Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Inner Cowgirl and Fire & Rescue

This is a happy place, my blue blog, so all I will say about today is that every year on this day I go to a few firehouses with brownies & Starbucks gift cards (I need to start buying these from your store Jenn!!) and say thanks. Today I had two baskets of goodies, because my office did one also. I just have to say that every firefighter I've ever met has been sweet and kind and humble and, of course, brave and selfless. Just because you don't need them most of, if not all of, your life, don't forget they're sitting there waiting for the moment when someone does... need them. Say thanks. They're great people.

My firehouse is, without a doubt, America's most beautiful firehouse. I will take a picture of it, and if you have any urge to dispute me, it will vanish when you see this lovely Texas white limestone building with a gently arched glass panel roof, set back off the street a bit among the wildflowers. I walk past it every time I stomp and sometimes my fire people are taking these short, 20 yard walks in a circle around the firehouse, radios in hand, long pants on in the 100 degree heat. It's my favorite part of my walk, and it's at the highest altitude also, so it's all downhill from there. ;) God Bless America.

Manly men deserve manly cards, so I went back to this set that Jenn says channels my inner (horrors! ;) ) cowgirl. I think she's right.

Finally tonight, an unsolved mystery. Why, oh why, no matter how clean my stamp room is before I start anything, no matter how few tools and stamps etc. I need to make a card, no matter if it's one card or 20, WHY DO I END UP WITH TWO SQUARE INCHES TO WORK IN? WHAT IS THE NAME OF THIS PHENOMENON? I even put every ink pad back in my caddy when I'm done, and I just want you to know that I pushed the tide of supplies BACK to complete my project before I took this picture!! (I can't show you the project because it's for my Crop-a-dile camp on the 29th, but I will) It's driving me crazy! I've been doing this for years and no matter how organized I get this never changes. Will someone please come over and make my stamp room look like Nichole Heady's, and get me some of those little bluebirds Cinderella had that will fly around and tell me I'm pretty and put things away? Thanks a bunch! Comments and suggestions (and bluebirds) welcome!!

Check out my wonderful fuzzy animal creator's link on the right side of my blog. This woman will AMAZE you. And she's as sweet as a pumpkin spice latte on top of it all!
Goodnight ladies... Have a good one.


  1. how thoughtful of you to treat the firefighters yesterday.

    i have the exact same problem with my workspace too! i don't get it either. i'm hoping that if i get a rack to store my pads in, that will help, but you're not giving me a lot of hope!

    that lady's felted animals are AMAZING!!

  2. Your to FUNNY!!! Oh My gosh, I was just laughing at your description. I have the very same problem, and I have the whole dinning room table to work on. Now, I have only been stamping and paper crafting for 7 months, and thought I would finally find the way out of the clutter. I now hold no hope :( , UNLESS.......you are willing to share your bluebirds with me!! Paulssandy
    (for some reason the site won't take my password {{{perplexed}}}so I posted under anonymous, sigh)


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