Friday, September 21, 2007

Blue Gatorade and Temporal Disruptions

Strange happenings in the Understand Blue Universe today. First, at 6 AM, my friend Joe who works next to me, came in, turned on his light and put his keys on his desk. I said "Hey Joe".... nothing. So I get up to give him a hard time and Joe isn't there. All the lights in the office are off still except mine, and I start to get a little freaked. Like a dumb horror movie heroine, I stupidly walk around the office, turning on lights, peeking into everyone's office and finding... no one. I was very nervous. I had distinctly heard keys and the loud bang of someone hitting a light switch. When Joe gets there, I tell him what happened, and he starts telling me that when he got in his car this morning, his seat and his steering wheel were in totally different positions! The whole way to work he was unnerved... We decided that maybe that parallel universe everyone talks about got a little too close to us this morning. Brrr. Eek. Okay, so then yesterday morning, I was putting on my makeup, and I spilled a whole glass of blue gatorade (my white trash juice I like!!) ALL OVER MY DESK!! Little punched and stamped elements - ruined. Ink pads - sticky. Room - smelling like grape. Me - crabby. But I decided maybe it was a message from God about the state of my desk. Had I not had so many unfinished projects on my desk, the damage would have been significantly less traumatic. So the reason I haven't posted a card tonight is because I've been cleaning and organizing. TOMORROW I stamp!! Late, but I will. Busy day tomorrow. The picture above & left is a collage I am making for a save the date card for my friend Kristin, who is engaged. (see the love letter on the roof?) Tomorrow we are going to come up with a layout for the STD's - OH MY, THAT DOES NOT LOOK GOOD ABBREVIATED!! =) - and so tonight I got a little headstart. Tell me if you like either, neither or both. Also, a fun card to start this post that I made in my club when this set was a hostess set. Always makes me smile. Head on over to Just for You by Jenn and wish my good buddy a Happy Birthday!! I hear she's 25!!! She doesn't look a day over 24.

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  1. eewww--blue gatorade, rubber and paper do NOT mix! glad to hear you weren't knifed at work!

    i like the kissy face picture better than the motorcycle shot. i don't like when one is looking at the camera and one isn't, and it does impact the writing above too much.

    thanks for the b-day wishes! i'm off to make the coffee!


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