Friday, September 28, 2007

Defib me!!!!!!

Yikes. The last two days have been so crazy that I got heart attack symptoms yesterday!!! I won't tell the whole boring story, but let's just say if your girl over here could have a day off, it wouldn't hurt!!! I have officially had the two longest work days in the history of human working. Deep thought of the night. Why the HECK did we invent working anyway? Seriously. No one gets chest pains over gathering berries and discovering fire. Grr. But it's over, and my camp is tomorrow, so it's stampfest 2K7 and how can that be bad??

Now, to the good stuff. SSSSSSSecret stamp society sisterhood was ssssasssy and we had some Sfun!!! I could go on and on about the fried asparagus and the green chile macaroni, but I think I'm supposed to be artistic here. Can you call a dismembered pig artistic? Yes? THEN CALL ME MISS VAN GOGH BABY - I CUT HIS LEGS OFF AND YOU LOVE IT!! =) hehheh... I also did terrible things to sheep, chickens, cows, OH MY!! I put these with envelopes into little bags for my SISTAHS and brought them to dinner. So fun.

First of all, Chriss started laughing hysterically and was almost removed from the restaurant when I asked her if she shrink plastic'd her adorable kitty on her Halloween card. Let me do a horrible re-enactment. Me: "oooh - it's SOOOOOOOO CUTE - did you shrink plastic him?" Chriss: HAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAH (breathe) AHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HHAHAH. There's more, but my fingers hurt!! Her abs are like STEEL now from giggling at my retarded vocab. Then, Pam revealed that she, in fact, is the inventor of the IPhone (although when she invented it it was the EYEPhone). I have such famous and funny friends!!!! They don't know about my penchant for taking my Paper Snips and SNIPPING off the legs of little sheep!! Oh, how I hope they never find out!!!

Maybe they hoped I'd never find out about their version of offroading! Apparently Chriss likes to use her 4WD setting to go barreling over roadkill! It's true! Apparently she and Pam go find dead coyotes after the SSSSS events and they run over them! I'm waiting for details! I'll keep you posted! YOU ARE BUSTED, LADIES.

No Pam, I don't wear fake eyelashes. I think there's something wrong with your EYEphone! Ha!

Now Chriss, do tell about the new wine bar. I'm intrigued. In the meantime, I should let everyone know that there are teeny condos in downtown Austin going for a cool $3 mill!!! Who wants in??? It's about what I spend on stamps, so I can swing it. Maybe I can get some kind of minority loan status for having a legless green cow as a roommate.. you think?
Now, my L list - HEY - I'm as good as Oprah - I can have my own list dang it - please check out I'm in love. Yes, I'm a geek. But these people - I don't know, they have something. And I placed an order and a very nice man called me about it. God Bless the Internet!! Also, please try the Cinnabon brand of Cinnamon Bread. Wow. And pray for me. Milk prices are going up. Your beloved Understand Blue goddess is quite literally made of butter, milk, cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt, half and half and sharp cheddar. This is not good news. Actually today I'm made of banana pudding. Had like 4 pounds of it. Hence the happy mood.
Signing off for now, but stay tuned for the revelation of the secret camp projects *YAY*, the presents Chriss & Pam gave me at the SSSSSRUNOVERCOYOTEFAKEEYELASHEYEPHONEFRIEDASPARAGUSFESTIVAL.
xo, ME.


  1. You crack me UP!!!!!!! Where are all of the liitle legs? I haven't opened my little package from you....are they in there!? Please...No. I don't think I could handle any parts. I'm not absolutly sure that I drove fast enough to spin off all of the guts...oranything else that may have had a chance to catch a free ride.

    I am however glad that our next meeting is following the weeks rule and not the calendar rule (4 instaed of 5 weeks). I don't think I could wait that long 'til the next adventure.

    Let's at a wine bar on a pedestrian friendly street and then SPam needs to go to Brighton..the question is...will they let SPam order 2 drinks at a time there?

    Seriously Lydia, take it easy. Don't have chest pains. I couldn't stand that either!

  2. OMG! You are BOTH cracking me up! My adopted kitty is sitting here looking at me, trying to figure out why I am shaking and tears are coming out of my eyes!

    Okay, so Schriss runs over the coyote and she looks at me and moans "Ohhhhh Noooo!". So I'm thinking that she is upset that she ran over an animal, and I'm thinking, "Oh, she is SO SWEET!". Then she turns to me and says "I have coyote guts on my tires! I hope they come off before I get home!" Oh my gosh! I almost peed my pants!

    Chriss, the little animal legs aren't in with my cards, so I think Lydia must have buried them in her backyard...or maybe Spot's kitty litter, or MAYBE she fed them to Spot! I have a feeling we will never know...

    Lydia, you need to SLOW DOWN, girl! You are under too much pressure. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Love ya! Spam

  3. all that maiming and dismembering you did must've gotten you hepped up because, girl, you are hilarious, and I wasn't even there!

    btw, we didn't invent work; it's God's punishment! :-) hope your stamp camp is way fun! i had a good time at my workshop last night. noboby wants to party with me though. can't find a way to get people to book workshops!


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