Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sassy Wabbits and Mysteries

Nothing says Sass like your paws on your hips!! It's like - HMPH - I'm a WABBIT!

This image is one I've had for a while from some shopping excursion - it's by Rubber Soul, and is the essence of sass!

I stamped and masked him in Summer Sun, Pixie Pink and Kiwi Kiss.

The greeting is from A Good Egg.

Does anyone else think it's weird when major things happen and they're not covered on the news?

Let me give you an example. One day, not long after 9/11 and the anthrax attacks, a man not far from me walked out of his house and found a package on his porch. Something about the package led him to believe that if he let go of it, it would explode and he would be killed. He laid down in his yard, holding the package, and someone called the police. The police, the FBI - everyone but the President showed up. They closed down his street and all the surrounding streets, including those in our subdivision. I called a few people who lived closer and told them maybe they shouldn't spend the night there.

I waited for the resolution and the news reports. They never came. I set up a Yahoo alert for "suspicious package" & Austin, and... nothing. The story disappeared. Libby - maybe you remember this.

Anyway, I always wonder.

Like today, when driving home, I saw this ginormous fire. I stopped and took pics - I'm a blogger after all - and sent them to our local news and Fox News. No one has said a word. Will we ever know?

Have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. 1. That bunny has some serious sass!

    2. What ever happened to the guy laying in his yard holding a supposed bomb? Did he blow up? Was it nothing? Maybe we'll never know because he is now in a witness protection program.

    3. Fires, yeah, I've seen them, too, with no local news coverage. Weird. Maybe they made the local papers, but buried in a 1" box on page 27. I find these sorts of things are better investigated on one's own. I once drove to the source of the smoke to see what the heck was happening. I think it turned out to be the local fire training academy practicing on a donated house. Can you imagine donating a house to be burned?

    I tend to agree with you that even though the news announces major tactical (sp?) things about Iraq that I think would be better kept off the airwaves, the secrecy surrounding some of our local would-be news stories is somewhat troubling.

    WV: ounneop. The sound I am about to make when getting off the couch to leave for work.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! Whatever accident or thing my husband and I see going on we know for sure will NOT be on the news and we will never know! I saw smoke just like your photo the other day in Houston, got a good view from a high beltway ramp off in the distance, never heard about it on the news. When I was a girl in St. Louis my mom actually drove my friend across the street and me across the city tracking down a fire....very uncharacteristic, but we did it.....turned out to be a landfill! I'll always remember that! I enjoy your blog!

  3. Ohhh, I might have to make a DF character with some sass like that. That bunnay is awesome and I love the colors you used.

  4. Love that sassy bunny, too darn cute. I love how you repeated his sassiness all over the card too! Too cute!

    I agree with your first commentor, we need to know what happened to the guy holding the package while laying in his yard.

    Lisa A.

  5. Oh, I forgot to say, that yes to your Doodle Factory commentor, please create a df character with sass like that bunny!

    Lisa A.

  6. wait until you see my bunny...ROTF...

    Love the sassiness of yours. Mine is cute and furry and about 6 feet tall...but more on that later this week.

    I never understood how my abandoned sleeping bag story never made the headlines either LOL

    WV of the day APPIK
    as in ..APPIK you as the funniest blogger out there...

  7. sassy bunnies rock!

    and you must remind yourself, that the fire is only news if he can somehow be tied to George W Bush or if it endagers a polar bear!!! Perhaps you should've mentioned Bush's name in the email with the photos.

    oh. that was snarky wasn't it?

    congrats on the momster win! i'm thrilled for you! wondering if you retain the rights to the design - i'd love to see it in RUBBER!!!

  8. Just want you to know I love the "sassy wabbit" and the "snarky" comments.
    There is a lot of control of the media in our country and we know nothing more than are allowed to know.


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