what she did exceeded my wildest expectations. Throughout the whole project, she sent me updates and photos, and was just as sweet as she could be. So way late, I made her a little pack of Thank You cards I thought maybe she could use. I CASE'd the layout from Cambria Turnbow - hers are much prettier. I love the Cuttlebug element, so that is used heavily, and my newly organized punches were so easy to find!!! See if you like them! Thanks for stopping by tonight.


  1. Love it! I saw that card on Cambria's blog too, and just haven't had time to CASE it.

    I want to see your Fuzzy Animal.


  2. Hi, Thanks for remembering me :) you can see many pictures of fuzzy needle felted animals on my webpage. The project I did for L. is not there, but you can take a look at many photos of previous sculptures and read about the art of needle felting.

    Thanks again for the lovely cards :)


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